Wizard 100

Chapter 100 Iris and Treatment Action・Before

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 As Shinji walks through the city, Iris’s breathing is rough and she seems to be trying desperately to hold in her pleasure.

 Shinji choose to walked through the back streets instead of the front streets because to avoid Iris would be seen by other people.

 ”I’m going back to the party house”

 ”…… Wait ……Don’t ……Go …….There”

 Even in her foggy head, she understood that this was not a good idea.

 If she came back in this state, her father would certainly be contacted. Then she will be asked about why this happened and she will be forced to return to her hometown. Iris doesn’t want that.

 Because, Iris has a dream.

 Her dream is to become an upper-ranking adventurer and become an apprentice to the upper-ranking adventurer known as the Six Colored Wizard.

 To do so, she needs good companions. At least, not those who live in her hometowns and think that living for the day is sufficient.

 However, if she has no choice, she would have to go to a really distant place and stand alone. But, if at all possible, she would like to avoid that.

 Therefore, in order to return to the party house, she had to look like a normal person. In order to do that, she needed to get rid of the effects of the drugs.

 ”Please…… reserve a room ……♡ ……I’ll …… deal it alone, so……♡”

 ”Okay. Just be patient”

 Shinji did as Iris asked and headed for the lodge.

* * *

 On room at the inn.

 After checking in, Shinji laid Iris down on the bed and sat down on a chair that was placed far away from Iris.

 Meanwhile, Iris, who had reached the end of her patience, was undressing herself. The air from outside made her feel good against her flushed skin…….

 Her body demanded Shinji to stay close to her while she was being hugged, but Iris continued to endure with a spirit of steel.

 ”……Shinji-senpai ♡ ……If you look at me, …… I can’t do it……♡”

 ”I know, I know. Don’t worry about this one”

 Iris, who had nailed Shinji, quickly rolled up her skirt and pulled down her soaking wet underwear.

 Slowly, she touched her tingling private parts with her middle finger.

 ”Ah~ ♡”

 A sweet voice came out of Iris’s mouth.

 Even though it was just a touch, it sent a tingle of pleasure down to her spine, and her finger started to move on its own.

 ”Hah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Nn~ ♡ Fuu~ ♡ Nn~ ♡”

 Just by rubbing with her fingers, her love juices started to flow.

 Iris, who was no longer satisfied with just rubbing her secret parts, rubbed her modest breasts herself.

 She was breathing hard and soaking in the pleasure, but when the fingers of her rubbing hand touched her hardened nipples, she climaxed lightly from the overpowering pleasure.

 (Ah ……♡ Now that’s …… Amazing……♡)

 After experiencing her first climax with her nipple, Iris touches her nipple again.

 She continued to pinch between her fingers while drooling, and climaxed several times with just her nipples. However, the light climax only made her abdomen more tingly.

 (It’s painful ……♡ My belly ……♡ It’s painful ……♡)

 As a virgin, Iris could not do the act of inserting a finger into her vagina. In addition, she can see that the entrance to her vagina is twitching and twitching greedily as the dripping love juice smears the sheets.

 Iris knows it too.

 She instinctively knew that this tingling was not something that could be managed by masturbation.

 Iris kept looking at Shinji as she masturbated.

 Shinji, as Iris had hoped, kept his eyes closed and looked the other way.

 Iris felt the tingling in her womb increase as she realized that she was in a locked room with a man who would not touch her, even though he was with a woman who could not resist her estrus due to the drugs.

 (…No more … ♡ At least… For myself… ♡)

 Iris starts to take off all of her clothes.

 Shinji, on the other hand, was listening to Iris masturbate and waiting for an opportunity to speak to her. Knowing that a woman who has been drugged with aphrodisiacs will not be satisfied by masturbation, Shinji just waits for Iris to lose her patience.

 (I just need the excuse that it was Iris who wanted it, right?)

 The fact that s*xual intercourse was a treatment act is necessary for them to continue their relationship as Senpai and Kouhai.

 (First of all, the body. I think the ideal relationship is the heart-to-heart and physical relationship between senpai kouhai. The more serious a girl is, the more likely she is to fall for it. ……So, what about Iris-chan?)

 There was a hint of Iris moving and the sound of cloth being rubbed.

 Shinji laughed as if Iris couldn’t stand it any longer.

 ”……Shinji-senpai……♡ Shinji-senpai……♡

 ”What is it?”

 Shinji asked blankly in response to Iris’s call.

 ”… It was no good ♡ ……Please, please …… ♡ …… This pain …… I’m sorry …… ♡ …… I want you to help me~ ♡”

 ”Do you know what that…… means?”

 Shinji finally opened his eyes after being told that much.

 Iris was lying on her back on the bed, looking exactly as she had been born.

 Modest breasts, secret parts dripping with love juice…… and a lust-soaked face of debauchery. Iris, who had exposed everything without hiding, showed Shinji the entrance of her secret area, which was twitching.

 ”… Yes~ ♡ …… But this is… ♡ It’s a treatment act~ ♡ …… Shinji-senpai … I don’t want you to worry about anything~ ♡”

 ”I can’t stand it when you say that much”

 Shinji approaches the bed as he takes off his pants and underwear.

 While getting on the bed, Shinji takes off his coat as well as all of his clothes and covers Iris who completely naked.

 Iris was glued to Shinji’s stiffly erect p*nis.

 It was the first time she had seen a p*nis other than her father’s, but it was easy to tell that Shinji’s was exceptionally big. The strong p*nis stimulated her female instincts.

 Iris swallowed her saliva and felt neither fear nor disgust.

 If Shinji hadn’t helped her, her virginity would have been scattered. As it turned out, Iris was also thrilled to be in a situation where she was being taken by the gentle Senpai.

 ”……It’s my first time, so ……please be gentle ……♡ ……and also ……this ……♡”

 ”Okay. I’ll be as gentle as I can”

 Despite being in heat, Iris still had her wits about her.

 Iris handed Shinji a contraceptive that was always available at the inn, and while it couldn’t cover all of Shinji’s huge cock, it could catch some of the semen.

 ”It’s a little small, but I don’t think that’s a problem”

 ”…. I’m so embarrassed, desu~ ♡”

 Shinji finally opened Iris’s legs. He placed the tip of his p*nis at the entrance to her private parts.

 Iris stared at the p*nis penetrating her virginity.

 ”Then, I’m going to insert it……”

 ”……Please, I’m begging you~ ♡”

 Shinji’s p*nis is slowly inserted into Iris’s vagina. ……

 Iris’s masturbation time.

 It’s predictable that she won’t go away.

 The only thing she wanted was Shinji, who was in a situation where Iris was the one who wanted it. He is a bad Senpai who is wearing the skin of a gentle Senpai.

 Iris gives her virginity to Shinji!

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