Wizard 123

Chapter 123 Shinji Preparation to Separate Them

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 The day after he called Shizuku and Hayate separately.

 Shinji left the party house in the morning and went to the city. He was headed to <Heliotrope>, a jewelry store run by one of his former party mates.

 ”Haruto, are you there?”

 ”Oh, Shinji, Haruto’s just making a delivery”

 When he walked in, he saw Nanaka in front of the store. There’s a mini-bed next to her, and her daughter Hana is sleeping peacefully inside the bed’s fence.

 It had been a few months since he had brought her the gift, but even Shinji could tell at a glance that she was growing steadily.

 ”I see. Is he coming home late?”

 ”He should be home soon. What’s wrong with you today?”

 Shinji sat down in front of Nanaka who was talking to him over the counter.

 ”I heard Haruto talking about needing help a while ago, but I wonder if he’s still looking for help”

 ”I’m not sure if Haruto still needs help or not. ……Hana is small, and sometimes it’s hard for Haruto to go out like this. It’s hard to hire a temporary sales clerk. Just I don’t want to fire her just because Hana is getting older and Haruto and I still can run the store on our own”

 Nanaka put her hand on her cheek and smiled as if she was in trouble. Shinji listened to Nanaka’s argument and tried to organize his thoughts again.

 Last night, Shinji decided that it would be impossible to train Hayate to the level where she could defeat a unique individual as an apostle.

 Then, as an adventurer, he can train her to a certain level, make her independent, and then take her away from Shizuku, so that she can lead a normal life and eventually marry and give birth.

 A high-ranking spirit is too powerful for an intermediate dungeon, so Sylphy can be reassigned to the next apostle.

 To do that, he had Haruto and Nanaka, retired adventurers, teach Hayate the basics of being an adventurer, including self-strengthening magic. In exchange, Hayate will work as a temporary shopkeeper while working on her own training.

 Whether Hayate chooses to continue as an adventurer or work as an ordinary person, he thought it would be a good plan.

 (Hayate is still good because she seems like a normal girl who is a bit silly, but …… Shizuku seems like she needs to be disciplined)

 Shinji has decided to train Shizuku, who is definitely a difficult nut to crack, with his own hands.

 Also, after she and Hayate split up, Shinji had plans to discipline Shizuku. He was going to negotiate with the Goddess to allow her to be with Hayate in the future if she worked properly as an adventurer and an apostle.

 It was a devilish act, using Hayate as a hostage, but he decided he had no choice. It was a foolish idea for Shinji to think that there would be no problem as long as he could make her fall into pleasure. The reason was that he was dealing with a stranger who was not a relative of someone close to him.

 (If I can’t make her fallen in pleasure, and Shizuku becomes a full-fledged apostle and stands next to Hayate again. I’m sure Shizuku is smart enough to work as an apostle to prevent this from happening again. Also, Hayate’s character is honest, she won’t let Shizuku work alone as an apostle)

 If this is the case, there should be no problem because the two apostles have been rehabilitated even if they are not expected to have children.

 ”I’ve come to ask Haruto about a girl I’ve been thinking of hiring as a temp for some reason”

 ”Really? I’ll ask Haruto when he gets back”

 Nanaka muttered that it would be bad to make him explain the same thing twice. Shinji nodded and tried to…… leave his seat to kill some time, but Nanaka grabbed his arm and stopped him.

 ”I still have some time left, why don’t you wait at the …… shop?”

 Nanaka gives off a mysterious vibe as she holds him back. Shinji felt horny as she licked her lips with the tip of her tongue.

 ”Okay, I guess……”

 [Is she frustrated again?]

 Shinji sent a thought to Nanaka while his mouth and attitude showed his disapproval. Nanaka opens her mouth with a normal smile that doesn’t make her feel guilty.

 ”Listen to me at least once in a while when you come over. After Hana stopped crying at night, Haruto finally started to sleep with me”

 ”Yes, yes, I understand. I’ll at least listen to you complain”

 Nanaka’s words sounded normal, but it had another meaning. She meant that her daughter had started sleeping quietly and she had started having s*x again.

 It also means that Nanaka, who has been trained by Shinji’s p*nis, is not satisfied with s*x with Haruto, and is pent up.

 As Shinji continues to talk with Nanaka, he sends his thoughts behind the scenes.

 Haruto and Nanaka seem to have started having a second child and are having a good amount of s*x.

 Shinji’s p*nis is so good that Haruto can’t keep Nanaka satisfied. As a result, the harder she tries to make babies, the more her libido builds up.

 As Haruto’s wife and Hana’s mother, Nanaka knew that she had to control her urges. That’s why she hadn’t tried to contact Shinji. ……Whenever Shinji’s eyes met hers, the memory of being trained by Shinji came back to her and she became a mere female.

 (As a wife and mother, I’m disqualified……♡)

 Shinji is tempted to fuck Nanaka right now, but he can’t do it in front of the store, because he doesn’t know when Haruto and the other customers will arrive.

 [I’ll be back periodically to check on you once the temporary workers start arriving. I’ll leave it at that for today]

 Nanaka was disappointed by Shinji’s thought.

 Less than a few minutes later, Haruto returned to the store. Haruto raises one hand when he sees Shinji talking to Nanaka, and Shinji raises his hand back.

 ”You’re here, Shinji?”

 ”Sorry to bother you, but I had to see Haruto”

 ”What’s up?”

 Shinji smiled at Haruto, who tilted his head.

 ”Didn’t you tell me before that you’re short on staff? I need to talk to you about temporary employment”

 As Shinji explain, he blurred out something about the apostles.

 So, what he explains is he had been asked by a friend and he can’t refuse to take care of two adventurers who have been abandoned by the spirits. They can’t even use strengthening magic, so in exchange for teaching them the basics, he asked if they would like to work as temporary clerks. he asked.

 ”Well, I can’t take care of both of them at the same time. So, I think she’d be a good clerk because she’s young and not bad looking”

 ”I see. ……If it’s a level of basic knowledge. I’m sure I can teach her the basics in a short period of time. If that’s good, I can give her a try first. What about Nanaka?”

 ”I think it’s a good idea too. Because I really don’t want her to get into trouble when customers are coming over. …… Luckily, they’re all nice people, so it won’t be a problem, though”

 Nanaka had the face of a mother as she lovingly stroked the sleeping Hana. Haruto gazes tenderly at Nanaka, and Shinji smiles calmly at the sight of a happy family.

 Shinji felt good about the atmosphere, but he also felt a dark pleasure that he had trained Nanaka into a body that could not help but desire him and his p*nis despite having such a happy home.

 ”So, let’s meet tomorrow, shall we?”

 ”Yes, please do”

 Shinji was relieved that the couple had agreed to this.

 Shinji prepares to physically separate Shizuku and Hayate in this city and the city to the south.

 Nanaka appears for the first time in about 100 episodes.

 Shinji is busy with quests, training for the apostles, and playing at adultery!

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