Wizard 98

Chapter 98 Iris’s Crisis, Shinji’s Rescue・Before

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 Two weeks had passed since Iris made her promise to Galleo.

 After searching for various parties until the very last minute, Iris was unable to find a party that met her expectations. Therefore, Iris decided to visit the party <One Horned Beast> as she had thought of as her next plan.

 As expected, Katan’s frivolous attitude did not sit well with Iris, but after her first adventure, she decided to join the party on a temporary basis.

 During the adventuring, he still talked lightly, but he fulfilled his role as a vanguard. He was able to give good instructions to the less talkative Chitose and the rough Giri, and his ability to organize the party as a leader was not bad.

 The first adventure went off without a problem.

 Even after the adventure, she was not forced to eat or drink alcohol. Also, she could talk with Chitose over a glass of ale while watching the noisy Katan and Giri from the side.

 (…….It seems to be no problem once I get used to Katan’s way of talking…… Maybe he looked…… bad because I didn’t know anyone who have this type of personability……?)

 After the meal, Iris promised a second adventure and headed home.

 She doesn’t notice the gaze of the two men who are watching her back unpleasantly……

* * *

 ”…….I’m back, desu”

 ”Welcome back, Iris-chan”

 When Iris returned to the party house and entered the dining room, Shinji was sitting reading a book.

 Since Shinji mediated between Galleo and Iris, Iris has been opening up to Shinji. In this way, Iris trusted Shinji to the extent that she asked him for advice on days off from the activities of <Running Wolves>. The fact that they were both magic users was also a big factor.

 He had also changed the way he called her from Iris-san to Iris-chan.

 ”How was the party?”

 ”The…… leader’s way of speaking doesn’t fit me, desu. ……But as a party, it looks fine”

 Iris peeked at Shinji’s hand. On Shinji’s hand, there is a novel that is sold in stores. But when Iris peeked it, Shinji closed the book and turned his gaze to Iris.

 The distance between their faces is quite close. When Shinji’s eyes meet Iris’s, he doesn’t show any particular reaction, but Iris hurriedly steps back.

 ”If it’s just the way he talks, I guess it’s just a matter of getting used to it. And It might be inevitable if there were no other good parties”

 ”…… I wish I had more time, though”

 It was embarrassing that he was the only one who was aware of it, and even though Iris was grateful for the mediation, she couldn’t help but say something hateful.

 But Shinji didn’t get angry and continued the conversation. Iris could sense his maturity.

 ”The party is a bond, you know. It is the duty of wizard/witch to do their best within the limits of their abilities”

 ”……That’s right, desu. ……That’s why I’m temporarily joining”

 ”Great, great. Do you want to match our magic today?”

 ”…….I want. ……Please treat me well”

 The two of them went out into the yard and started pushing each other, releasing a lot of magic power over and over again.

 However, Shinji’s manipulation is excellent, and no matter what kind of attack Iris makes, it is all taken care of. But Iris could feel that her magic manipulation was getting better and better over the past two weeks.

 ”Oh, Iris, welcome back! You’re doing great today!”

 ”……I’m back, Senpai”

 Alvin and Milis came out when they had released a lot of magic power and were beginning to look tired.

 ”I’m getting used to seeing Iris-chan and Shinji-san training together. It’s like master and apprentice”

 Milis hands a sweat towel to Iris and Shinji.

 Shinji, who received the towel after thanking her, smiled as he wiped off his sweat.

 ”If you’re Alvin’s kouhai and the others, you’re my kouhai as well. But as a fellow magic user, I’m more knowledge than they are. So, I’m good enough to do what I can to help you while you’re here”

 To Shinji’s generous praise, Iris quickly covered her face with the towel she was using to wipe off her sweat and suppressed her excitement. She took the time to wipe her face with a scrubbing cloth and then removed the towel after she had calmed down.

 ”…….If so, don’t hesitate to let me know, desu. …….Once you’ve said it, you’re responsible for teaching me, right? …….Shinji, senpai”

 Iris says with a mouthful of laughter, and Milis starts to raise her hands in front of Iris to show off.

 ”Iris-chan! I’m your senpai too!”

 ”……Milis-chan is Milis-chan”

 ”That kind of thing…….”

 Alvin and Shinji laughed when they saw Milis’s disappointment.

 Milis is puffed her cheeks, and Alvin apologizes to her.

 Milis was in a bad mood for a short time before Akane and Renka came to tell her that the meal was ready.

* * *

 ”You’re right, Katan!”

 ”I told you so. Ah~… I’m out…”

 ”…Gh ♡ ……Nn ♡”

 Giri, with a cigarette in his mouth, laughs good-humoredly, and Katan, who has Chitose in his arms, ejaculates into his vagina.

 Chitose is blindfolded and has her mouth covered, but she climaxes when Katan ejaculates into her vagina. Creampie is now a reward for Chitose, who has become a prisoner of pleasure.

 When Katan retreats from the top, Giri bends Chitose over and penetrates her.

 The s*xual acts were performed one after the other, as if they were handling a love doll, without thinking about Chitose. This is the daily life of <One Horned Beast>.

 ”I was a little skeptical at first, but by the time we left, her attitude had improved a lot”

 ”That’s right~. She used to hate me, right? But when we went on this adventure together, it turned out to be no problem. It’s bad at the beginning, but little by little she thinks better of me”

 With a smirk on his face, Katan continued to speak.

 ”Do I look like an earnest person who has developed a sense of guilt? I made judgments on her based-on appearance and speech”

 ”That’s just like you, Katan! Well, I’ve got the drugs ready. It’s the kind that makes any woman want a man so badly she can’t stand it”

 There is a drug called <Succubus Nectar>.

 It’s a forbidden product that, if consumed by a woman, will induce a powerful estrus that will turn any virgin into a slut. Giri, a thief, purchased this drug through back channels, and once used it on Chitose.

 Chitose was a virgin, but the drug turned her into a slut, and she enjoyed a full day of s*x.

 But when she came to her senses, she cried and regretted it, but it was too late. She couldn’t forget the pleasure that was imprinted on her, and after a few days of training, she became the obedient Chitose that she’s today.

 Katan and Giri were planning to do the same to Iris.

 ”That’s good. Then we will have to endure until our third adventure. I’m looking forward to seeing that clear face of her”

 ”I can’t stand it! Oh, it’s coming out!”


 Giri ejaculated into Chitose vagina.

 His ejaculation, which is held firmly in place to prevent escape, gives an indescribable sense of conquest and satisfies Giri’s taste for torment.

 If one looks down at Chitose, one can see that she has lost all his strength and is leaking a squirt.

 And then, Giri shakes his hips again, feeling the pleasure of the sight.

 The lustful party didn’t end until late that night.


 Evil tricks in progress.

 Iris-chan has made a temporary joining.

 She is completely unaware of the evil scheme.

 I think the feeling of reviewing a bad looking person when they do something good is standard.

 Shinji-kun and Iris-chan are getting along in order.

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