Wizard 101

Chapter 101 Iris and Treatment Action・After

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 Shinji’s p*nis slowly pushed its way into Iris’s vagina, which had never known a man.

 Iris could not hide her confusion at the sensations she was experiencing for the first time.

 Iris had always known that the first time was painful.

 However, the aphrodisiac had loosened her up so much that she could easily accept Shinji’s big cock without any pain.

 Then the glans reached Iris’s virginity membrane.

 ”I’m going to break it, so bear it……”

 Iris nodded silently at Shinji’s declaration.

 As Shinji pushed his p*nis forward, the virgin membrane was easily broken. The blood dripped from the first time, staining the sheets.

 (……It doesn’t ……hurt too much, does it……? Ah~ ♡”

 Iris wondered why it didn’t hurt as much as she thought it would, but that feeling quickly disappeared.

 The p*nis reached the very back of Iris, and the light contact with the …. glans gave her a numbing sensation of pleasure.

 ”I’ve got it all the way in. Are you okay?”

 ”……Yes ……♡ It doesn’t ……hurt as much as I thought it would, desu~ ♡”

 ”I’m glad. Then I’ll move”

 Shinji started to move his hips slowly. That made Iris let out a sweet sigh of pleasure.

 Iris began to feel the pleasure of the slow pistoning movement that seemed to care for Iris for the first time, and Iris and Shinji kept their gazes on each other.

 ”Hah … ♡ Ah … ♡ Ah … ♡ Hmm … ♡ Shinji-senpai … ♡ …Please … Don’t look my face …very much, desu~ ♡”

 ”Oh, I’m sorry. I was just wondering if it really hurts”

 ”Ah……♡ I’m sorry…… ♡ ……I’m really~ ♡ Okay……♡ Ah~ ♡”

 Iris felt bad for not noticing Shinji’s concern. However, her apology was short-lived.

 Shinji pushed up the back of her vagina with his glans and put pressure on it.

 It made Iris moan and squeal to the pleasure of his p*nis that torturing her vagina. And due to the aphrodisiac, it made the back of her vagina that was undeveloped didn’t feel any pain.

 When Shinji realized that it would not be a problem if he went deeper into her vagina, he started to accelerate the pace of his pistoning.

 ”Ah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Shinji-senpai …… ♡ Senpai…… ♡ This feels good…… ♡ It’s so weird…

 ♡ Because, this is my first time……♡”

 ”It can’t be helped if it’s weird because of the drugs, and there’s nothing wrong with you, Iris-chan “

 Shinji took advantage of his big dick and repeatedly swung his hips, with his p*nis pulling out until the glans was just about to fall out and then thrusting back into her vagina.

 He uses his big dick to teach Iris about the size of his dick as well as the pleasure it gives her, and develops her entire vagina.

 Iris could only writhe in pleasure. She could only cling to Shinji’s body as it felt so good that her head was going out of control.

 Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡

 Before she knew it, Shinji’s hips were shaking violently to make Iris climax. Iris was thrust repeatedly into the depths of her vagina with such force that there was no way she could withstand it, and she experienced her first vaginal come.

 ”Nn~~~~~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Hah… ♡ It’s felt so good, desu ♡”

 While exposing her sloppy face, Iris felt his p*nis spewing semen into her vagina.

 It’s supposed to be a treatment act, but even though Shinji doesn’t need to feel good, he feels satisfied and happy that he was able to climax together with her.

 ”……It came out like crazy, you know”


 Shinji’s semen was filling the contraceptive kit at the tip of his p*nis as he pulled it out of her vagina.

 Iris’s vagina reacted just by looking at it. She couldn’t help but think about what would have happened if the semen had gone into her vagina.

 And then, Shinji took off the contraceptive, exposing the unwilted raw p*nis in front of her.

 She had no more contraceptives.

 It had to be the end, but it wasn’t enough for Iris.

 The aphrodisiac had ignited her s*xual desire.

 She has curiosity about the unknown of creampie.

 Her curiosity had robbed Iris of her calm thoughts.

 ”Senpai… ♡ I haven’t healed yet~ ♡”

 ”Are you okay without any contraceptives?”

 ”…Yes ♡ ……Today is an okay day~ ♡ So …Please treat me more …… ♡”

 Iris’ words were a lie. The current Iris had no room for such calculations. She was just saying shallow words for the sake of having raw s*x.

 Shinji understood this and inserted his p*nis in the missionary position again without daring to say anything.

 No contraceptive, just a raw s*xual connection.

 The difference was so great that Iris’s expression turned to ecstasy. It was the unmistakable face of a female.

 ”Wow… ♡ Raw~ ♡ It’s totally different~ ♡ Senpai’s dick~ ♡ Even though, it’s a treatment~ ♡ But it feels better~ ♡”

 ”Iris-chan’s vagina feels good too. It’s mutual, right? It’s okay to feel good”

 ”Ah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Good~ ♡ Good~ ♡ Senpai’s dick ♡ It’s deep~ ♡ Nn~ ♡ If you get violent~ ♡ I will go crazy soon~ ♡”

 Iris’s usual quiet demeanor had become a lie. Shinji guessed that this was Iris’s true nature, as she was very childish and hated to lose.

 Perhaps it was a side of Iris that her father didn’t knew too.

 The fact that Iris was the first person to reveal her inner self to him, a fact that even Alvin, her adored Senpai, didn’t know, made Shinji even more excited.

 He grabbed Iris’s slim hips and began to thrust his p*nis into her.

 Iris was nearing her limit. While she was being tossed around by the pleasure being given to her, her body was at its peak of arousal.

 ”It’s coming~ ♡ It’ll come out~ ♡ Senpai…… ♡ Senpai…… ♡ I, I~ ♡ Cumming Again ♡

 ”Okay…… I’m going to ejaculate too……! Iris!”

 ”Nnnnnnnnnnn~~~ ♡♡♡”

 Dopyu ♡ Dopyu ♡ Dopyu ♡ Dopyu ♡

 Shinji ejaculates in her deepest vagina.

 Drunk on the pleasure of the warm semen filling her womb, Iris reached a deep and pleasurable climax that made her head go blank.

 (Ah …… ♡ It’s out …… ♡ It feels good …… ♡)

 Iris was vaguely immersed in the afterglow of her climax.

 When she finished ejaculating the last drop of her cum, Shinji pulled her face close and kissed her.

 Iris accepted Shinji’s kiss without saying a word. It was an act that had nothing to do with treatment, and it was Iris’ first kiss.

 Chu…. ♡ Chu…… ♡ For a while, the sound of kissing echoed in the room over and over again.

 Iris’s first time.

 Virginity, creampie, and kissing were all taught to her by Shinji-kun.

 Before she knows it, Shinji-senpai will be Senpai, right?

 Maybe there was a change of heart in Iris-chan?

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