Wizard 120

Chapter 120 Shizuku and Hayate’s arguments and Shinji’s policy

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 They arrived at Shinji’s house, but the situation had not changed.

 Shizuku and Hayate were restrained in front of Shinji. He took a glance at the two of them, who were still bound and looking around, and then sat down on a chair.

 ”Well. I’m going to ask you again, do you have a reason for ignoring the oracle? If you don’t tell me anything, I’ll assume you’re just being lazy”

 Shizuku and Hayate blinked at his aloofness, which was completely different from when he was in the temple. They thought he would have a terrible eye as it was. Hayate opened her mouth with a skeptical look in his eyes.

 ”Are you going to listen to me, Onii-san?”

 ”I’m not going to listen to you if you’re treat me so hard that you want me to die”

 ”Okay, okay! I won’t go crazy anymore, just let me go! My arm hurts!”

 As Shinji heard Hayate’s words and looked at her, Marie and Sylphy stopped the restraints. However, it’s easier to restrain them again if they’re still standing right behind you.

 Shizuku and Hayate rubbed their arms in silence for a while.

 ”It’s ‘pawa’ harassment” (*Note: ぱわ -> pawa -> power)


 It was the first time Shinji had heard the word. Hayate, who spoke in a mumble, continued to talk with an ugly face.

 ”I was just a JK. I died in a car accident and suddenly a goddess was right in front of me. She said, ‘You’re dead, and if you want to work as an apostle, I’ll reincarnate you in another world!’” (*Note: JK -> Highschool)

 The spirits’ eyes widened at Hayate’s lack of respect for the goddess, but Shinji stopped them with his hand. There are a lot of words that I don’t understand, but for now Shinji just listens to what they have to say.

 ”I’ve heard that my role is just to fight monster, and that she gives me a cheat spirit. It’s standard in romance novels to go to another world and become a cheat adventurer, and more importantly, she said I would die if I didn’t accept the job, so I accepted”

 ”I was in the same situation,” Shizuku said.

 ”But when I was reincarnated and became an adventurer, I found that all the men around me were arrogant. The monster is big, scary, and dirty! If it’s a dungeon, it’s okay because I only have to get the magic stones, but if I want to become an….. upper rank adventurer, I have to go out into the wasteland or deserted place and find and defeat a huge, fire-breathing lizard, right? Furthermore, it seems that the unique individual is very strong. There’s no way to win……. I’m just going to die. Sylphy is strong, but I’m just a JK…….”

 ”If I want to have a normal life, I can hunt human-sized monster in the intermediate rank and live without problems. Also, if I live with Hayate-chan, I only need the minimum amount of money to live with her”

 Shizuku looks at Shinji while patting Hayate’s back, who is becoming more and more dejected as she talks.

 Her moist eyes and her good looks combined to tickle his sympathies, but it had no effect on Shinji. He is not a man to be fooled by looks alone, as he knows many beautiful women, including his girlfriend, Renka.

 ”But…. work for advance to an upper rank, accompany the temple soldiers because a unique individual has appeared, find a strong companion, this and that and many other things from the top.

 Oracles? It’s just an unreasonable order. Why she can’t see how a mere JK can do that! It’s power harassment to demand too much! Shizuku and his girlfriend are also mentioned, and violation of the individual is power harassment”

 ”I said it! I said it!” Hayate looked at me.

 Shinji, who was listening with his arms crossed, decided to start with the basics.

 ”What is ‘power’ harassment?”

 ”Don’t you know what it is, Onii-san? ‘Power’ harassment is bullying within an organization! It’s when a boss gives an unreasonable order to a subordinate, and it’s wrong. Even goddesses should think that power harassment is wrong!”

 (What the hell is she talking about?)

 Goddess Arian is the administrator of the world, a true god, and a completely superior being.

 Goddess Arian’s oracle is absolute. It has never happened before, but if the oracle is too unreasonable, it is possible to confirm the reason.

 For God, faith is power, and she cannot do anything unreasonable. People also value the blessings of God. It is no exaggeration to say that in this world, there is a good relationship between the two sides.

 Considering the fact that they are under contract with a high-ranking spirit, all of these things are feasible.

 Shinji decided that this was not worthy of power harassment.

 ”What is JK?”

 ”It means high school girls or schoolgirls. There is no monster in our world. So, it’s common sense to go to school to study, not to fight. It’s impossible to fight a creature bigger than a human”

 ”So, you were planning to become a civil servant…….”

 It’s understandable that someone would be dissatisfied with the fact that he or she is not planning to fight, but fighting is a pre-condition agreed upon as apostle.

 Furthermore, since they have the ability to fight, they have the environment to get used to the weaker monster in turn.

 ”Hmm, I see”

 He nodded after listening to Shizuku and Hayate’s arguments.

 Shizuku and Hayate misunderstood Shinji’s frustration as he seemed to be in agreement with them. The spirits waited in silence for Shinji’s words.

 ”We just want to live a normal life. We’re not playing around, we’re just going to dive into intermediate dungeons and defeat monsters. Please tell the goddess that we’re not playing around”

 When Hayate’s voice sounded spoiled, Shinji responded.

 ”Don’t be childish”

 A sense of intimidation emanated from Shinji’s entire body. The intimidation with the magic power made Shizuku and Hayate unconsciously frightened.

 He smiled, but his eyes were not smiling. The two of them, unaware that they had offended him, glared at him unreasonably, but Shinji paid them no mind.

 ”First of all, say goddess-sama. Do you think both of you equals?”

 Well said! Spirits reacted like this.

 ”You agreed to fight and were reincarnated. Even if you’ve never fought before, it’s not a reason once you’ve consented. The only reason why you don’t want to fight strong monsters is because of your emotions, which is unacceptable. It’s no wonder adventurers risk their lives.

 It’s not like you’ve just been thrown into a dragon’s lair, but you’ve taken down the smaller ones in order.

 Then it’s just a matter of feeling and getting used to it. You can defeat even large monsters. I’m not going to go into the details, but I’m going to give you an idea of what to expect. You can’t use magic if you don’t have the assistance of a spirit, that’s good proof”

 ”What? What? You’re on the side of the goddess too!? You’re in the same boat as us!!”

 Hayate shouts at Shinji who speaks at once.

 ”I’m not reincarnated people. I just tangled up with another apostle and I fought him back and became an apostle”

 ”So, Kaeriuchi, did you kill ……?”

 Shinji nodded as Shizuku asked as if frightened.

 An unvoiced scream rises from the throats of both of them.

 ”You can become an apostle by killing an apostle. I’m sure I’ve heard of it. It’s faster to kill them”

 ”But Goddess …… said not to kill them, right?”

 Shizuku and Hayate hugged each other in fear as they tried to call him off. Shinji scratched his head in annoyance as he continued to talk.

 ”That’s right. But there are other ways to find someone who can make a contract with a high-ranking spirit. Don’t take this as a guarantee”

 ”Oh, no. …… We just want to live a normal life. ……”

 (I have been under the goddess’s care for so long, I can’t say that)

 Shinji was dumbfounded.

 Then, Shinji had an idea. He thought that if he took away the blessings of the goddesses, he would understand the value of them.

 ”But since you don’t seem to be changing your mind, …… let’s just hear what you have to say for now. I’ll call you back tomorrow night”

 ”Okay, …….”

 ”……Hayate-chan, you scared me”

 Hayate stroked Shizuku’s head as he clung to her.

 Shinji, not wanting to have any more unproductive conversations, raised his hands to wave the bell.

 ”I hope life will be the same tomorrow, huh?”

 ”What do you mean……?”

 Shizuku and Hayate disappeared when the bell rang. It seems that the two have been returned to the place where they were.

 The silence fills Shinji’s room, but the next moment it becomes noisy. The spirits surrounded Shinji.

 ”Well said, Shinji! That’s exactly the kind of person I want to serve~noja!”

 ”I feel so much better now~”

 ”I’m often complain so much when they depend on us so much!”

 ”W, well, that’s true”

 Shinji couldn’t keep up with the tension between Flair, Marie and Sylphy and laughed bitterly.

 ”But~ I’m so jealous of Flair-chan~. You got along with the right person~”

 Flair puts his chest out to Marie, who speaks in a paused manner.

 ”Umu! We’ve already slaughtered a singular individual~noja!”

 ”I envy you for being able to help the Goddess. ……We were doomed because of those two”

 ”I pity you~noja…….”

 ”If you feel sorry for me, please switch~!”

 Flair’s cheeks were being squeezed by Sylphy. The appearance of Flair’s resistance was childish, and Shinji somehow understood that Flair and Sylphy were close.

 ”Marie, Sylphy. About tomorrow…”

 Flair and Sylphy looked at each other as Shinji began to speak. With a gentle laugh, Shinji explained his plan.

 ”I’ll let them live as if they no longer have the Goddess’s blessing. Without magical assistance. Don’t you think it would be interesting to see if they can live as before without the ability to use magic properly?”

 Shinji muttered, wondering if they could earn a decent living.

 ”I think it’s impossible~”

 ”Isn’t it possible to make a living?”

 Marie and Sylphy grinned evilly.

 ”Can you keep an eye on them so they don’t die? Also, if they’re about to get raped…… I have an idea. That is warn them that if they save you once, there won’t be a second time”


 ”I see a future where they’ll have no choice but to eat their savings!”


 Marie and Sylphy are laughing hysterically.

 ”They must have been accumulating…….”

 Flair was looking at them with pitiful eyes as they continued to laugh.

 You can’t make a decision without hearing both sides of the story!

 Shizuku and Hayate are not prepared to be apostles or anything like that. For now, they are just selfish children.

 Marie and Sylphy were very stressed out.

 Flair is stress-free because Shinji is doing his job as an apostle.

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