Wizard 121

Chapter 121 Shizuku and Hayate will be lightly hurt

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 A room at an inn located in a southern city.

 Shizuku and Hayate were transferred there. Being back in a familiar room, the two of them finally felt at ease. They hugged each other tightly from the front, and Shizuku cried.

 ”Hayate-chan, I was scared……”

 ”I was scared, too. I thought there was someone out there who might understand what I was saying. That guy!”

 Hayate gets angry when she thinks back to Shinji’s intimidating attitude. She didn’t think there was anything wrong with them. As for Shizuku, she rubbed her body against Hayate’s as if she were taking advantage of her.

 ”Let’s forget about that person. We’ll be called back tomorrow anyway”

 ”You’re right. Just forget about the bad things ♡”

 ”Ah…… Yes ♡”

 Chu ♡, Shizuku and Hayate put their lips together. As soon as the two of them fell into a tangle on the bed. The two of them seek each other as if they were trying to forget their fears.

 Marie and Sylphy look at the two of them with a dumbfounded look and sigh loudly as they run for comfort.

* * *

 When the two of them woke up, it was quite late. It was too late to eat breakfast, so they decided to have lunch together.

 After dressing themselves up, Shizuku and Hayate decided to go to the intermediate-lower rank dungeon where small monster was mainly present.

 Unlike nests where there is no prior information, dungeons where there is a certain amount of information are less difficult, even if the same monsters are involved.

 The nest of monster is treated as an intermediate rank, but the dungeon of monster is treated as an intermediate-lower rank, lower one rank with the nest.

 The day after the unpleasant event, they were going to earn enough money to pay for inn and meals. They though it would be good idea.

 As soon as she entered the dungeon, Hayate noticed something strange. The magic that was supposed to be cast on her to strengthen her body had not been cast.

 ”Sylphy? Where’s the magic?”

 ”Marie, magic, please”

 The two of them called out to the spirit, but there was no response. While wondering, Hayate tried to activate her own body strengthening magic for the first time in a long time.

 However, the spell didn’t work properly, and Hayate became panicked when she found herself in the same state as when she was called before Goddess Arian.

 ”I, I can’t use my magic”

 ”Wait, don’t be silly, come out quickly!”

 The two noisy people’s voices echoed in the dungeon.

 They are still in the first room of the dungeon, but what would happen if they did that already inside the dungeon?


 Naturally, a swarm of small monster heard the voice and appeared in front of Shizuku and Hayate. There are five of them. They equipped with small club and suddenly charge towards the Shizuku at a glance.

 ”Kuh…… I’ll do it!”


 Hayate pulled out her sword from the scabbard on her hip, even though she hadn’t cast any strengthening magic.

 She thought it’s better to defeat them than to run away from them. She is optimistic enough to believe that she can easily hunt down the monster that she has hunted so many times in the past.



 With a sword swung down from above, the first monster is cut down. It’s natural that Hayate, with her long range, could slay the monster.

 However, her unstrengthened body was not able to support the momentum of the sword. It made the tip of the sword struck the ground and Hayate’s hand went numb.

 Normally, Sylphy’s reinforcement magic will repel return blood, but without it, the green monster’s blood stained Hayate’s clothes and face.



 The second monster’s club struck Hayate. Also, the rest of the monster surrounded Hayate, who had fell down with the impact, and the club swung down one after another.

 ”Don’t do it, please stop it, helpp!!”

 ”What are you doing to Hayate-chan! Kyaaa!”

 Shizuku used magic and alchemy to create items to fight. Now that she can’t use magic, she has to use items, but with Hayate surrounded by monster, she can’t use her main explosive items.

 So, she tries to picks up their club, but soon after she picks up the club, the monsters spot her and pull Shizuku down with them.

 The monster tore at their clothes with its claws and bloodshot eyes. Usually, if one of them holds you down, you can get rid of it……moreover if you are an adventurer who can use strengthening magic.

 However, Hayate who was beaten down by the club and Shizuku who was pulled down, were unable to get rid of even a single monster. The spirits see them who cowering in pain and fear and shedding tears with pitiful looks.

 [Somehow~ I didn’t expect it to be this bad~]

 [Let’s wait and see…… Shinji said before they were going to be raped, it’s time to help them]

 It’s not exaggeration to say that the two of them were naked, with only a few pieces of clothing left on them. The little monsters with their ugly p*nises erected are looking down on Shizuku and Hayate with a disgusting grin on their faces.

 As the little monster was about to put its hips close to the rampaging Shizuku and Hayate, the figure of Shizuku and Hayate disappeared.

 Besha, the little monster fell to the ground, and could not hide his confusion at the disappearance of the woman who was right in front of him. The cries of the monsters who lost the female echoed through the dungeon.

* * *

 ”Stop! …… Huh?”

 ”Ugh, No….. No…….?”

 The surroundings suddenly brightened, and Shizuku and Hayate looked around. Before they knew it, they had returned to their room in the inn from the dungeon and were stunned. …… The reality that they had been helped slowly dawned on them.



 Sigh, Marie and Sylphy appeared in front of the two hugging each other. Their face is dumbfounded, but Marie and Sylphy open their mouths to the two huggers.

 ”I’m going to save you only this time〜 Do you understand? ~♪”

 ”I’m not going to help you guys if you don’t fulfill the mission of the apostles. Do your best, okay?”

 As they tell the tattered Shizuku and Hayate to chase them down, their figures disappear. It wasn’t long before Shizuku and the others stopped to hug.

 The two of them are still in a daze, but the pain in their bodies brings Hayate back to life first.

 ”Shi…… Shizuku, potions …….”

 ”Ah, I’m sorry, Hayate-chan”

 Shizuku approached the moaning and twisting Hayate, then opened the lid of the potion and let Hayate drink it.

 That alone eases the pain for Hayate. ……The potion, made with the help of Marie, works better than ordinary ones. Shizuku was relieved to see Hayate’s expression soften, and drank the potion herself.

 The wounds inflicted by the monster’s claws disappeared in the blink of an eye.

 ”I need to change my clothes……”

 Shizuku slowly began to change out of her torn clothes. Hayate also waited for the pain to subside before changing into a spare set of clothes.

 Two of them fell on the bed after they managed to finish changing their clothes.

 After a few moments of silence, Hayate muttered to herself.

 ”It’s that guy’s fault”

 ”…… Hayate-chan?”

 Shizuku raised her body and looked at Hayate.

 ”He said something very meaningful at the end, right? He hopes it will be the same as before. That’s why that guy did something!”

 ”……No way. Why would he do such a terrible thing?”

 ”I don’t know. But he’s going to call us again tonight. I’ll go talk to him!”

 Aah! Hayate raised her hands in the air.

 Shizuku felt the same way when she heard Hayate’s words. She is determined to find out why he is doing such a terrible thing to them.

 ”It’s decided! He must buy us a replacement for our ruined clothes. So, I’ll just have to forget about it!”

 ”Yeah……. I’m going to have to go on an adventure tomorrow without my gear”

 Shizuku goes along with Hayate, who has no doubt that everything will be back to normal tomorrow.

 Marie and Sylphy continue to watch the two of them with cold eyes.

 The two of them are having a lovey-dovey time.

 They get beaten up by a little monster who underestimated them.

 They still feel like children.

 After all, they’ve been rescued, but they don’t take it too seriously yet.

 They can’t use magic because it relies on spirits to activate it.

 The spirits were using the magic that the two of them poured out, and the spirits were using the magic (at their will).

 In short, they are now without skills (as of now).

 Marie and Sylphy are amazed by them.

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