Wizard 126

Chapter 126 Hayate’s first day at work and Shizuku’s determination

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 The next morning, Hayate woke up early and got ready for the day.

 He tied up his black hair, which she never fails to take care of even after arriving in another world, and carefully checked herself in front of the mirror to make sure there was nothing wrong with her appearance. Shizuku, who is sleepy-eyed, is watching Hayate with an unamused look on her face.

 ”Hayate-chan….. I’ll be staying at home, so please come back soon”

 ”I know, I know. Shizuku, be careful, okay? If you feel that someone is going to do something strange to you, tell me immediately”

 ”Of course, Hayate-chan!”

 Kyu ♪ Shizuku embraced Hayate, who turned to her, muttering, “It’s perfect!”. Hayate also embraced her with a loving hug and then separated from Shizuku. The two of them nodded to each other in satisfaction, having confirmed their love for each other.

 ”Then I’m off”

 ”Have a good day, Hayate-chan. It’s like we’re newlyweds”

 ”Haha, really…… Chu ♡”

 Hayate kissed her lips just touching each other and smiled shyly.

 ”Sylphy! Please!”

 [I’ll teleport you to the back of the store]

 The magic circle shines at Hayate’s feet and she disappears from Shizuku’s sight.

 Shizuku, who had been smiling happily away until now, reverted to a straight face once Hayate was gone.

 ”Hah…… Everything is in his control…….”

 She muttered in the room where she was left alone after diving into bed.

 Shizuku remembers the face of Shinji, whose attitude is aloof and irritating. She is aware that he is the ones who caused their separation, but her emotions refuse to understand.

 She wanted to punch herself in the past for naively thinking that the two of them who didn’t need to play a role out of apostles would be fine.

 Shizuku never dreamed that the goddess Arian would take immediate action.

 ”If I don’t do something….. I’m going to be forced to separate from Hayate-chan…….”

 There is only one answer. It’s the only way to be recognized as an apostle.

 Shizuku does not think that working as an apostle is unreasonable task as Hayate says.

 (I liked staying behind Hayate, but…… I need to take the initiative and work as an apostle)

 None of the oracles so far had deviated from Shizuku’s level. It was already too late to regret that successfully calming Hayate’s protests was the right thing to do.

 She realized that there was no future for Shizuku and Hayate if they didn’t get through Shinji’s assignment as soon as possible.

 ”Marie, how can I learn magic quickly?”

 ”Are you motivated~?”

 When Shizuku got up from bed and spoke to the invisible Marie, she appeared straightforwardly.

 ”I don’t want to separate from Hayate-chan”

 ”That’s the thing about you, you must never falter~. Magic is a matter of steady effort~. And I think the only thing is train the proper way~”

 Shizuku wondered at Marie’s words, which floated around Shizuku fluently.

 ”Is there a faster way to do it instead of the proper way?”

 ”Well, the fastest way to do is~ I guess, it’s a ritual~. It is to teach the magic directly into the body~. You’ll probably learn it in one shot~”

 ”Is there such a thing!?”

 There are two ways to learn magic in general.

 Either learn it from someone who can use the spell that person wants to use, or read through an unused spell book.

 The method of reading through an unused spell book will allow the user to activate the spell immediately. Once learned, the spell can be used over and over again to increase the proficiency.

 In addition to having to use the same spell over and over again, there is a lot of exploring and adjusting the spell to suit oneself, which takes time.

 ”Shizuku can’t do this~. You need to have s*x~”

 ”Why do I need to have s*x?”

 ”There is a logic to it~”

 The ritual can only be performed by a male and female. The reason is because they need to be inserted. It’s necessary to increase each other’s magic power and melt each other’s magic power to directly teach how to use the magic that want to bestow.

 This is a method that can only be successful if it is mutually agreed upon and the master’s good sense is tested.

 There have been cases where male masters have had their way with pretty girls under the guise of teaching them magic, only to be sued for not teaching them. The reverse is also true.

 It is a technique that is becoming obsolete and is not used unless there is a good reason or a relationship of trust.

 ”That’s why~ You should practice diligently~”

 ”Damn…… I can’t help it …….”

 Shizuku changed her clothes after glaring at Marie, who was laughing at her.

 (Guild…… No, the first thing to do is to buy a book on strengthening magic in the magic shop. I need to read it during the day and prepare for the night)

 The cost of the spell book is a blow to her savings, which are dwindling every day.

 It wasn’t long after this that Shizuku, who had never really looked at the price, was surprised to see the price of the spell book.

* * *

 ”What do you think? Nanaka-san!”

 ”Fufufu, Hayate-chan is also a good cleaner”

 Hayate, unaware of Shizuku’s surprise at the price of the spell book, was cleaning the store while chatting happily with Nanaka on the Heliotrope.

 She cleaned as Nanaka, who was holding Hana, instructed. Haruto opened the store when they had finished cleaning the whole area.

 ”There will be no deliveries this morning. So, during that time, Nanaka will teach you the magic to strengthen your body. I’ll be gone this afternoon, so take care of Nanaka and the store”


 Hayate replied to Haruto sitting at the counter and returned with Nanaka from the store to the living room. Hana was asleep at the right time, and Nanaka slowly put her down in her crib.

 ”If you can buy a spell book, that would be faster, but what will you do?”

 ”Well, I’d rather save money if I can! I have no income……”

 ”Is that so? Okay, I’ll pay for your part-time work, don’t worry?”


 Hayate, who had been going through a difficult time, was very happy with Nanaka’s little kindness. She makes a serious expression to train seriously again.

 ”I will do my best!”

 ”Then, remember it well, okay?

 Strengthen my body <Body Strengthening Magic>”

 Nanaka turned her palm so that Hayate could see it easily.

 She casts a spell as slowly as possible, looking carefully at the pattern of the magic circle. And then the magic was applied to Nanaka.

 ”I’ll show you how to do it as many times as you like”

 ”Yes! Strengthen my body <Body Strengthening Magic>…….”

 Hayate tried to make a magic circle, but it wasn’t going to be easy.

 She looked at Nanaka who show the magic circle as a model many times and she modify the magic of the magic circle. But it wasn’t just the magic circle. Also, she had to rely on her intuition about how much magic to put in and how much to put out, and she had to try again and again.

 Even the most basic body strengthening magic is like this. It is obvious that other magic will be more difficult. However, Hayate has no intention of giving up.

 (I have to work hard …… because Nanaka-san is going to teach me”

 In the morning, Hayate went through a lot of trial and error.

 Her efforts were unsuccessful in learning magic…… but it was not in vain. It’s as if she trained her magic and manipulation skills by constantly manipulating and using magic power.

 ”Don’t panic. Let’s work hard until you can do it. It’s almost lunchtime and I’ll be cooking, so that’s all for today”

 ”……Yes, thank you very much. I’ll do my best again tomorrow!”

 Hayate’s training had only just begun.

 Hayate changed her mind and went to help out at the store, thinking there was no need to panic.

 The two of them were flirting with each other since morning.

 The proper way to learn magic is to learn from a spell book or by watching and practicing.

 A spell book costs a lot of money, but you can learn it for sure.

 And the other way is to learn by watching and imitating.

 But if you have the money, magic books are the easiest.

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