Confinement 90

Chapter 90 Female Pig Show

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 When I glanced next to me, I saw that Fukuda-chi was shivering pitifully with a pale face.

 Fukuda-chi sat in the middle. Tamine-san, the head of security at my stepfather’s company, and I were between her.

 Because in business class, the seat would be a single seat, so I choose economy class in order to take her with me.

 Well, I don’t think she has the guts to run away now.

 But still, Okinawa is far away.

 Three hours by plane and then two hours by car from the airport.

 I wonder if today is just about traveling.

 But this should put to rest all the false rumors.

 There’s no way Fu~min is the kidnapper or anything like that. Everyone is a little crazy.

 Anyway, it’s thanks to my stepfather that I was able to secure Fukuda-chi so easily. I really can’t thank him enough.

 He rescued me and my mom from the bottom of the pit, and he loves me like his own daughter.

 We don’t have to worry about food. I can live in a house with a bathroom. And I won’t be forced to sell my body.

 That’s enough already.

 I didn’t want to cause any trouble to my stepfather, but I couldn’t do anything about the situation.

 That’s why I knelt down and begged my stepfather.

 Then, asked him to help me.

 My stepfather was surprised at first, but he listened to me quietly.

 The boy I love has been falsely accused and is in a terrible situation. The girl who rejected him has gone into hiding to trouble him, making him suspect that he is the kidnapper. And I want to help him.

 ”Is that boy…… has a steady relationship with Mai?”

 I nodded.

 ”We’re definitely getting married in the future”

 My stepfather then stared into my eyes and then smiled softly.

 ”I’m glad you can depend on me, Mai. To tell you the truth, I’ve always wished that you would be more selfish. Even though Mai and your mother have been here for almost three years now, I’ve always felt like you’ve been holding back”


 ”Does he want to marry you, Mai?”

 ”Definitely…… I think, maybe, umm, probably”

 Maybe it was because I was a little unsure of my tone at the end, but my stepfather laughed and said something like this.

* * *

 ”Then, let’s do this. Let’s make a condition for me to help him”


 ”Yes, conditions. As soon as he graduates from college, he will become my son-in-law. I’ll set up a new house on the property. After that, I’ll ask him to work for my company as a potential successor…… That’s right. My grandchild’s name was given by me. Of course, if Mai no longer wants to marry him, you can drop this condition right then and there”

 ”That’s not going to happen!”

 ”Okay! Then tell me everything you know about the girl you’re looking for”

 ”Yeah…… Well, thank you. Thank you, stepfather”

 Then, my stepfather patted my head and said with a smile.

 ”Don’t worry about it. After all, he’s a man who wants to take my lovely daughter away from me. It’s a small price to pay when considering that I can spend the rest of my life tormenting my son-in-law”

 My stepfather also said jokes, and I couldn’t help but laugh.

◇ ◇ ◇

 After the morning feeding, we stepped into the menagerie with whips in hand.

 I feel a little relaxed that Shima-senpai is okay, but the truth is that nothing has changed.

 I need a clue. I need a clue to identify the four of them.

 I look around again at the faces of the club members.

 The third-year students were Shima-senpai and Ota-senpai (Older sister).

 There is no possibility of these two.

 Because aside from Shima-senpai, Ota-senpai is an idiot, but thanks to that she’s barely been whipped.

 The second-year students are Amemiya-senpai, Shiratori-senpai, Adachi-senpai, and Konparu-senpai.

 I think that Amemiya-senpai is clean.

 Because after being beaten up so much by Yui-chan, she is almost like a pet.

 If that were the case, she would have confessed long ago.

 On the other hand, the most suspicious one is Konparu-senpai.

 Here, the way she treated the captain and Shima-senpai made her bad character stand out.

 This is quite a shock to me, because I thought she was a kind senior until now.

 If it was Konparu-senpai, then Adachi-senpai, Omuta-san, and Koike-san, the first-year students, would all be suspect. They were always hanging out together.

 Speaking of the…… four, Shiratori-senpai, Takasago-senpai, first-year Sato-san, and Ninagawa-senpai, who isn’t here, are also always together.

 But this group is different because Takasago-senpai is the inquisitor too……

 As for the rest of the first years, there is no particular group.

 There’s Yui-chan, me, Mako, Ota-san (little sister), Hotta-san, Saito-san, and Kishijo-san.

 On the other hand, Sato-san, Omuta-san, and Koike-san, who are always with their seniors, don’t seem to get involved in the discussions among the first-year students.

 Yeah, looking at it this way, I think…… Konparu-senpai is the most suspicious.

 When I was pondering like that…

 ”I~! I’m sure of it~!”

 Suddenly, Yui-chan raised her voice.

 ”Eh? W-what? Did you find out who the four of them?”

 When I opened my eyes, Yui-chan looked at me suspiciously.

* * *

 ”What are you talking about~?”

 ”No, you said you were sure it was…… so I guess you mean …… the four deadly sinners”

 ”I don’t care about the sinners~. I don’t want to change the situation~”

 ”What is it then?”

 ”If it was the Confinement King-sama who healed Shima-senpai’s injuries~, then he must be watching over us all~”

 ”Watching over us?”

 Isn’t it a bad act to keep an eye on us? I thought, but I didn’t say it, because it might anger Yui-chan if I said it.

 ”So, if I do something that would please the Confinement King-sama~…… maybe he’ll give me a compliment~”

 No, that wouldn’t please him, right? I thought it, but for Yui-chan, who wants to become a favorite princess, it would be a pleasure.

 ”Because he likes to do naughty things~……”

 After she says that, she swung the whip and hit the ground with a crack.

 ”Pigs~! If you don’t want to get whipped, lick Shima-senpai’s body~!”

 There was a stunned silence.

 Immediately after that–

 ”Wait! Wait, wait, wait, wait! What is that!”

 Shima-senpai peeled her eyes and raised her voice.

 ”If the Confinement King-sama is a man, he would like to see a girl’s lasciviousness~. Especially if it’s his preferred girl~”


 ”I don’t care~. Pig! Do it now~! I promise I won’t whip anyone who was licking Shima-senpai~”


 Immediately, Amemiya-senpai pushed Shima-senpai down on the floor with her body collided with hers.

 ”T-this is Yui-sama’s command, I will make you feel good!”

 ”You’re a jerk! Wait! Wait… Hyaann!?”

 Suddenly, Shima-senpai raised a high-pitched voice and jumped up and down.

 If I look at it, while Amemiya-senpai is pushing her body, Sato-san is sticking her face between Shima-senpai’s legs.

 ”Come on, come on, everyone~. If you don’t hurry up, you’ll get my whip~!”

 ”S-stop it, don’t lick me!”

 Being driven away by Yui-chan’s whip, Kishijo-san and others flocked to Shima-senpai in a hurry.

 With six of them surrounding Shima-senpai, there is no room for anyone to stick their face in.

 ”Whoa, stop, stop it!? Nhi, Ah, Hi, Ah, no, stop it… Ah, ah … Ah, ah, ah”

 The girls in turtle shell bindings swarmed Shima-senpai’s body, licking up her body with their tongues desperately.

 Shima-senpai struggled to get to her feet, but she couldn’t shake off Sato-san, who was the first to stick her head between her legs, and she was already inserting her tongue deep into Shima-senpai’s vagina as if to bite into it.

 ”Ah, Stop, stop it, Ah, Ah, Don’t do this… Ngg, Nnn!?”

 Suddenly, the right breast was taken by Mako, and the left breast was taken by Ota-san’s little sister, as if they were biting into a steamed bun.

 As soon as Shima-senpai’s face became reddish, Amemiya-senpai, who was riding on top of her body, collapsed to cover her lips.

 ”Chuu, chuu, slurp, slurp……”

 The sound of a thick kiss, the sound of Amemiya’s tongue violating the inside of Shima-senpai’s mouth echoes.

* * *

 I mean… I feel like I saw a hyenas swarming a carcass rather than a…… lewd one.

 ”Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho~! Nice, Amemiya~! I’m sure the Confinement King-sama is enjoying this spectacle~”

 Yui-chan whipped Konparu-senpai, who was pushed out of the circle surrounding Shima-senpai, with a high-pitched laugh, somewhat overly character-building.

 ”Wait, wait, Yui-chan! I-it’s a mess! What are you trying to do!”

 When I recovered myself, I approached Yui-chan.

 ”It’s just like I said before~. I’m just letting the Confinement King-sama enjoy this pig show~”

 ”That’s absurd!”

 ”But Takasago-senpai seems to agree~”

 If I look at it again, Takasago-senpai, like Yui-chan, chose to whip those who were pushed out of the crowd by Shima-senpai.

 ”It’s not that she agrees with it, it’s just that she wants to have fun……”

 As I shrugged my shoulders, Shima-senpai screamed loudly and leaned back like a bridge.

 ”Stop it, please forgive me, I-I’m cumming, cummmmming! Aaaaahhhh!”

 Shima-senpai bounced her body as well as Amemiya-senpai who was on top of her.

 ”Ara~, you’re very sensitive, Shima-senpai~, you said you’ve never been with a man before~. But I’m sure you’ve had one too many~”

 ”Are you stupid… T-this kind of thing is bound to happen. That’s enough…… Please make these guys stop……”

 ”Nope~. Come on! Everyone! Your tongue is stopped~!”

 Yui-chan then whipped Mako’s ass, who had taken her mouth off her breast.

 ”Hii!? I’ll lick it, I’ll lick it!”

 ”Ah, I-I just came! Ah, ah, ah, ah…”

 Shima-senpai looks as if she is enduring pain and is squirming. After looking down at it with satisfaction, Yui-chan tucked her chin towards me.

 ”I’m going to ask you to take care of that thing~. I don’t like people who are not obedient~”

 When I turned my attention to the direction that Yui-chan pointed with her chin, I saw that there was only one person who was looking at me from the corner of the room instead of joining in the fracas surrounding Shima-senpai.


 Yui-chan …… I’m no good with Shiratori-senpai either…….

◇ ◇ ◇

 As soon as the lunch break started, I ran away from the classroom.

 This is because I thought that Kasuya-kun would definitely come at me.

 After all, whenever the break came, he would sometimes look at me menacingly while he talked with Kurosawa-san.

 Yeah, there was no need to wait for him to poke me.

 I ran out of the classroom and ran straight into the bathroom cubicle to make “the door” appear.

 On the other side of the door is my bedroom.

 Tashiro-san, who was supposed to be in bed in the morning, is nowhere to be found.

* * *

 Perhaps Lili had moved her to a new room that she had prepared for her.

 It’s a good opportunity.

 There’s something that’s bothering me right now.

 I’ve got some free time on my hands. Let’s check it out.

 I activated my <Sight Hack> and hacked into Ryoko’s vision.

 There was a mirror in my field of vision. I can see Ryoko washing her hands in the mirror. The place seems to be a bathroom. Yeah, there doesn’t seem to be anyone around.

 ”It’s just right”

 I summoned Ryoko to this room using <Slave Summon>.

 When Ryoko appeared in a position to wash her hands, she froze for a moment with a look of surprise on her face.

 However, she must have understood the situation immediately. She took out a handkerchief from her pocket, wiped her hands, and smiled bewitchingly.

 ”Master, it is a pleasure to meet you”

 I hadn’t had a chance to use <Slave Summon> function, but now that I had <Revisit>, I could use it without hesitation. When I’m done, I can open the door to the police station and send her back.

 ”What’s going on with Teruya’s sister?”

 As for the track and field club, the four of them will be identified today, Lili said.

 Also, the kidnapping of the track and field club will soon come to a finale, with Tashiro-san now mine.

 If that happens, I’ll need a culprit.

 Teruya-san’s sister, Anna, was the perfect person to take on the role of taking revenge on Fujiwara-san.

 I had ordered Ryoko to prepare her for it.

 But Ryoko’s eyes were downcast with regret.

 ”It looks like it’s going to be difficult to get them without searching the house. The chief of the investigation division, Inspector Nakamura, also stubbornly refused to get involved with the Kamishima clan”

 ”Nakamura…… Oh, that handsome uncle. He was Ryoko’s fiancé, wasn’t he?”

 ”Yes, unfortunately. Considering his personality, it is unlikely that he is being bribed, and if anything, it is more likely that he is being blackmailed……”

 ”Hmm…… I see”

 While saying this, I unbuttoned her blouse and put my hand into Ryoko’s breast.

 I hadn’t intended to embrace her just to check out the situation, but seeing the expression on her face when she saw me made me horny.

 ”Ah… Master. Are you going to eat me?”

 ”Yes. I mean Ryoko for lunch today……”

 ”I’m glad. Please enjoy your meal…”

 The more I ate, the hungrier I got for lunch…… I thought as I pushed Ryoko down on the bed.

 Anyway, this pig show. I want to see it in pictures, not words.

 I feel like I shouldn’t say that, but …… (lol)

 By the way, the head of the security department is Eita Tamine-san.

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