Wizard 102

Chapter 102 Iris meet with Green Traveler

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 Shinji adjusted his clothes while waiting for Iris to calm down somewhat.

 Normally, he would have liked to have s*x with Iris several times until morning, but he had to take her back to the party house at the end of the day.

 Shinji asked Freri to tell Alvin and the others that he had taken Iris into custody after she had had too much to drink and that he would return as soon as she had calmed down.

 If he returned too late or in the morning, there was a chance that Galleo would hear about it.

 ”Iris-chan, have you calmed down a bit?”

 ”……Yes. ……My head is cooler now, desu”

 Iris is wrapped up in a quilt with only her face showing. Her face is bright red from embarrassment. It seems the drug has not been completely removed from the body, and the moist, feverish eyes seem to be unconsciously inviting the man.

 ”Then let’s get ready and go home. If Galleo-san finds out that you were in danger, you’ll have to go back to your hometown, right?”

 ”……Senpai, are you going to keep quiet and let it…… pass?”

 Iris was surprised, as she had thought that he would report it to her father. She was just thinking about how to keep his mouth shut.

 ”I’m a bad senpai who influenced his kouhai. Today there was no danger, and I’m just going to protect overly drunk Iris, when we want to go home”

 Shinji smiled deliberately and mischievously, and it made Iris’s heart raced. Then, Shinji ask Iris, who is staring at Shinji blankly, with a serious face.

 ”There’s only one week left, do you have any other plans?”

 ”……There is no such thing, desu. But I have to find one……”

 Iris’s complexion is not good, although she shakes her head and returns to her serious face again. Needless to say, there was not enough time.

 ”Well, It’s a bit problem. I’d like to introduce you to the party. I’ve already intervened once, so it won’t be any different once or twice”

 ”……Problem, desu?”

 Iris had come to trust Shinji, who had been kind enough to take care of her. However, if there was a bit problem for this, it had to be confirmed.

 ”The girls were victims, but…… I can give you the details after we meet, if you want. There are three elves in the party and no wizard/witch at the moment. These are the girls who were once on upper-lower rank.”

 ”……Senpai, please take care of me”

 Iris bowed her head immediately after being told of their fairly high-spec background. And Shinji nodded his head and turned his back on Iris.

 ”Then let’s go see them tomorrow. I know where they’re staying. We’re going to over there. ……So, let’s go home after Iris-chan gets dressed”


 Iris’s cheeks loosened to Shinji’s gentlemanly response of caring for her. She looked at him with a sideways glance as she collected the clothes she had taken off, but Shinji wasn’t looking at her.

 (If it’s senpai, he can look at it…… Noo, what am I thinking……!)

 Iris shook her head and hurriedly changed her clothes, trying to shake off the content that had come to mind.

* * *

 On the next day.

 Shinji and Iris left the party house early in the morning to visit the inn where <Green Traveler> was staying.

 Their late return last night was not a problem, as Shinji had informed them beforehand.

 As they had come to the inn, he asked the innkeepers to call Lila and the others, and Shinji and the others waited in the inn’s dining room for a drink.

 (Since yesterday, I’ve been indebted to senpai, desu)

 Iris is grateful for Shinji’s help, but feels bad that she has to rely on him so much. She should be able to find a party on her own, but…….

 (……It’s surprisingly difficult, desu)

 A shiver runs down on her spine as she recalls how she was almost attacked by Katan, Giri and Chitose. Without Shinji’s insurance policy, she wouldn’t be able to be safe right now.

 Because of this, she doesn’t think again to actively meet someone she’ve never met before.

 But the assurance that the person she was about to meet would be introduced by Shinji, whom she trusted, gave Iris courage.

 ”Shinji-san, thank you for waiting!”

 ”Onee-chan, you’re too enthusiastic about getting ready in the morning”

 ”Because Shinji-san’s is coming…”

 While Iris was thinking, Lila and her two sisters showed up.

 ”I’m sorry. Coming so early in the morning”

 ”No, no. You can come at any time, Shinji-san”

 Lila’s smile at Shinji was beautiful. Even Iris, who had never met her before, could see that Lila liked Shinji.

 (……Senpai, could it be that he is very popular……? ……It is true that he is kind…… He is neat and clean…… also he is good at magic too……)

 ”First, let’s start with the requirements. This girl is Iris. She is my kouhai. She’s the witch I was telling you about. She doesn’t have much experience in the real combat yet, but her talent is top-notch”

 Shinji’s introduction was met with a slight bow from Iris.

 ”They are the three sisters Lila, Lili, and Lilu, who form a party called <Green Travelers>. As you can see, they are elves. The eldest, Lila, is the scout. The second sister, Lili, is a tank and the third sister, Lilu, is an attacker. It’s an intermediate rank party”

 Lila, who had been silently listening to Shinji’s introduction, held out her hand.

 Iris, sensing that she wanted to shake her hand, shook it. She also shook hands with Lili and Lilu in turn.

 ”It’s nice to meet you, Iris-san”

 ””Nice to meet you!””

 ”……This is …… Nice to meet you too, desu”

 Iris, who relieved by the cheerful appearance of the three sisters, smiles only at the corners of her mouth.

 As Lila and the others ordered drinks from the innkeeper who came to take their orders, Shinji opened his mouth again.

 ”I felt bad for Iris-chan, so I will told you about her situation. There’s only one week left until the deadline for the appointment with Galleo. And I thought it’s better if you can consider it sooner rather than later”

 ”If it’s a week, we’ll have to go on an adventure together as soon as possible. If Iris-san is okay with it, why don’t you come with us today for training and a meeting?”

 ”……I’m okay, desu”

 Iris’s expression was anxious, although she agreed. She was worried about the fact that the conversation was progressing so quickly. This is because the last time, there was no problem on the surface as well.

 Although it was an attempt, it left a not insignificant scar on Iris.

 ”…. Um, I heard from senpai. …. Why did you downgrade from an upper-lower rank to an intermediate rank? …. That’s what senpai had been talking about, desu”

 Iris asks with determination. Her expression was serious.

 Lila, on the other hand, had a puzzled look on her face. Lili and Lilu had the same expression.

 ”Shinji-san, haven’t you talked to her?”

 ”Because of the content. I was going to ask Lila and the others for permission before I told her, so I haven’t yet”

 ”Can I talk it over with Lila and the others?” Shinji asked.


 ”Onee-chan! You’ve got a woman’s face!”

 ”Onee-chan, calm down!”

 ”Nnn…… Sorry. We cannot talk about it, so Shinji-san can explain it to you”

 Shinji’s concern seemed to make Lila a little distraught, but Lili and Lilu calmed her down. It’s too late for her to change her expression with a single cough.

 In addition, Iris was slightly taken aback.

 ”I understand. Thank you, Lila, Lili, Lilu”

 Shinji was completely unconcerned and smiled as usual.


 The meeting between Iris and Lila and the others has begun.

 If it’s true, Shinji-kun mental power will be able to make a course until the morning, but he will have to prepare for the future.

 Lila has become a much more dangerous character than she was in the beginning (s*xually)……. It’s fun to write about (lol)

 Even though it was an attempt by Iris, it still affected her a bit.

 It seems that people have become uncomfortable with people they don’t know, even if they don’t have anthropophobia.

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