Wizard 119

Chapter 119 Goddess Direction

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 As the gold and silver magic circles disappeared, the two girls began to move the moment their bodies became moveable, their gazes fixed on the only door in the room, clearly intending to escape.

 However, their movements were unlike the speed of an apostle.

 They were not using any strengthening magic, so their speed was only that of a normal girl running.

 Shinji looked at Goddess Arian, but when she didn’t seem to be moving at all, he decided to make his own move.



 Gosh! A wall of flame rises up to cover the door.

 Shizuku, the girl with glasses, points her palm at the flames, but nothing happens.

 ”Why?! Water!”

 ”Wind! Me too!?”

 The girl in the swordsman’s uniform, Hayate, tries to use magic in the same way, but nothing happens.

 The two apostles do not know, but until now, the support spirits attached to the apostles have been assisting them. These spirits would not lend their power to an apostle who defied the goddess in front of Goddess Arian. It’s no wonder that the magic that relies on spirits is no longer available.

 ”Hah…. They are restless. Don’t you think it’s shameful? Apostle Shinji”

 ”Rather than being shameful, how dare they try to escape in front of the goddess?…… Do I have to supervise them?”

 ”I think Apostle Shinji is the most suitable person for the job. ……So, give up. Marie, Sylph. Make Apostle Shizuku and Apostle Hayate quiet”

 ””I understand””

 Spirits appeared behind Shizuku and Hayate, who were making noise in front of the wall of flames.

 Marie is a high-ranking spirit of water, and Sylph is a high-ranking spirit of wind.

 Marie and Sylph were wearing the same dress as Flair, but in different colors. Marie was blue and Sylph was light green.

 Aside from their white skin, they both resembled Flair in terms of body style, facial features, and so on, so much so that it was easy to believe that they were sisters.

 Each of them grabbed the arms of the apostle they were in charge of behind their bodies and restrained her.

 ”Marie, please stop…….”

 ”Ouch, Sylph! Let go of me!”

 Marie and Sylph silently make Shizuku and Hayate kneel down in front of Goddess Arian and Shinji. Shinji could sense that the two high-ranking spirits who had no expression on their faces were not satisfied with the situation.

 ”Apostle Shizuku, Apostle Hayate. Do you have any excuse for abandoning your roles while you were reincarnated under contract to be my apostles?”

 Goddess Arian was smiling, but she seemed more intimidating than when she had been talking to Shinji. It was an outrage that any human being born in this world would think of displeasing a god, but Shizuku and Hayate protested to Goddess Arian head-on.

 ”Abandon my role? I’m just an intermediate rank adventurer, and you’re calling me to kill a unique individual? I can’t beat a monster like that. Right, Shizuku?”

 ”That’s right. We’re just weak intermediate adventurers. Both Hayate-chan and I know our place in the world”

 Their excuse was too much for Shinji, who thought it was amazing that they had a high-ranking spirit as a companion and then claimed to be an incompetent intermediate adventurer.

 The combat abilities of high-ranking spirits are extremely high, and there’s no way that an adventurer who has a contract with them can’t become an upper rank adventurer. Marie and Sylph’s high-ranking spirits had lost their expressions, and Flair had an annoyed look on his face.

 For the prideful spirits, the comments of the two who underestimated their power was enough to make them feel angry.

 ”Hah……. This is how unserious they are. If you have a high-level spirit as your companion, you are not just an intermediate rank adventurer. ……If you work hard, you have the ability to naturally reach the upper rank. It’s not just that they don’t want to be in danger, or that they don’t want to go adventuring. It just they don’t want to get dirty……”

 ”We work very hard”

 ”I don’t know what you’re talking about”

 Shizuku and Hayate continue to be completely unapologetic.

 ”And? What does the goddess want from me? To be honest, wouldn’t it be better for the world if you were treated as a promising adventurer?”

 Shinji smiled, “Why don’t you just kill them?” Goddess Arian smiled bitterly at Shinji, and Shizuku and Hayate were at a loss for words.

 Shizuku and Hayate were speechless. Both of them were very good-looking and had never been treated poorly by men, even though they had been flattered by them. But when they looked at Shinji, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

 ”It’s not often that a person can make a contract with a high-ranking spirit, so there’s room for…… growth. It is not easy to kill them since they have been reincarnated …….”

 ”That’s very kind of you, Goddess-sama”

 Goddess Arian and Shinji laugh as if they are troubled.

 Shizuku and Hayate, now aware that killing is an option, shuddered and regretted their cocky attitude, but it was too late.

 Shizuku and Hayate shivered and looked up at Goddess Arian.

 Shinji continued in a cold voice.

 ”I’ll take care of the two of them then. And I’ll give them strict instructions on how to become useful adventurers”

 ”You must never kill them. Apostle Shizuku and Apostle Hayate, I hope we can have a nice talk the next time we meet”

 ”Wait, wait……!”

 ”What do you mean he’s going keeping us?”

 Goddess Arian disappeared with the two panicked people in the background. Shinji looks at the two of them staring at the empty seat in dismay.

 [I hope the girl will become obedient if possible. It would be a success if they were at least willing to bear a child. I want to see what the apostle Shinji can do]

 (Hah, difficult request……)

 Goddess Arian’s voice echoed in Shinji’s head.

 It’s up to Shinji to decide whether to turn these two apostles into decent adventurers or convince them to mate with men and have children……

 ”Flair, can you get them all to my house?”

 ”Umu. I don’t want to be stuck here. Marie, Sylph, I need your help”


 ”Let’s go” (*ぱっぱといきましょ)

 Shinji and the others were enveloped in a bright light.

 ”See you again~nano……?”

 ”What’s going to happen to ……?”

 Shizuku and Hayate’s dejected voices echoed in the room.

 After Shinji and the others were transferred, all the people were gone and the place was empty.

 High ranking spirits who have contracts with the apostles.

 It’s water and wind! They are in the same position as Flair of fire, so they are usually strong. They have cheat that will succeed as an adventurer if they take them seriously…….

 What is the fate of the two who have been entrusted to Shinji-kun?

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