Wizard 97

Chapter 97 Iris’s Search for a Party and Hidden Malice

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 A week has passed since the discussion between Galleo and Iris.

 Every day, Iris went to the Adventurer’s Guild to look for a party.

 She checks the party application counter at the guild and asks which parties are looking for party members.

 She also makes an appointment with the party that she thinks is the right one from the list of information given on the application form, including the name, gender, and role that the party is looking for.

 The rest is up to her to decide after meeting them in person.

 If she finds a good feeling with the party, she joins tentatively and goes on a few adventures together. After that, they decide whether or not to formally join.

 The same process was followed when Shinji joined <Running Wolves>.

 ”……Nn, what should I do?”

 Iris is groaning while sitting at the counter and looking at the party information paper.

 There are a good number of parties looking for wizards/witch. But it was hard to decide, because the members were all men, and even after meeting them, she didn’t really feel right.

 As a result of having Alvin, Milis, and Renka around her, who she has trained with for the past five years, Iris has unconsciously raised the qualification level she is looking for.

 ”There’s still…… time. ……I’ll be fine”

 She muttered and pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to the receptionist. All that was left to do was to wait for the other party to contact her for an interview.

 After returning all of the materials, Iris moved to the area near the bulletin board where the quests were posted.

 Because it is after noon, there were few people around.

 There is no need for Iris, who is staying at <Running Wolves> party house, to force herself to earn money. But she still looks over lower ranked gathering requests and formulate a plan in her head to go out tomorrow morning.

 ”Oh, Iris-chan!”

 When she was thinking about it, she heard a voice calling her and turned around with a blank expression. She thought inwardly that she had been discovered by someone she didn’t like, but she couldn’t ignore it.

 ”…….Good afternoon”

 ”Ou! If you’re free, why don’t you join us?”

 ”…… No, thank you. I’ll refrain from doing so ……I have plans for the future, desu”

 The man who called her out was a man with long blond hair and a frivolous smile. Behind him are a black-haired female priest, and a blue-haired male thief.

 The three of them form a party called <One Horned Beast>, which is an intermediate rank party. This is the party that Iris interviewed yesterday, but did not tentatively join.

 ”It’s a shame. See you again~”

 The man-warrior, who shrugged his shoulders exaggeratedly, led his companions to the counter to report the request. And Iris bowed lightly and saw him off.

 (I felt their skills were great, yet…… that frivolous attitude probably doesn’t suit me…. But if I can put up with that…….. And there are women, too.)

 Leader male warrior Katan. The priestess Chitose and the thief Giri.

 According to the report, the three of them grew up together in their hometown. They were promoted to intermediate rank without stumbling in the lower rank. They wanted to recruit a wizard/witch to increase the party’s firepower for the future.

 Although Iris couldn’t trust Katan’s frivolous smile and decided not to join the party on a provisional basis, but out of all the parties she met, they were the most capable and seemed to have the potential to grow in the future.

 (I’ll look around some more and if I don’t find…… the right person, I’ll talk to them again…… If they’re adventurous and….. trustworthy, Papa will approve it……)

 The deadline is one month. And there are three weeks left.

 She decides that she is going to have to make a decision by the end of this week, considering that she will have to go on a few adventures after she tentatively joins.

 Iris left the guild after receiving a request for a low-rank gathering.

* * *

 At night, in a room at a certain inn.

 ”Ahhhh, it’s coming out~~. Drink it all~~”

 ”Ora! I’ll pour it in your cunt!”

 ”Nbu ♡ Nbu ♡ Nn ♡ Nfu ♡”

 There are three naked men and women intertwine on a large bed.

 The black-haired female priest, Chitose, was on all fours, while the blond male warrior, Katan, was on his knees, his p*nis in Chitose’s mouth. Giri, the blue-haired thief, grabbed Chitose’s hips, inserted his p*nis, and attacked Chitose with the accustomed pistoning movement of his hips.

 Chitose happily accepted the men’s desire to ejaculate at any time they wanted. She drinks the semen that is ejaculated into her mouth and climaxes while being ejaculated into her vagina.

 When Katan finishes ejaculating, he pulls his p*nis out of his mouth, sits down on the side of the bed and smokes a cigarette. Giri put Chitose down again and began to shake her hips.

 The sound of flesh against flesh echoed in the room as Giri fucked Chitose while talking to Katan.

 ”Hey, a little girl named Iris. I think you should have asked her out more”

 ”Oh…… It’s okay, it’s okay. I’ll talk to her again. After all, when she checked with other recruiters, she couldn’t find any place with better conditions than ours. So just wait and see”

 ”Oh, really?”

 Giri continued to violently thrust her p*nis into Chitose’s vagina. Chitose was left to her own devices, only to scream in pleasure at the rough treatment.

 ”She’s a very conscious girl~. A party full of other men is out of the question. She doesn’t want to be in a place where the party not good enough. And we’re from the same area, right? Also, if it’s a mixed gender party, it seems safe for her. Actually, it’s like this ♪”

 Katan, Giri and Chitose had all grown up in the same hometown.

 After building a trusting relationship in their hometown, they left their hometown and came to this city and immediately raped Chitose together.

 At first, Chitose cried all the time, but now she was fully developed and obedient to them. She has become a s*x-loving toilet.

 ”Ehe, she has a pretty face. I can’t wait to see what I’m going to do her…… Come on, clench your vagina!”

 ”Y, yhesh ♡ I’m sorry ♡”

 Chitose climaxes after receiving semen in her vagina while making a disheveled face. She doesn’t have to worry about getting pregnant because she’s been given birth control pills to take.

 Giri who has been ejaculated, pulls out his p*nis and takes a new cigarette from Katan and starts smoking. He is very satisfied with the way he has let out his desire.

 ”Whew……. Then I’ll have to buy some more drugs. I’ll have to fuck her all night like Chitose”

 ”We have to discipline her well so that she doesn’t inform the guild. We can do it in a few days! Chitose, you have to cooperate with us. We are ostensibly a friendly party”

 ”Hah … ♡ Hah … ♡ Yes ♡ Okay, Katan-san ♡”

 Chitose, who has been completely corrupted by Katan and his friends, is obedient.

 ”Then, when she tentatively joins, we are not allowed to touch her, but after the third trial, we will give her drugs and….. have fun ♪”

 ”Eheh, I’m looking forward to it…….”

 ”Everyone’s going to feel so good ……♡”

 Malice was approaching Iris.


 Iris is looking for her party.

 Lila and the other from <Green Travelers> are not recruiting on the guild. So, Iris can’t reach Lila and her friends on her own.

 Iris has been spotted by a party of moderately skilled frivolous lad.

 As predicted by the frivolous leader, Katan, Iris will join temporarily.

 Iris is in trouble! Hurry up and notice!

 Don’t worry, this work is not designed to have the main heroine of each chapter get screwed by the bad guys (laughs)

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