Wizard 129

Chapter 129 Shizuku’s First Training

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 When Shinji arrived home, he turned on the lights and immediately sent a thought to Marie.

 [I’ll call Shizuku, can you tell her for me?]


 After a few moments of waiting, Shinji rang the silver bell.

 A magic circle appeared in front of him, and Shizuku appeared in the middle of it.

 ”Good evening, Shizuku”

 ”…… Good evening”

 Shinji smiled, and Shizuku replied reluctantly.

 ”I see you’ve been to the magic store today. It’s expensive, isn’t it?”

 ”You’ve got good hobby in letting spirits peek in and listen to what she hears”

 Shizuku turned away from Shinji with a grimace. But Shinji continued to speak without regard to Shizuku’s defiant words and attitude.

 ”I’m responsible for monitoring you. If you don’t like it, I hope you’ll learn your magic soon”

 ”I understand. But the magic books are very expensive, so I thought I like to practice from you”

 Shinji shook his head as if to say, “Just get started”. Shizuku and Shinji’s eyes met in silence, and silence reigned in the room for a while.

 ”……Please treat me well”

 ”Well said. Even if you don’t like someone, you should act in a proper manner. It’s no good being a wizard/witch if your thoughts show in your attitude and face”

 Shizuku bowed down to Shinji. Even if lesson has been confirmed, there is still an attitude. At least, no one would want to teach something to someone who is behaving badly.

 And once Shinji decides to take care of her, he will teach her well.

 ”……Are you telling me to keep smiling?”

 ”Well, if it makes the other party drop their guard, it’s a win-win. You’ve got good looks too. So, you should use it to your advantage. Okay, let’s practice magic”

 Shizuku felt frustrated, but he had a point.

 She took a deep breath and exhaled. After taking a deep breath, she looked at Shinji again.

 She still didn’t like the man, but she changed her mind, thinking that there was no profit in rebelling against him. It reminds her of the time when she was dealing with a teacher at her school who she didn’t agree with.

 ”So, could you teach me the <Body Strengthening Magic>?”

 Shizuku put on a mask and gave a gentle smile. It’s a beautiful smile that would have fooled him if he hadn’t known that she hated him.

 ”Of course. I’m going to use my magic slowly, so take a good look at the magic circle”

 ”Yes. I understand”

 Seeing that Shizuku was obediently begging for instruction, Shinji finally felt more comfortable.

* * *

 ”Waaaaaa………..Nooo…… I can’t do it at all …….”

 It had been an hour since Shinji and Shizuku had started their practice session, and Shinji had been sincere in his approach to teaching magic.

 He taught with all his strength, casting the magic very slowly so that she could see it well, and pointing out where to correct Shizuku’s mistakes in the magic.

 This was also conveyed to Shizuku who was being taught.

 Still, Shizuku didn’t feel like she could use <Body Strengthening Magic> at all.

 (Why?…… I want to learn it quickly and move on to the next magic!)

 She can’t dive into dungeons without learning magic such as <Water Bullets> and <Water Blades> that attack directly.

 Although, there are chores that can be done in the city, but it is only for a lower-ranked adventurer, and it is easy to imagine that Shizuku, an intermediate-ranked adventurer, would not look good if she took it.

 ”You can’t be in a hurry. You need to calmly and carefully create a magic circle. See, the part you just fixed is broken again”


 Seeing that Shizuku has no energy left to repair the damage, Shinji let out a small breath.

 (She’s stuck in a ditch…… and it’s not like she can do it in an hour)

 Even Hayate, who had practiced for half a day, had not yet been able to acquire it. It’s not surprising that Shizuku could not learn it.

 In the practice, the sense of the individual plays a huge role. The better the intuition, the shorter the time it takes to learn it.

 Even Shinji, a self-proclaimed hard-working man, was not good at study through watching people do it. Remembering the past when he had given up on Emily’s favorite move, he felt depressed.

 ”I think we should take a break. Sometimes things go better when you take a break”

 ”……I understand”

 Shinji used the boiling water to make a cup of tea and handed it to Shizuku as well. The good smell of the tea calms down the tiredness of Shizuku’s thoughts.

 ”…… Why can’t I do it?”

 ”It’s only been an hour, right? Unlike Hayate, you can practice all day long. If you keep practicing like this, you should be able to learn it in three days”

 ”Three days?!”

 Shizuku is shocked to learn that even the basic foundation of body strengthening magic takes three days. And she could not imagine how many days it would take for <Water Bullet> or <Water Blade> if it took three days even for body strengthening magic.

 During her training, she will continue to live on Hayate’s earnings. ……Hayate received 15 silver coins as a daily allowance. And the total amount of money is exactly the same as allowance: six silver coins for food for the two of them and nine silver coins for lodging for two people, and if they wanted to buy anything else, they would have to use their savings.

 Shizuku, who has never worked as anything other than an adventurer in this world, doesn’t realize it, but fifteen silver coins is about twice the amount of money someone can get as a part-time clerk normally.

 In fact, half of Hayate’s daily wage comes out of Shinji’s pocket.

 Shinji decides that Shizuku could be of great use if he could train her, so he leaves Hayate with the heliotrope to create a one-on-one environment with Shizuku.

 Shinji plans to train Shizuku while she works out.

 Marie and the others confirmed that Shizuku and Hayate have enough money in their savings to buy two spell books on <Body Strengthening Magic>. If that’s the case, they’ll have to learn magic on their own.

 Since Hayate is protecting her life, she doesn’t need to go to the dungeon to earn money, and now she has more time to spare.

 In the past, the future was uncertain and there were many worries. Although she pretended to be fine, Shizuku was also worried inside.

 Now that the situation has settled down, she no longer feels anxious about her life, she used to think about so many things that she didn’t have time to worry about one thing at a time.

 Now, however, Shizuku finds herself thinking endlessly about the only thing left to worry about: magic.

 She had fallen into the trap of thinking that she needed to learn magic as soon as possible in order to break through her current situation. She didn’t realize that this was exactly what Shinji wanted.

 That’s when the magic ritual flashed through Shizuku’s mind.

 ”There are no shortcuts. You just have to train steadily. Just, I only have one hour left today. I have to work with the apostles early in the morning”

 ”An oracle of the goddess?”

 Shizuku came to her senses at the mention of apostle work.

 Shizuku has no respect for the goddess Arian, but she has been warned once and she will not forget it.

 ”I’m in <Suru> now, so maybe we’ll cross paths?”

 ”I’ll pretend to be someone else”

 Shizuku smiled and Shinji nodded.

 After being warned by Shinji to keep her outings to a minimum, Shizuku went back to practicing her magic.

 She practiced until the last minute, but was unable to learn the “<Body Strengthening Magic>.


 One on one!

 The first time is a serious practice.

 Hayate’s part-time pay was a handful.

 It was all a trick behind the scenes to train Shizuku.

 Will Shizuku, who is struggling with the practice, began to begging a magic ritual?

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