Wizard 118

Chapter 118 Call of the Goddess

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 The cold weather is coming to an end and the weather is finally starting to warm up. It had been two months since their first double date.

 Alvin and the other members of <Running Wolves> life have not changed much. they live a steady adventurer’s life, earning their money steadily without overdoing it.

 In their private lives, Alvin and Milis and Shinji, and Renka’s relationship is apparently good.

 Of course, behind the scenes, Shinji and Milis are still having s*x, and they continue to have relationships as a s*x friend.

 Iris has been coming to visit as often as she can. She hasn’t been made a second wife yet, but the relationship hasn’t broken down, and the passion of love hasn’t subsided.

 When Shinji returned to his room after dinner, Flare arrived in his room, it’s rare for her to come without being called by Shinji.

 ”Is there something wrong?”

 ”Umu, Arian-sama wants to see you”

 ”……I thought things were quiet lately…”

 Shinji couldn’t help but chuckle.

 He hadn’t had a chance to talk to the goddess Arian since the incident with the unique individual. So, since he’s called, Shinji can’t afford to ignore it, and even though he has a feeling that he’s going to be in trouble, he adjusts his appearance.

 ”As an apostle, you have a role to play. The details are from Arian-sama. Are you ready……?”


 Shinji smiled, wearing a robe and holding a staff.

 Flair used his teleportation magic, and Shinji and Flair disappeared from the room, heading to the goddess Arian.

* * *

 The blinding light subsided and Shinji’s vision returned to normal.

 He found himself stood in a familiar place. It was the innermost room of the temple where he had met Miko Arian.

 He looked around, but there is no sign of Flair.

 ”Thank you for coming, Apostle Shinji:

 ”It’s been a long time, Goddess-sama”

 The one who appeared before Shinji is Miko Arian. Strictly speaking, it is the goddess Arian who borrowed her body…….

 Shinji could sense the divinity that Goddess Arian radiated, and he bowed his head in a gesture of respect. Goddess Arian felt Shinji’s respect and smiled gently at him.

 ”Your work last time was excellent, Apostle Shinji, and I’m not going to be assigning work for a while yet, but since ……you’re close to being next, I’ll leave it to you”


 Arian clapped her hands and two desks and chairs appeared in front of her, as Shinji wondered what had happened to the closest apostle.

 ”I’ll explain everything, so let’s sit down first”


 ”Arian-sama, it’s the tea!”

 Shinji knew somehow that his premonition had been correct.

 Flair appeared out of nowhere and handed out tea to Shinji and the goddess Arian, who sat in a chair.

 Goddess Arian thanked Flair and turned to face Shinji again.

 ”There is a heretics movement on southern of <Medio City>. The head of the heretics has been infected by a factor from the outside world. Their purpose is unknown, but there is no doubt that they are harmful to this world. I want the apostle Shinji to take down the head of the heretics”

 ”I don’t think there will be a problem if it’s in the form of a nomination request from the temple”

 If it is a request for appointment from the temple, he can work as a <Running Wolves> and it will be a good achievement. The achievement will affect him as he’s aiming for a higher rank.

 ”So, what happened to the nearest apostle?”

 There is no need to call Shinji if this is the only content. He guessed that there must be some circumstances that only Shinji could hear.

 ”I talked about it a little bit before, but ……apostles are reincarnated by adding factors to the deceased people of another worlds. The reincarnation is based on a contract to work as an apostle. Also, it’s necessary for them to become an adventurer in order to defeat the unique individual, so I choose people who have the will to fight”

 Goddess Arian says that she can help you find a spirit and support you. Shinji remains silent and urges her to continue.

 ”But when it comes to fighting, there are times when they are unable to do so, and there are times when they are injured and have to retire. If so, they can work as normal, and if they have children, their factors will be passed on to their offspring. The children of apostles tend to be those with high magical power, and as a result, there is a greater chance of having excellent adventurers”

 It was a surprising fact. The information could make the nobles search for apostles in search of excellent offspring if it were known to the public. But Shinji decided to keep silent.

 ”So basically, I do not interfere in the lives of the apostles. However, they have ignored my oracle several times. They declare that women love each other and will not bear children. I thought that apostles who don’t do their duty need to be punished”

 Goddess Arian muttered sadly, “Maybe it’s because of cultural differences, but the number of young people in that world who have a heart of respect for God is very small”

 ”So, I would like to ask Apostle Shinji to oversee Apostle Hayate and Apostle Shizuku”

 ”I see…… It’s quite difficult. I’m leaving the city because of a request, and if I’m going to …… supervise them, I’m going to need an excuse to take them with me. I don’t think it will be a problem if there are requests”

 In this city, he has a house, so he can manage, but in other cities, it’s not so easy. If he was going to supervise them, he needs a reason for the whole party to accompany him.

 ”I’ve taken that into consideration. Take this”

 Goddess Arian placed one gold and one silver bell on the desk.

 ”This is the apostle’s bell, which you can borrow only this time. If you ring the gold one, you can call Hayate, and if you ring the silver one, you can call Shizuku. If you ring it again, it will return to its original location. If you use this, distance will no longer be an issue”

 ”I see. ……Can I try to call both of them?”

 This is a ridiculous item that has come out.

 He had never heard of an item that could forcibly summon an individual. He doesn’t know if it’s Goddess Arian’s authority or if it’s magic, but he thinks that’s how Bell works and Shinji decides to ignore it.

 After confirming that Goddess Arian nodded, he picked up the bells and rang two of them at the same time.

 A magic circle appeared in front of Shinji.

 There are two magic circles, one gold and one silver, each with a girl in the middle.

 On the gold magic circle.

 The girl has black hair tied back in a short ponytail. The length of her hair is medium, reaching just below her shoulders.

 Her arms peeked out from her easy-to-move swordsman-style outfit, and her thighs showed through her mini-skirt, making her look really healthy.

 Her face is neat and tidy, and she is rather pretty, with a good figure and large breasts.

 On the silver magic circle.

 The girl has long black hair that reaches her back. She’s eye-catching because of the pale blue eyes behind her thin-framed glasses.

 Her clean work clothes accentuate the lines of her body, and you can see that she has a well-balanced body.

 She also has a beautiful face that can be described as beautiful.

 Both of them are trapped in a magic circle, and they can’t move. Shinji looks at the Goddess Arian from the side.

 ”The transfer is designed to keep them stuck in the magic circle for five seconds”

 ”I see……”

 Their mouths are twitching that he could guess that they couldn’t even speak.

 The two of them recognize that Shinji, who seems to be chatting with Goddess Arian, is Goddess Arian’s companion. Shinji could see the hostility in their eyes.

 (Well, I’m playing the role of monitor for punishment……)

 What kind of punishment is Goddess Arian going to give them?

 It was Shinji’s idea to just go with the flow.

 The fifth part will be a story with Goddess Arian and the other apostles.

 It’s a yuri couple cuckolding, yes.

 In addition, they are complete strangers, and their favorability level is negative.

 I wonder what will happen!

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