Wizard 116

Chapter 116 Iris is Recognized by Galleo

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 The s*x between Shinji, Renka and Iris continued until dawn.

 However, from the way Renka reacted, she didn’t think it was a good idea for the two women to get involved with each other, so they took turns loving each other. Also, for Shinji, Renka was his priority, so it was only natural that he took care of her first.

 When Renka and Iris were exhausted and down, the act was over and Shinji decided to sleep with them while hugging them.

 The next morning, Shinji wakes up Renka and Iris at the usual time.

 The two of them who naked with only a sheet covering their bodies unknowingly attacked Shinji’s rational mind, but he suppressed his s*xual desire and let them adjust their clothes.

 ”Let’s keep things as normal on the surface as possible. We’ll keep our private and public lives separate. ……When we work as adventurers, we must work as adventurers. Because I don’t want anyone to say that I’m not serious now as adventure that my girlfriend is in the public eye”

 ”Yes, I agree. I don’t want to have to show it off in public”

 ”……I understand, desu. ……Huh, I can’t believe I’m going to be separated from Senpai soon…….”

 Iris muttered sadly as she finished changing her clothes. This is her special time, because from now on she will be living in the same inn as Lila and the others.

 Renka could understand how Iris felt.

 Right now, they were under the same roof, but later they will be living in different place for a long time.

 ”Iris is a second wife candidate. So, there are many reasons to come here…… Such as for fun or to train with Shinji”

 Therefore, Renka’s words of concern for Iris naturally came out of her mouth. Shinji nodded in agreement with Renka’s caring words.

 ”……I’ll do it later, desu. ……Renka-san, you are so kind”

 ”Wa, wait a minute, Iris…….”

 Iris, who is aware that she has intervened the relationship between the two, is pleased with Renka’s kind words and tried to hug her head.

 Renka is confused, but she doesn’t seem to feel bad and pats Iris’s back when she hugs her.

 Shinji smiled as he watched the scene and wondered if it would be possible to have lesbian play if the two of them got along.

 ”I think Renka is right. I’m not always here, but…… Don’t hesitate to come by anytime”

 ”……Thank you, desu ……Senpai ♡”

 Iris smiled happily.

 As she does that, Shinji slowly patted her head.

* * *

 From then until Iris’s promised day, the days went on peacefully.

 Even if Shinji and Renka found out that they had become lovers, it did not interfere with the activities of <Running Wolves>.

 They divided their time between their private and public, and Shinji and Renka kept the same attitude as before.

 Alvin’s heart ached slightly when he returned to the party house after work as he saw Shinji and Renka in the same room. However, thanks to the support of Milis by his side, Alvin was able to endure the pain.

* * *

 Then the promised day arrived.

 Iris had gone out in the morning to pick up Lila and the others. In the meantime, Galleo came to the party house.

 ”Sensei! Good morning!”

 ”Oh, good morning, where’s Iris?”

 After greeting each of them, Galleo looked around.

 ”She went to pick up her friends, sensei. She’ll be right back”

 ”I see……”

 He nodded, but Galleo looked nervous and uncomfortable. After all, he is probably wondering what kind of companions her only daughter has found.

 In order to keep things interesting, Galleo, Alvin, and the rest of the team continued their small talk while they waited for Iris.

 After a while, Iris comes back to the party house with Lila and the others.

 The sight of the lovely Iris and the three beautiful elf sisters, Lila, Lili, and Lilu, lined up together are a very beautiful sight.

 Meanwhile, Galleo gazed at the unexpected sight with an open mouth.

 Shinji explained to Alvin and Milis that he introduced them to Iris. When he explained that Lila and the others had been struggling with the explanation that Minato was the source of everything, Alvin and the others showed their anger towards Minato and agreed to work with Iris.

 ”…….Papa, I’m going to introduce you to …….My party, desu”

 ”Nice to meet you. I’m Lila, the leader of <Green Travelers>”

 Lila, who is standing next to Iris, stepped forward and smiled.

 Galleo, who had been in a daze, came back to himself. However, he is nervous because Lila, a beautiful young elf, was right in front of him.

 ”N, nice to meet you. ……I’m Galleo, Iris’s father……”

 ”……Papa. ……Why are you so nervous?……”

 ”N, no, Iris! I never got a chance to talk to such a beautiful person before, not even when I was on active duty, so I’m not used to it……”

 ”Ara, so, like that”

 Galleo fumbled to explain himself to his staring daughter. Lila smiles as she watches the father and daughter interact. Galleo could only laugh dryly and scratched his head.

 ”This is my sister, Lili”

 ”This is Lilu, also my sister”

 ”I’m Galleo. Nice to meet you”

 After greeting both Lili and Lilu, Galleo managed to regain his composure and made eye contact with Lila and the others in turn.

 Lila and the others are not offended by Galleo’s determined gaze. Also, while Iris and <Running Wolves> are watching, Galleo, who had been silent, bows deeply.

 ”I’m sorry I gave you that ……rude look. I was really worried about my daughter……”

 ”Don’t worry about it. The parents worry about their daughters, even if they are different species is normal”

 Galleo raises his head, embarrassed to hear Lila’s words.

 ”I’m relieved to hear that…… Okay, I can trust Iris with these solid young ladies. Please take care of her”

 Iris’s face clouded over at Galleo’s words.

 When Shinji noticed her clouded face, he tries to say something, but before he could speak, Lili spoke up.

 ”No, I don’t want to. I’m not going to take care of her”

 ”That’s right. What we want is an equal partner”

 Galleo’s eyes widened at the twins’ words.

 ”My sisters are right. We consider Iris to be one of us. So instead of taking care of her, we’ll do our best to…… grow together. Right, Iris-chan?”


 Lila’s words made Iris smile happily.

 Lila and the others are higher in rank than Iris. Lila has the right to choose, as she has experience in upper ranks. The reason why they decided accept Iris to join the party, because she has the potential to become an equal partner in the future, even if she lacks experience at the moment.

 Also, no matter how much the man she loves, Shinji, as long as she is doing the work of risking her life and the lives of her sisters, Lila has not compromised.

 ”……Yeah, I’m sorry Iris. ……I was wrong. You’ve…… found a good friend”

 ”……! ……So?”

 Galleo nodded, a gentle smile on his face.

 ”If you’re going to do it, you must go to do it seriously. But your life is the most important thing. You must come home safely……”

 ”……Yes, thank you, Papa!”

 Iris jumped for joy at Galleo’s permission. She is so excited that she is giving off a childish vibe, but she doesn’t care as she high-fives Lila, Lili, and Lilu next to her in turn.

 Alvin and Milis are genuinely happy that she’s been allowed to go.

 Shinji keeps his mouth shut. Lila and the others have said all they need to say.

 Alvin, Milis, Renka and Iris high-five each other and finally come up to Shinji.

 In the end, Iris jumped into Shinji’s chest and hugged him as he held out his hand for a high five.

 Pickin, Shinji thought he heard the sound of air freezing.

 ”……Shinji-san? No way……”

 ”It’s a misunderstanding, Iris-chan, you can’t play pranks”

 ”……I thought I would make one last impression”

 While Shinji hugged Iris, he broke out in a cold sweat at the sight of the deadly Galleo.

 Iris had leave Shinji quietly, but that does not erase the fact that she hugged him. It made Galleo’s eyes widened even more at the thoughtful words.

 ”Iris! You’re not allowed to have a boyfriend yet!”

 ”You misunderstand. I have a girlfriend, Renka…….”

 ”You have a girlfriend, but you’re messing with my daughter! Alvin! What the hell is going on? Why is Iris ……?!”

 ”Sensei, please calm down!”

 Suddenly the situation turned chaotic, with Alvin and Milis desperately trying to stop Galleo from attacking Shinji, and Shinji making excuses with Renka.

 But the person who caused the commotion has returned to the side of Lila and the others.

 ”Already……Shinji, you’re in trouble”

 ”……Papa treats me like a child. I just wanted to high-five”

 Iris posed with her hands together in an apologetic pose and Shinji smiled and waved back. Iris who saw his behavior responded with a lip-synch.

 [I’ll apologize later. I love you so much, Senpai~ ♡]

 With a big smile on her face, Iris is so beautiful that enough to be admired.

 ”It couldn’t be helped” Shinji thought, as he laughed at his cute kouhai’s prank and forgave her.

 Iris’s father has now approved her adventuring activities.

 It took a long time for Galleo to settle down.

 Iris’s problem of running away from home has also been solved.

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