Wizard 103

Chapter 103 Iris Discussion with Green Traveler

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 After getting permission from Lila and the others, Shinji looked around.

 It was still early in the morning, so the place was sparsely populated. However, Shinji decided that it wasn’t something he wanted to talk about too much, so he got close enough to whisper.

 Iris followed Shinji’s advice and got into a listening position.

 ”Before we talk. What I’m about to tell you must not be spoken of anywhere else, not even to Alvin and the others. Do you swear?”

 ”……Yes, I swear, desu”

 Iris nodded back at Shinji with a serious expression on her face.

 Then Shinji began to speak slowly, as if remembering.

 ”They were members of an upper-lower rank party called <Fire-Breathing Dragons>. The leader was a male wizard, let’s call him…… M. M was a good wizard, but he was also a charm user”


 A man uses charm magic. Iris, who heard this, looked at Lila and the others. Somehow, she could imagine what they were going through.

 ”Lila had been slightly charmed, but Lili and Lilu had been severely charmed. They were forced to obey. And the only reason they got involved with me was because M was trying to charm Emily with a reason to cooperate with <Running Wolves>”

 Shinji continued to speak as calmly as he could.

 He didn’t know what was going on in their minds, but since Lila and the others were acting like they were recovering, he didn’t want to add to their feelings.

 He believes that Lila’s feelings for Minato belong to her.

 ”After a few times of being tangled up with him, I realized that he was targeting not only Emily but also Freri. So, I dealt with him personally. At the same time, I let the girls go”

 Shinji looks at her and wonders if this is the general idea.

 Lila nodded, but held up her index finger.

 ”I don’t think we’re being released, but rather we’re being helped”

 ”M’s collateral damage is a bit of a problem, and now that I know that Lila and the others are just being manipulated…… is just a coincidence”

 The twins agreed with their sister as Shinji tried to deny it.

 ”But you had no obligation to help us”

 ”It was supposed to be easier for us to do it ourselves”

 ””You’re not being honest, are you~?””

 Shinji’s cheeks flushed as Lili and Lilu shrugged their shoulders in disbelief.

 This misunderstanding itches him because he started his plan with the spirit of “If you’re going to steal my woman, I might as well let me steal yours”.

 Emily, Flair, and these three sisters…… Why do they misunderstand each other like this, Shinji thought rather seriously?

 Iris asked Shinji a question.

 ”……Are you prepared for any kind of retaliation, desu? ……Charming is dangerous…….”

 ”There is no retaliation. Absolutely”

 Shinji interrupted Iris’ words.

 Shinji’s face was still smiling, but he had a cold look in his eyes as if he was remembering something.

 ”I’m keeping this a secret from Alvin and the others, because he’s a serious man. If I wanted to do it properly, I’d gather the evidence and present it to the guild so they could…… take the time to capture him, but it’s too late for that”

 ”Do you despise me?” Shinji chuckled, but Iris shook her head.

 If an adventurer fights bandits and other humans, he or she may kill them. Normally, personal punishment is not a good thing, but Iris thinks it is unavoidable in a situation where one’s own people are in danger. However.

 ”I think…… Alvin-senpai will understand, desu”

 ”Well, I’ll be sure to consult him when I’m involved with the whole party”

 Shinji nodded in agreement to Iris’s complaint.

 ”After that, the girls rebuilt the party, and now they are here. The party is now in the intermediate ranks because the wizard is no longer with them. That’s why there’s a reason”

 ”……I understand, desu”

 After listening to Shinji’s story, Iris bowed deeply to Lila and the other three.

 ”I’m sorry……. I shouldn’t have listened to…….”

 ”It’s okay. It is better for you to know about it first than to be told about it later. In addition, it is a basic rule for adventurers to confirm what is unclear, right?”

 Lila smiled as she accepted Iris’ apology.

 Iris raises her head and looks at Lila and the others, all three of them seemingly unconcerned and natural.

 (……They’re strong, desu. …… Their heart too. ……I wonder ……if it’s me ……can I forget it)

 Iris saw that Lila and the others, who must have gone through far more painful experiences than she did, were laughing happily, which gave her hope that she might be able to do the same.

 ”………. On the other hand, is there anything you want to ask me?”

 ”I’d like to know if you like Shinji-san? ♡”


 When Iris said that, Lila smiled and shoved a bomb in her face, Shinji’s smile twitched and Lili and Lilu froze in surprise.

 Iris also froze as they talked about love, which had nothing to do with the previous topic. Her gaze wandering from place to place, but she answered in a polite manner.

 ”………. We’ve only just met. ………. If you ask me if I like…… or dislike him, I like him, desu. ……Because it’s senpai”

 ”Fufu, then we are the same, I think Iris-san and I will get along well”

 ””Based on Onee-chan Decisions Criteria……””

 Lila is in a good mood and Lili and Lilu are in a foolish mood, which for some reason made Iris laugh.

 ”………. I think so too, desu”

 ”I wish you could talk about that when I’m not here”

 Lila smiles at Shinji’s complaint.

 ”But I decided to push you, and Elf are tolerant of harems such as polygamy, so you can do it to me? ♡”

 ”I told you I’m not in the mood”

 ”……Senpai, do you have a girlfriend……?”

 Iris, who was listening to Shinji and Lila’s conversation, muttered in dismay.

 The guy she had s*x with last night had a girlfriend. Although she was the one who asked him out, and even though it was for medical treatment, it was definitely cheating.

 Whatever the reason, cheating is wrong. She should be angry as a woman…… but more than that, Iris was shocked that Shinji had a girlfriend.

 (Oh…… Am I…..Fell in love with Senpai……?)

 It hadn’t even been a month since they had met.

 She thought she had no special feelings for him, just because he was so kind and reliable senpai. Even if it’s because of the drugs, she realizes that the reason she felt so happy and connected to Shinji was because she had feelings for him in no small way.

 Iris’s unconscious love was supposed to end with the unexpected discovery of his girlfriend…… but it didn’t.

 ”Iris-san. Are you going to give up?”


 Lila called out to Iris, who was stunned.

 ”I’m not giving up on you, Shinji-san. If you have a girlfriend, I will steal him away”

 ”But, it’s unethical…… to steal him away…… desu”

 Lila nodded at Iris’s words.

 ”Ethically, yes. But love is war”

 ”…… love is war …….”

 ”Moshimoshi, Lila-san?

 ””Shinji-san, let’s keep quiet!””

 Shinji tried to stop Lila from getting too heated, but Lili and Lilu held him back. He can’t help but feel that things are going in a bad direction.

 Even if Iris’s fondness for Shinji diminishes when she finds out that he has a girlfriend, Shinji thinks that he can make her s*x friend by making her remember the pleasures of s*x, given the circumstances.

 Aphrodisiac s*x, once learned, is addictive. It’s not something she can forget so easily. So, he was going to take his time to corrupt her.

 ”The one who wins in the end is the winner. Even if I have to use my body, I will not hesitate to do so in order to be with the one I love. ……It feels good to have s*x with the person I love ~♡”

 ”……It feels good to have s*x with the person I love…….”

 Lila’s argument reminds Iris of the pleasures of aphrodisiac s*x, and she shows a certain understanding.

 [It’s not the Lila I know! Where’s the shy girl she used to be?]

 [It’s great to see Onee-chan getting serious~]

 [We’ve been teaching her a lot of things too!]

 Shinji held his head as he exchanged thoughts with the twins.

 He thought that he should have taken the initiative and made Lila his s*xfriend first. He could feel the weight of her love like Emily.

 ”If Iris-san wants to give up…… I’ll invite you to join the harem after I win the position of Shinji-san’s lover ♡”

 ”…… No thanks, desu”

 Shinji is relieved when Iris rejects her, but…

 ”……Senpai will not be given to Lila-san. ……I’d rather be Senpai’s second wife than join the harem”

 Shinji was silenced by the next declaration of becoming Iris’s bride.

 Iris’s love for him flared up as she became aware of Lila’s provocative speech. If he had a lover, he would take his wife, and if Iris became his second wife, Lila would have no chance.

 Iris’s competitive spirit was on full display in this situation as well.

 ”Fufufu, I think Iris-san and I can get along well, at the same time, we can become friends and rivals…… So, why don’t we go on adventures together?”

 ”……Lila-san is honest. I think I can trust you……. I’m looking forward to working with you…….”

 Iris and Lila shake hands firmly.

 [‘Shinji-san is very popular‘]

 Shinji can hear the happy thoughts of the twins.

 He decided that Lila and the twins needed to be made to understand, and that he would tell them about it later.

 He sighed inwardly and looked far away, asking himself if he should talk to Iris on the way back to the party house…….


 Lila’s fever time!

 Shinji’s plan was torn to shreds!

 Shinji sometimes makes mistakes too. As a result of completely misjudging Lila’s changes, she became a heavy-loving girl…… while they haven’t met. He should have made her fall completely during the last s*x game.

 The original plan was to teach Iris the pleasures of the world when she was less sensitive, and then only have a physical relationship with her and not take her heart.

 It seems that Shinji’s ideal was a feeling that cheating is wrong, but …… it feels so good that she can’t resist…….But how did it come to this?

 Can Shinji correct his course?

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