Wizard 99

Chapter 99 Iris’s Crisis, Shinji’s Rescue・After

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 Iris successfully completed her second quest with <One Horned Beast>.

 She also promised to do a third one and completed the third adventure without any problems.

 There was only a week left until the deadline for the promise she had made to Galleo.

 “Iyaa~ Iris-chan’s magic is so helpful… Every party needs a magic user…”

 “…….I’m happy to hear you say that, desu”

 Katan returned from an intermediate-lower dungeon and smiled good-humoredly as he finished exchanging the money. He’s still a bit frivolous, but Iris has gotten used to it by the third time.

 Katan is the kind of person who says and does things like this, and once Iris knew that, she didn’t have to worry so much anymore.

 And Iris would feel less annoyed if she was praised for her magic skills.

 She thought to herself as she touched the flower ornament in her hair, “Maybe this is thanks to the training I’ve had with Shinji”.

 The white flower ornament on Iris’s head was given to her by Shinji after her first adventure as a temporary member. It’s a ‘Lucky Charm‘ made of fresh flowers that have been magically processed to keep them alive, and it has a small spell to make them less vulnerable to illness.

 “So, how is it? Do you feel like coming to our place~?”

 “……Well, then. …….I would like to, desu”

 After a few moments of silent contemplation, Iris nodded.

 “Hurray〜♪ Now we can go even higher〜♪”

 “That’s right! Hehehe, we’re celebrating today!”

 “Thank you for your continued support…….”

 Seeing that all three of them were happy, Iris only smiled.

 “Well, let’s go to dinner~. I’ve prepared something good for us today~”

 They all walked behind Katan.

* * *

 They went to a restaurant a short distance away from the guild.

 Iris and the other three ate their meal there. After finishing one drink as usual, Iris was offered another drink by Chitose.

 Iris sipped on the drink without question, as it was Chitose’s favorite drink.

 The taste was sweet and pleasant, and Iris drank it without knowing that it contained drugs.

 Suddenly, a change in her body came over her.

 Iris’s heartbeat increased and her head started to feel fuzzy. Not only that, but she felt hot from deep inside her body, especially in the pit of her stomach.

 Iris tried to leave the room, but Chitose put her arms around her and hugged her before she could.

 Because of sudden change on her body, she was unable to resist.

 “Iris-san…… You don’t look well……. There is a place in the back where you can rest…… So, let’s go”

 “…….Gh, Nggh……”

 She couldn’t speak because her mouth was covered with her hands. Iris looked around her as hard as she could……. But, none of the other guests noticed Iris’ change.

 Only one person had eyes on her.

 Iris looks to him for help. But the response was a disgusted smile and a wave of the hand. At that moment, Iris knew she was being set up.

 (I have to escape …… I…….!)

 Chitose carried Iris to a room in the back of the store, where she could barely resist the tingling that consumed her thoughts.

* * *

 Iris is placed on a bed in a private room in the back.

 Chitose’s hands were trying to take off Iris’s clothes, and Iris tried her best to block them.

 “……Why…… are you doing this……Chitose-san……?”

 “Because Katan-san and Giri-san want you……♡ It’s okay~ ♡ It’ll be so comfortable that you won’t be able to think about anything else soon~♡”

 Iris’s resistance is very weak as her body is not strong enough. She can barely hold on to her clothes with her hands. But Chitose’s story continues, with an insane and disgusting smile on her face.

 “I was the same… ♡ At first I was forced to cry~ ♡ But after being raped for a long time, I don’t care about anything except how good it feels~ ♡ I’m very happy now~ ♡ Katan-san and Giri-san take care of me every day~ ♡ So, Iris-chan become same as me~ ♡”

 (This person…… is already broken……)

 The fear that this would happen to her struck Iris. She tried to cast a spell to break the situation, but she couldn’t concentrate well with her head consumed by pleasure.

 “Oh, you haven’t undressed her yet, have you? It’s not good♪”

 “Shut up! It’s amazing that she can still resist like that! At the time of Chitose, she didn’t resist at all”

 Katan and Giri rushed into the room.

 In a desperate situation, Iris was on the verge of crying, tears welling up in the corners of her eyes. She realized that there was no way to save herself.

 “Don’t cry~♪ Don’t worry~ I’ll make you look like Chitose soon~”

 “Let’s see how long you can endure this!”

 Katan and Giri come over to Iris.

 When their hands reach Iris…… just before they do, the flower ornament on Iris’ head glows. At the same time, a magic circle unfolded, and while the glow acted as a distraction, a magic bullet was released and hit Katan and the others.




 Three of them are knocked out by the impact. They try to get up immediately but their bodies are too numb to move. Their tongues also became numb and they couldn’t use their magic fast enough, but Chitose still tried to recover their paralysis.

 However, Chitose’s magic did not work.

 Freri, who had been using the flower ornament as a marker, appeared out of nowhere in the room and blocked Chitose’s mouth with ivy.

 Freri also deployed a magic circle.

 The magic circle is one that summons the contractor in reverse. It doesn’t have the power to cross worlds, but it can handle distances within the same world, even within the same city.

 In the circle, Shinji appeared in front of Iris, who was still stunned, and the three of them who were crouching.

 ”Go back to sleep”

 Shinji had no intention of arguing with Katan and the others.

 He casts a sleep spell on the three who can’t resist, rendering them unconscious.


 ”I’ve already talked to Galleo-san, so I took out an insurance policy. If anything goes wrong with Iris-chan, I’ll know about it. I’m sorry it took me so long to help you”

 Tapping his fingertips lightly on Iris’s flower ornament, Shinji picked her up. The princess carry brought Iris’s face close to Shinji’s neck.

 Iris felt a numb tingle run through her body at the mere smell of Shinji. She hugs herself hard to suppress the tingling, but to no avail.

 ”Freri, take care of the rest. Just make sure you punish them appropriately this time”

 [Okay…… I will prank them]

 Freri laughed as she twirled the ivy.

 Iris and Shinji walk out of the front of the restaurant. They meet the eyes of the people in the restaurant, who are probably involved, but all of them immediately avert their gaze.

 Shinji left the store without a care in the world, as long as they didn’t try to hurt him.

 After Shinji left, the owner of the restaurant went to the back room to see what had happened, and what did he see?

 The three men were tied up with ivy.

 Katan and Giri were rolled over so that their p*nises were in full view, and they had papers on their foreheads that said ‘Lustful Man‘ and ‘Gross‘.

 Chitose was stuck with a piece of paper on his back with the words ‘Reflecting‘ written on it.


 Iris is rescued at the last minute.

 The flower ornament is a monitoring device.

 It reacts to any abnormalities in the equipment owner and sends a message to Freri.

 And, she used magic starting from the ornament to control it.

 They’re just ordinary little villains without magical eyes or anything, so they won’t take her life.

 Because it was just a verbal agreement, she wouldn’t even join the party.

 And what will happen to <One Horned Beast> now that their evil deeds have been exposed? They’ve put their hands on the wrong person…….

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