Wizard 117

Chapter 117 Alvin’s Changed Life as an Adventurer

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A month has passed since Iris left the party house.

The weather has gotten colder, but the life of an adventurer remains the same.

They spend their days working hard on their quests and earning money while accumulating achievements. It was no different for <Running Wolves>.

”It’s cold…”

At night. Alvin went to sleep once, but woke up to urinate.

Alvin left his room and headed to the bathroom. …But, on his way, he noticed a magic was in effect.

It’s a soundproofing spell. It is a magic that prevents sounds from leaking out of the room. It is a magic that is mainly used when having s*x.

And it had been placed in Renka’s room.

Shinji doesn’t usually use this magic.

This is because there is a possibility that other people will detect it. There are many ways to make it harder for people to find out, such as covering their mouths or keeping quiet, without resorting to magic.

However, since they’ve made their relationship public, there’s nothing wrong with using it in Renka’s room to have s*x with her.

The soundproofing magic is a magic to enjoy the meeting with a lover.

So now, Renka is doing it with Shinji…


Renka is the one who takes care of Alvin like an older sister. She is his childhood friend who ended up in Shinji’s arms because he didn’t realize his love for her until too late.

Alvin felt frustrated that he wanted her to be happy but he also felt sad about it.

Curiously, he looked towards Renka’s room and saw a light leaking from the room. The door didn’t seem to be fully closed.

He knew he shouldn’t, but Alvin’s footsteps crept up to Renka’s room.

(No. …I shouldn’t be doing this…)

Alvin thinks about it, but he can’t help but peek through the small opening.

The inside of the room is more extreme than Alvin had imagined.

Alvin, who had only ever had s*x in missionary position, felt surprised because the position where Shinji pokes Renka from behind… Furthermore, Renka gets off the bed, grabs the back of the bed with her hands, and sticks her ass out…

He couldn’t even imagine the so-called “Standing Back” position.

Shinji grabs Renka’s waist with both hands, and shakes his body.

(Wow … It’s amazing …)

Although the sound is inaudible due to the magic, Shinji’s hips are swinging so skillfully that he seems to be able to hear the sound of flesh colliding with flesh.

It’s not only Shinji who is moving, but Renka is also thrusting her hips in time with Shinji’s movements, and their breathless movements show that they have been having s*x for a long time.

Renka’s body is more toned than Milis’s, but still had enough volume in her breasts and hips to be beautiful.

Her expression of pleasure and debauchery is very lewd, but she also looked happy.

Subconsciously, Alvin is fascinated by the s*x between Shinji and Renka as he worked on his own object.

As Shinji’s hips and Renka’s ass came to a stop and overlapping each other perfectly.

Renka’s body is shaking and shivering, but her hips are wiggling and pressing against his hips.

Alvin saw Renka’s enraptured face and knew that Renka is in “heaven”.

(Erotic …Are they not using contraception?)

When Shinji pulled out his thing, Renka’s secret area dripped with his s*men. He surprised that he put it out inside, but what surprised him even more is the size of Shinji’s object.

(It’s huge… And it’s twitching…)

Despite the fact that he had just coming out, Shinji’s object still strong.

Alvin felt defeated as a man when he saw that Shinji’s object was much bigger than his own.

After that, Renka crouching on the bed at Shinji’s feet.

She takes his object in his hand and guides it into her mouth without hesitation. The hair that hangs over her ears is brushed back, and she fellatio his thing lovingly, which is lewder than anything Alvin has ever seen.

Alvin’s hand naturally becomes more violent as a result of the obscene sight.

A couple of his …friends, and the immorality and guilt of peeking into the s*x of a woman who has not yet given up her feelings for him, brought Alvin to his limit early.

(…I’ve done it…)

After mast***ting, Alvin cooled down and began to feel self-loathing. When he looked inside again, he saw that Renka had straddled Shinji and about to welcome his object back.

Looking at Renka’s which is full of Shinji’s huge thing.

It made Alvin’s heart sank, although he is glad that he was not been caught by them while watching the sight of Renka leaning over Shinji and kissing him again and again.

Alvin sneaks away from the door and goes back to his room.

At the same time, the door naturally closes.

Alvin and Renka don’t know that it was Freri who was hiding behind the door and that is Shinji’s work…

* * *

The next day.

Alvin and Shinji are waiting for their respective lovers in front of the party house, having planned to go on a double date at the request of Milis and Renka.

This is the first time they are alone together since the discovery of his relationship with Renka, and Alvin feels strangely nervous.

Shinji couldn’t help but chuckle at the awkwardness, but decided to talk to him to break the awkwardness.

”Where are you going today?”

”Oh… I think Mil said shopping and lunch”

They started talking and the normal atmosphere finally returned.

Alvin was remembering what had happened last night as he talked. As the leader of the group, he felt he had to confirm this, but he couldn’t say what he saw.

He twisted his head to ask in a somewhat roundabout way.

”So, Shinji, if you and Renka are lovers, does that mean you’re going to… get married?”

”Eh? What’s going on?”

He started forcibly talking about marriage.

”Look. I’m just curious about my childhood friend! Well, I don’t think Shinji would do anything irresponsible!”

”Yeah, I guess so. I’ll do it when the time is right, maybe after Alvin’s goal of climbing the Hateyama. What about Alvin and Milis?”

Shinji looks at the ring on Alvin’s finger.

”Ah… we’re planning to do that too. We’re going to go back home and tell Mil’s parents. That’s when we’ll registered our names. ”

”I see… What are Renka’s parents like?”

Alvin is frustrated that he couldn’t get to the topic he wanted to talk about, but Shinji is deliberately trying to divert the conversation, so it was no surprise that he wasn’t getting what he wanted. There is no way Alvin could beat Shinji at talking.

”Al-kun! Sorry for waiting!

”Shinji, let you wait”

In the meantime, Milis and Renka came out of the party house dressed up.

Milis linked arms with Alvin, and Renka linked arms with Shinji.

Then the four of them walk out together.

Milis is in a particularly good mood.

”Mil, you’re in a good mood”

”I’m so happy, because I’ve always dreamed of going on a … double date”

”Oh, really?”

Shinji asks Milis surprisingly.

”Yes. Al-kun and me, Renka and Renka’s boyfriend. If we get married, it will be the four of us together forever. It’s a stronger connection than a party, you know?”

”Fufu, right. It would be interesting to have a child around the same time”

”Children will come after Hatayama. Promotion is the party’s top priority right now”

Alvin interjected into the conversation just in time.

Milis and Renka looked at each other strangely. But they nodded their heads in agreement.

”It’s okay, I’m using contraceptive magic”

”Oh, is there such a thing?”

Alvin looked at Shinji intently, no wonder he had been ejaculating in her vagina.

”Well, you can either go to a doctor or buy a spell book and learn it yourself. It’s not expensive and you don’t need much magic power. The guild sells them, too”

It is common knowledge among male adventurers, but Alvin didn’t know about it because he didn’t have any female playmates.

There are some people who prefer contraceptives to magic contraceptives because they only prevent contraception and not diseases. The professional stores also basically use contraceptives, so if they don’t have the opportunity to know about it, they won’t be able to experience it.

”Muu! I’m not going to make that mistake! We have a goal to climb the Hateyama with Al”

”I’m sorry. But as the leader, I had to make sure you were okay!”

”You’re right. It’s a necessary confirmation. If we have a baby, we’ll break up the party again…”

””Shinji-san is depressed!””

They walked through the city, making a lot of noise.

The three childhood friends are now joined by one more.

Alvin envisioned the future that Milis had told him about.

He and Milis would become husband and wife, and Shinji and Renka would become husband and wife. They would raise their children together and live together every day. That’s for sure.

(Sounds like fun…!)

Alvin feels that it looks so fun that he can’t help but laugh.

Then he’ll have to work hard! He renewed his thoughts.

”Okay! We’ll play today!”

Advance to upper rank.

He’s only one step away from his goal.

”Yes, Al-kun!”

”We’re going to play, Shinji!”

”Take it easy, guys”

Alvin believes that he can achieve this with his friends following behind him.

Alvin is still unaware that the woman who is to become his wife is in the arms of another man…


This is the end of the fourth part.

A new development has been added: Al-kun discovered his relationship with Renka. Also, Al-kun… Don’t get excited by NTR!

As for Milis, he doesn’t know anything about her…

The heart of his sister’s kouhai, Iris, was also snatched from his side…

Al-kun, be strong!

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Edited by Kanaa-senpai.

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