Wizard 125

Chapter 125 Meeting at Heliotrope

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 The next morning.

 For the second day straight, Shinji had to leave the party house in the morning, so he stopped by his house and rang the bell to summon Shizuku and Hayate.

 Shinji leads the way and the two follow behind him.

 They had never been to another city from the south before, so they walked with a curious look on their faces as they looked around.

 As they did so, they arrived at the <Heliotrope> jewelry store.

 ”It’s quite a stylish store!”

 Hayate was not very enthusiastic about the store’s appearance, but she became excited when she saw the jeweled ornaments on display in the show window with great interest.

 ”It’s a proper store, right?”

 ”Of course, it is. I have no reason to deceive you”

 When Shinji glanced sideways at the mumbling Shizuku, he turned his head away. Shinji felt that she had a lot on her mind about being separated from the others.

 ”Good morning, Haruto, I’ve brought her”

 ”Shinji, good morning! I’ve been waiting for you”

 Shinji opened the door to the store and found Haruto and Nanaka inside.

 The store was neat and tidy, with a relaxed atmosphere, and the ornaments and jewels stimulated the young girls’ hearts.

 Shinji talked to them with a wry smile on his face when the two seemed to be anxious to see more of the store.

 ”They’re my friends, Haruto and Nanaka, retired adventurers who started this store after they got married. Nanaka is raising a child and can’t be out in the store. That’s why they needed a temporary shopkeeper. This girl is Hayate. The sales clerk and apprentice. That’s Shizuku. She’s Hayate’s lover and came along because she was worried about her”

 ”Nice to meet you!”

 ”I’m glad you didn’t say so much”

 Hearing Shinji’s words, Hayate hurriedly bowed her head.

 She was unwilling to be separated from Shizuku, but she made sure to greet Haruto, the owner of the store with a good atmosphere. Hayate knows that human relations are very important when working as a sales clerk.

 (Greeting is a basic part-time job, right?)

 Hayate had been working part-time before his reincarnation.

 Shinji was impressed by Hayate’s unexpectedly firm attitude, and Haruto and Nanaka were happy to hear it.

 ”Nice to meet you too. We appreciate it”.

 ”Nice to meet you, too. I’m glad she’s so polite. I feel comfortable asking her to be my clerk”

 Hearing Nanaka’s smiling praise, Hayate was not disappointed. Shizuku is watching over Hayate with mixed feelings.

 (Ah…… The happy Hayate is cute……♡ I hate to be separated from her, but if I can see such an honestly happy Hayate, it might not be so bad… ♡ But after all, it’s not as if we’re going to be separated…… The husband is quite handsome too……

 No, Hayate is not going to fall in love with a married man, even if they are close in age…… I have to love her properly at night ♡)

 ”Fueee~~h” (*sfx baby cried)

 ”Oh, I’m sorry”

 As Hayate and Nanaka began to talk about what they were actually going to do, the cry of a baby echoed through the store. Nanaka rushes over to the crib by the counter and picks up Hana.

 When she saw Nanaka taking care of a squirming Hana, Hayate shouted yellow.

 ”The baby! So cute~♡”

 ”……! You’re so cute, Hayate-chan”

 Shizuku came to her senses when she heard the sudden rise in tension in Hayate’s voice. Even though the baby in Nanaka’s arms looks adorable to Shizuku, she doesn’t get as excited as Hayate.

 ”Can I take a closer look?!”

 ”Sure. I think she’s awake. Hana-chan, this is Hayate-onee-san~”

 When Nanaka approach Hayate with Hana in her arms, Hayate leaned forward and asked. Nanaka nodded with a smile and moved closer to Hayate so that she could see Hana’s face better.

 Shinji could see the sparkle in Hayate’s eyes as she looked at the soft, squishy baby smile.

 ”So, you like babies?”

 ”Is there anyone who doesn’t like babies? She’s so cute~ ♡ Hana-chan, is a girl, right?”

 ”Yes. She’s going to be one year old soon”

 Hayate is salty-tempered with Shinji, but is very respectful to Nanaka.

 Although he was a little annoyed, Shinji was happy to see Hayate’s reaction. He had thought that since the two women loved each other, they would not be interested in babies.

 If she liked babies so much, she could probably get married in a normal relationship if she had a good partner.

 He glanced sideways at Shizuku. She was smiling, but Shinji guessed that she was not at peace inside. In fact, Shizuku was surprised and impatient to find out that Hayate liked babies more than she had thought.

 If the two women were going to be together, they would have to give up babies. She could take the baby to an orphanage, but if she wanted to raise it, she would prefer to have her own baby.

 ”What’s the matter Shinji, does she hate you?”

 ”Well, yeah. Well, that’s how it is with the role of monitor”

 Shinji shrugged his shoulders at Haruto, who pushed him lightly with his elbow in a teasing manner. This relaxed attitude irritated Shizuku.

 ”So, can you start tomorrow?”

 ”Yes! Leave it to me!”

 In the meantime, the matter was settled.

 Hayate was in an unbelievably good mood from the trip.

 ”I’m glad the place is good, Hayate-chan”

 ”Yes! I might be able to do my best here!”

 ”That’s good to hear. You should go for it”

 However, when Shinji called out to her, Hayate immediately made a disgusted face.

 ”I’ll do my best even if you don’t tell me to”

 ”Hahaha, she really hates you”

 ”Well, it’s okay……”

 Shinji and Haruto laugh at Hayate, who turns her head away.

 What did you really do? Said Haruto when he gazed at Shinji who can’t really talk about the situation.

 The trained Nanaka thinks it’s unusual for Shinji to be disliked by a girl, but she knows it’s only a matter of time.

 ”I’ll just keep coming back to check on you. Well, that’s it for today, we’re both leaving”

 ”Yes, yes, ……. See you tomorrow!”

 ”Thank you for your time”

 Shizuku and Hayate bowed.

 Haruto and Nanaka waved them off.

 They walked quickly on the way back to Shinji’s house.

 ”I’ll tell Sylphy to move near the store tomorrow. Just don’t oversleep”

 ”I know~”

 Hayate kept her dour attitude.

 ”Shizuku will ask Marie before teaching her magic. I’m going on an adventure tomorrow during the day, so you can do whatever you want until nightfall tomorrow”

 ’Wouldn’t it be better if you could find me a place to train?”

 ”There’s no way I’m going to find more than one place today, after yesterday……”

 Shizuku, who doesn’t like to be taught by Shinji, quips.

 (They’re both cocky…… Well, that’s okay. This will help with training. Now I just need to educate Shizuku)

 Feeling the defiant gaze of the two on his back, Shinji thought about it and planned how to educate them.

 Hayate-chan loves children.

 She’s happy to have a cute baby at work.

 Haruto and Nanaka are good people too, so she’s ready to go!

 Shizuku is alarmed by Hayate’s love of children.

 Shizuku is getting wary of Hayate’s love for children, because a yuri couple can’t have a baby……

 Shinji is hated by both of them.

 The time to strike back is near as the arrangements for training Shizuku are almost complete.

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