Wizard 122

Chapter 122 Shizuku and Hayate are Called Alternately

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 Shinji had heard about the assignment from Goddess Arian, so he was expecting to receive a request from the guild today, but there is still no contact.

 He didn’t know if it’s still under investigation, or if they were concerned because I had just taken on the task of educating the apostles, but if he didn’t hear from them, he would just go about his day as usual.

 As a member of <Running Wolves>, He dove into the dungeon, returned home safely, finished the meal, and returned to his room. After spending some time with Renka, he said goodbye to her to go to bed.

 After asking Flair to use teleportation magic and moving to his own home, Shinji picked up a bell to summon the two apostles.

 Hayate appeared in front of Shinji as he rang the gold bell, and when Shinji and Hayate looked at each other, Hayate’s eyes sharpened. Shinji sighed at the obvious anger in her eyes.

 ”Wait! It must be your fault that Sylphy didn’t give me a hand today! You’re really terrible!”

 As soon as she is able to move, Hayate screamed as she closed the distance between her and Shinji. Shinji replied in astonishment that she hadn’t even noticed that Shizuku hadn’t been called along.

 ”But you don’t work as an apostle, so you can’t borrow Sylphy’s help. Because, Sylphy’s job is to support the apostles, not to earn a living for you”

 ”What, you’re saying we’re wrong?”

 ”You are the ones who violated the contract. And you should have changed your attitude while the Goddess pointed it out to you. I mean, it’s still first day……, remember?”

 Shinji gave her a stare that made Hayate’s face turn red with shame.

 ”It’s not wonder, because without Sylphy, I can’t use magic!”

 ”What?! Aren’t you have your own magic power!?”

 ”I can’t use magic even if I have it because I don’t know anything about it!”

 Shinji is unusually closed to Hayate’s reply.

 (No matter what, it’s too much……)

 Minato, who was involved in the past, was able to use fire magic without Flair’s help. If she’s talented enough to make a contract with a high-ranking spirit, she should be able to learn magic on her own.

 And The power of the spirits is not her power. Even though, it’s not a bad idea to rely on the spirits, but if she doesn’t have the minimum amount of power, she’ll be helpless when she can’t borrow the spirits’ power due to some accident. Also, the wizards/witches who have made contracts with the spirits still need to train themselves to be as good as their spirits.

 ”Let’s learn magic on your own…… because you have plenty of magic power to use. The first thing you need to do is to learn self-strengthening magic and train yourself to use it smoothly……”

 ”Sylphy help me……”

 ”I’m telling you, you can’t borrow Sylphy’s help! If you don’t care about the apostles, Sylphy can make contracts with other people! Also, I’m telling you, it’s not worth it to have a high-ranking spirit in an intermediate dungeon, so you should be independent!”

 Shinji raised his voice and Hayate shrunk back. Tears gradually pooled in the corners of her eyes as she had never been yelled at by a grown man before and had no tolerance for it.

 (This girl absolutely impossible to rehabilitate……)

 Shinji sees Hayate’s selfish attitude as nothing more than a pretense to hide her weakness. Still, Shinji continues to stare at Hayate, who is shaking and shaking.

 ”Anyway, there will be no help from Sylphy after tomorrow. Just think about getting by on your own, that’s all. Dismissed!”

 ”Wait, no way……”

 As if there was nothing more to say, Shinji rang the gold and silver bells at the same time. Hayate was still trying to say something, but her voice trailed off as her figure disappeared. Instead, Shizuku appeared in front of Shinji.

 ”Hayate-chan isn’t here, is she?”

 Shizuku, who was now able to speak, spoke in a quiet tone. Shinji nodded silently at the contrast in attitude between her and Hayate.

 ”Yes, I thought I just want talk to both of you individually today”

 ”……Hayate-chan’s time was short, though. Are you going to do something disgusting to me?”

 Shinji gave an amused look to the cautious Shizuku. Unlike Hayate, Shizuku seemed to have a sharp mind, Shinji thought as he began the dialogue.

 ”You’re not complaining about daytime, are you?”

 ”I know it’s your fault. I don’t care why. ……It’ll be the same tomorrow anyway”

 ”Heh…… you know what I’m talking about”

 Shinji changed his evaluation of Shizuku. He thought she was just a girl trembling behind Hayate’s back, but she has a strong heart. In the beginning, she was like a different person than when she was with Hayate.

 ”You seem to have changed, but is this your true self?”

 ”That’s a bad question. Both are me. Hayate-chan is cute, isn’t she? She’ll do her best to protect me…… and I can leave it to her while I will back off. I don’t need your opinion of me…….okay? ♡”

 Shinji, who saw Shizuku’s flushed cheeks as she recalled the image of Hayate who was not here, retracted in his mind.

 (She is the creepy one here, isn’t it?……)

 Looking at the way she looked yesterday, Shinji thought that Hayate liked Shizuku and was pulling her around, but he felt that Shizuku was more dependent on Hayate and her love for her was heavier.

 ”You’re right, Marie won’t lend a hand tomorrow. There’s no reason for the spirits to lend a hand when you’re abandoning the work of the apostles. The job of the spirits is to support the apostles”

 ”I see”

 Shizuku’s attitude is that she doesn’t care.

 ”What are you going to do tomorrow?”

 ”Well? I’ll leave it to Hayate-chan. So? If you’re done with your business, can you please let me leave? Or are you going to do something?”

 The way Shizuku looked at Shinji was extremely cold. It seems to Shinji that she is not trying to be cocky, but rather she is ready to take a terrible lesson.

 She knows that she won’t be killed right away, and she’s probably trying to earn her own hate so that Shinji won’t look at Hayate. Shinji guessed that she was trying to avoid looking at Hayate by gaining hate to herself.

 When Shinji looked at her as if he could see right through her, Shizuku inwardly felt bad, thinking that it would have been easier to deal with Shinji if he had turned to inferiority like a monkey.

 What Shizuku fears is that she will be separated from Hayate.

 She would be happy if she could hug her and she would be more lenient, and with Hayate’s personality, she would love her even more if she told him, she had taken his place. Furthermore, Shinji would be even more angry with her.

 Shizuku knew that Hayate didn’t love her as much as she did. The only men who came close to her were the ones she didn’t like because they were all meanies, but this Shinji guy was a very different type.

 Now she hates him because he’s a subordinate of the goddess and he’s a monitor, but she’s not sure about the future. There are stories of people who see the good in someone they dislike, and before they know it, they begin to like them.

 This is why she wanted to make Hayate hate Shinji so much, but ……Shinji was too bitter to accept her plan.

 ”I’m done for the day. I’ll call you tomorrow and we’ll talk about it”

 ”Do what you want”

 Shinji rang the silver bell and Shizuku disappeared.

 Shinji puts the two bells on his desk and starts thinking about what to do. Flair, who had disappeared, appeared.

 ”This Shizuku girl seems to be useful, but Hayate is not~noja. She doesn’t have enough strength in her heart. She should have been able to retire from adventuring and live a normal life. ……Also, if she hadn’t been together with this Shizuku woman, she would have been fine”

 ”You’re right. That’s a pretty serious thing. You can see it in your eyes”

 ”Because I know it firsthand”

 Shinji smiles at Flair, who laughs when he remembers Emily’s appearance.

 ”We have to separate them for now. If they’re working together, there’s nothing I can do to change that. Marie, Sylphy, I want you to do the same thing for one more day. I’ll make some arrangements during the day tomorrow”

 [‘We appreciate it! ‘]

 Shinji nodded after hearing the spirits’ reply.

 Shinji was thinking about setting up an environment where Shizuku and Hayate could go their separate ways.

 Hayate is a reckless person with no backbone.

 Shizuku is dependent on Hayate.

 If it weren’t for Shizuku, Hayate would have walked away from being an adventurer when her heart was broken, and would have found a good match and been happy while working as a normal JK.

 Shizuku, the yuri girl, has been withdrawing behind Hayate, but whispering her love to her and making her what she is now. In other words, the current situation is mostly Shizuku’s fault.

 If Shizuku had been dealing with a man instead of Hayate, there would have been no problem here either.

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