Wizard 128

Chapter 128 The Running Wolf, to the south city Suru

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 Shinji managed to suppress his excitement and joined Alvin and the others, who had just finished listening to the explanation and were waiting for Shinji.

 ”Everyone, let you wait”

 ”Shinji, welcome back”

 Renka ran up to Shinji, who smiled at her, and Alvin and Milis followed her. Shinji found it cute that Renka no longer hid the fact that she was his girlfriend, even if it was a small thing.

 ”Have the preparations been completed?”

 ”Yes. Can you tell me about it?”

 ”Ou. We’ll talk as we walk, since they’ve set up a Pegasus in the back”

 Alvin and Shinji start walking side by side. Behind them, Milis and Renka followed.

 Alvin summarized that the temple soldiers had made considerable progress in their search on the southern city of <Suru>. They have found several meeting places and strongholds of the heretics, and they are planning to attack tomorrow morning before the sun rises…….

 They want the <Running Wolf> to accompany them as a fighting force to control the bases. The target is the evil priests, dead or alive. It means that the other heretics should be treated the same.

 ”I wonder if they will resist. Most of the heretics are just ordinary people, right?”

 ”Well, let’s be flexible, the most important thing is our own safety. As long as it’s okay to kill them, there are plenty of ways to do it”

 From the look on Alvin’s face, it was clear that he was ready to cut them down for his friends. Shinji is confident that Alvin will not hesitate when it comes to dealing with humans in his current state.

 ”That’s right……. We can use <Sleep> and <Paralysis>, but we’ll make the decision directly”

 ”I think so. There is no need to kill more than necessary”

 Renka nodded to Milis’s words.

 ”I’ve heard that if someone rides a Pegasus to the temple, they will rent you a private room. We should take a nap and wake up a little before the action!”


 While they were talking, they arrived at the back of the temple.

 Pegasus and its carriage were waiting for Alvin and his friends in the garden. Alvin and his friends boarded the carriage, which was the second time they travel by flying carriage.

* * *

 [Is this the city where Shizuku and his friends are based?]

 Shinji sent a thought to Flair as he unloaded his luggage into the private room assigned to him at the temple in the southern city of <Suru>.

 [Marie, how is it~noja?]

 [It’s the same city~. She’s at an inn away from the temple~]

 After receiving Flair’s and Marie’s thoughts, Shinji thanked them and thought about today’s schedule.

 Today, the day was spent moving from town to town. They had all finished dinner together, and now all that was left was to sleep. Shinji guessed that Alvin and the others would not be leaving their rooms to sleep, as they were planning to raid the heretics stronghold at dawn tomorrow.

 [Marie, what’s going on over there?

 [Hayate had come back~ and they’re talking about work and stuff~. Shizuku only checked the price of spell books at the magic store and stayed at the inn the rest of the time~. I think she wanted to discuss it with Hayate~]

 [Ah~ ……It is expensive, huh, magic books]

 Spell books are generally expensive, with the cheapest spell book for body strengthening magic costing 20 gold coins.

 One gold coin is equivalent to 10 silver coins or 100 copper coins.

 An ordinary adventurer who eats three meals and stays at an ordinary inn costs about ten silver coins. A lower-ranked adventurer’s income is slightly more than the expenses, and an intermediate adventurer’s income is about 40 silver coins.

 It is unlikely that any adventurer would be reckless enough to go on a life-threatening adventure every day. If they are physically and mentally exhausted, they will lose their lives. It is common to take at least one full day off.

 And on days off, it’s easy to loosen the purse strings. If they buy sweets and clothes like ex-JKs, their savings will only increase by a small amount.

 There are also maintenance costs for weapons and armor. In general, adventurers who lived for the day tended to have little savings.

 That’s why the adventurer’s guild offers cheap training to adventurers. They can learn basic body-strengthening magic, as well as low-level attribute magic and medium-level magic.

 In addition, as a side note, the guild’s receptionists are in charge of the training. They are an elite national government employee who has passed a rigorous exam, so of course they have already acquired medium level magic.

 [It looks like she’s in a lot of trouble~. She heard from Hayate that it would take a long time to get the practice~. Because the training won’t start without body-strengthening magic, also it’s hard for the rearguard to get to the intermediate rank with just that~]

 [Since Shizuku is originally the type to attack with magic]

 Even if the adventurer who was in the rearguard was suddenly given a weapon, it would not go well. If so, at least they need a magic that can be used as a major technique.

 It would be a shame for them to join the lower-ranked adventurers and participate in the training. In particular, there is no way she can participate in body-strengthening magic.

 If the guild finds out that she can’t use it, she might even be demoted as an unfit intermediate adventurer.

 [So~ What will you do~? You’re going to be busy, right~?]

 Shinji felt comfortable with Marie’s calm voice. She was worried when she learned that Shinji had been selected by the oracle to participate in the fight against the heretics. Because on the other day, she had seen that he was still tired.

 [Because it’s a promise, so I’ll train her properly. For a little while longer, you can transfer me to my house, and Flair, please take care of me]



 There is no problem in leaving Shizuku alone for a reasonable amount of time because of the name of the training, but Shinji has no intention of touching Shizuku at this stage.

 There is no reason for Shinji to be in a hurry at all.

 Goddess Arian’s request to rehabilitate the apostles has no deadline, and it doesn’t matter how long it takes.

 Because Hayate is training positively, and the rehabilitation plan is progressing smoothly.

 The living expenses for the two of them can be covered by Heliotrope’s part-time job.

 As for Hayate, she knows that if she maintains her current status and continues to train diligently, she will be able to complete the task that Shinji mentioned, which is to become independent from the spirits. So, he doesn’t feel the need to rush.

 But Shizuku is different.

 She knows that she must become a useful apostle as soon as possible.

 If she remains useless, she will be forced to break up with Hayate, and if Hayate spends her days interacting with babies, there is a possibility that she will change his mind and want to have children.

 Shinji laughed at the thought of having Hayate take care of all her living expenses.

 (Because I’m not in a hurry, I’ll just wait for her to make a move. Marie told her about the magic ritual, and….. I’m not sure if she wants to be embraced by a man she hates. But, Will she take a chance and talk to some male wizard? I wonder what choice Shizuku will make)

 Shinji thought about Shizuku, who hated him so much, with a sneer on his face.

 Looking forward to seeing what kind of choice Shizuku would make, Shinji jumped to his house by Flair’s teleportation.

 <Running Wolf> is on standby!

 They want to sleep the earliest, before sunrise (as they’ve been up all night).

 The guild’s receptionists are elite!

 The adventurer’s guild (state-run) in this world is full of good-looking and capable women.

 There’s also something about money.

 The setting is rough, but…… one gold coin is 10,000 yen?

 Even the cheapest spell book for body strengthening magic costs 200,000 yen.

 Also, the price will be increased by multiple digits if the spell capability higher.

 It costs a lot of money to be a great wizard!

 In addition, the vanguard must be able to combine spells such as <Increase Muscle Strength>, <Increase Agility>, and <Enhance Perception> into <Body Strengthening Magic> to tune it to their own needs and become stronger. Because, these spells are simple and inexpensive.

 This is why they tend to spend more on weapons and armor.

 Wizards can use magic as long as they have an activation medium.

 The one who is cornered the most is Shizuku.

 (And Hayate is too preoccupied with Shinji’s assignment that she didn’t notice the possibility that she might be separated from Shizuku. She just recognizes that as long as she trains and works hard, they’ll be fine)

 Shizuku, what are you going to do?

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