Wizard 13

Chapter 13 Lenka’s trouble and why

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 It’s been a week since the break day. And now, the members of <Running Wolves> are visiting the forest on a quest. This forest, the home to the orc, is dangerous, but it is also home to valuable medicinal herbs, and they are often asked to collect them as needed. The forest is divided into upper, middle, and lower levels, and Alvin and his friends were visiting the innermost middle level.

 ”Renka, are you still sick?”

 Alvin asked Renka as he wiped the blood from his great sword. Milis was also looking at Renka with concern.

 Recently, Renka’s movements have been sluggish. If it continued for three days, everyone would be worried. Renka looked unhappy and apologized.

 ”I’m not feeling bad. But I’m having trouble concentrating. I know I shouldn’t”

 ”That’s okay, because it’s still within my scope. Do you have any idea what’s going on?”

 ”Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it”

 Renka replied to Shinji’s question and returned to her vigilance, leaving the three of them alone. Shinji whispered to Alvin and Milis, “Do you know what’s going on?”, but they both shook their heads.

 ”She wouldn’t tell me even if I asked”

 ”Well… can’t you ask her, Shinji-san? I think it might be hard to say to us”

 The two of them look at Renka with concern.

 ”I’ll see what I can do”

 Shinji smiled as he said this.

* * *

 When they had successfully completed their quest and left the guild, Shinji stopped Renka.

 ”Renka, do you have a time?”

 ”Yes. But where are Al and Mil?”

 ”We’ll be home first”

 ”See you later, Renka-chan!”

 The two ran off as if they were running away. Renka sighed and stared at Shinji. Shinji also couldn’t help but chuckle at their obvious reaction.

 ”Did they ask you to do this?”

 ”Well, yes, they are, and they’re both worried about you”

 Shinji then said, “Let’s just get moving”. Renka seemed to want to say something, but she walked quietly behind him. And after a few moments of silent walking, Renka opened her mouth.

 ”I’m sorry that I’m worrying everyone. But this is something I can’t talk to anyone about”

 ”Is that so?”

 She had been avoiding eye contact with Shinji because of the awkwardness of the situation, but it seems Shinji was aware of what was going on, still, she couldn’t help but look at Shinji’s face right now. And when she saw Shinji’s penetrating gaze, her heart started to beat faster.

 Before she knew it, the streets were less crowded. Shinji, who had somehow slowed down his walking pace, was next to Renka.

 ”I think I’m responsible for this, so let me help you”

 Shinji’s hand gently caressed Renka’s cheek as she froze.

 ”No, what do you mean…?”

 Renka looked away from Shinji, trying to calm her quickening heartbeat. But Shinji’s words didn’t calm her down, but made her heart beat faster and faster. Shinji put his face close to Renka’s ear and whispered.

 You’re keeping a little distance from Alvin and Mil, aren’t you?

 You haven’t changed your distance from Milis and the girls, have you?

 You’re more aggressive than usual with other boys, aren’t you?

 When you can’t concentrate, you worry about your body, right?

 ”I think you are not relieving your libido well”

 Renka’s face turned bright red with shame.

 Shinji’s point was the very thing that troubled Renka.

 Renka’s young body had been imbued with the ultimate pleasure of s*x with Shinji, and her libido had increased. She tried to masturbate to relieve her increased libido, but she felt that it was not enough, and this only increased it.

 Renka was too embarrassed to tell him that she had a high s*x drive, so she kept quiet.

 Shinji sensed that Renka was more of a lecher than he had thought, and although he was pleased with her, he did not show it.

 ”It’s because you had s*x with me, right?”

 Renka couldn’t answer. She turned her head to the side and shivered in shame. Shinji continues to stroke Renka’s cheek and begins to cast a weak aphrodisiac spell.

 ”I know you want to support Alvin, Renka”

 Renka looked up at Shinji.

 ”I’m just trying to relieve the tingling. Renka is a very important friend”

 Renka’s heart was beating fast. Renka understood what Shinji was talking about and her eyes began to heat up as she stared at him. However, she used her remaining reasoning and shook her head weakly.

 ”It’s not good. That kind of relationship…!”

 ”But you can’t support Alvin like this, can you?”

 Shinji took a step back, saying that if there was another way, he wouldn’t force it. Renka gulped and swallowed her saliva.

 Surely, if she rejects him, he won’t take any further steps, Renka thought correctly. Still, while her mind had to reject him, but her body wanted him. Her body wanted the pleasure that had been drilled into her after only one s*xual encounter.

 The fact that Renka couldn’t think of any other way to do it also contributed to her hesitation. If she couldn’t find another way to get rid of it, it would mean that Renka would continue to tingle until the day Alvin wanted a second woman. And she didn’t think she could bear it.

 ”Why don’t you try this just once?”

 Shinji invited Renka, who couldn’t make up her mind at this moment.

 ”I won’t ask you a second time. I promise”

 Shinji gently held Renka’s shoulders.

 And Renka nodded her head in silence.

* * *

 Shinji and Renka arrived at one of the rooms of the inn.

 Shinji pulled Renka’s hand and led her to the bed. Shinji sat down on the edge of the bed and looked up at Renka.

 ”I need to get ready first”

 Shinji suddenly took off his pants and underwear. Shinji’s cock was big enough even without an erection, and Renka blushed at the sight of such a magnificent piece of male flesh. While seeing this, Renka was being pulled by him and made her hand touched Shinji’s cock.

 ”I can’t do it unless you make it big, right?”


 Renka hesitantly sat down in front of Shinji and began to touch his cock awkwardly with both hands as Shinji asked her to do. She was confused by the feel of his cock, but kept touching it, looking up to see Shinji’s reaction.

 In no time at all, Shinji’s cock became erect and majestic. Renka’s gaze was glued to the scene, and her womb reacted by itself with a K…♡ K…♡, making her tingle more and more, and her breathing became ragged with excitement.

 ”Lick it with your tongue… take it in your mouth but don’t set your teeth on it”


 Remembering the first time she had s*x and the pleasure it gave her, Renka moved as Shinji had said. It was the first time she had ever had s*x with a man.

 ”*Lick* *Lick* *Lick* Hamu…♡ Mmm…♡ Mmm…♡”

 She licked his cock with her tongue carefully and took the tip into her mouth. Slowly, Renka’s head began to move. It was a bad blowjob since she was a beginner, but Shinji looked pleasant and slowly patted Renka’s head while she was working on it.

 Seeing the look of pleasure on Shinji’s face, Renka’s face turned into one of joy and her blowjob became more intense. The joy of a female servicing a male was beginning to grow in Renka.

 ”Thank you, Renka. I’m ready”

 Shinji pulled out his cock from Renka’s mouth. And when Renka stood up, she pulled off her panties and her pants stained with wetness.

 Renka’s originally aching body was completely ready just from the blowjob, and her secret parts were overflowing with love juice.

 On the other side, while pulling Renka’s hand, Shinji had her straddle him. He supported Renka’s hips with his hands and placed his erect p*nis at the entrance to her secret region in a face-to-face position.

 ”Lower your hips yourself… just like that”


 Renka did as she was told and slowly lowered her hips. Shinji’s cock squeezed through the vaginal passage and filled Renka’s vagina. Little by little, the cock was penetrating to the deepest part of the vagina, and Renka shivered with pleasure as she hugged Shinji with her hands.

 ”*Pant* *Pant* *Pant*”

 Renka could feel the heat of his cock filling her aching body as it filled her tight vagina. And she gazed at Shinji with an entranced expression.

 ”I’ll support you, but you have to move on your own”

 ”Yes~♡ Ah…♡ Ah…♡”

 Renka did as she was told and shook her hips awkwardly. Every time his cock rubbed her vaginal wall, it felt good, and she moved to find the most comfortable spot. Gradually, the movements of her hips became more and more violent.

 As soon as Renka was comfortable with his movements, Shinji took his hands off her hips and began to remove her robe and bra. Renka was stripped of all her clothing, exposing her naked body to Shinji.

 ”You look beautiful, Renka”

 ”You stupid~♡ Ah~♡ It’s embarrassing~♡ Please~♡ Don’t say anything~♡ Ah~♡”

 Shinji’s praise made her vagina tighten. But then Shinji’s hands grabbed Renka’s hips again and he started thrusting upwards, matching the movements that Renka had left to him. The violent up and down movements pushed Renka’s vagina upward and taught her a new sense of pleasure.

 ”Ah~♡ No~♡ No~♡ It’s coming~♡ It will come out~♡”

 ”In that case, say it cumming”

 Renka put her arms around Shinji’s neck and clung to him. Saliva dripped from the corners of her mouth and stained Shinji’s shoulders. And then the climax came for Renka.

 ”I’m cummingggggg~♡♡♡”

 She climaxed at the same time as Shinji’s cock shot up to the very back of her pussy. A lot of semen was released from Shinji’s p*nis as well, filling Renka’s vagina. Every time the semen was released, Renka came. And Renka’s vagina tightens up and squeezes out all of Shinji’s semen.

 ”*Pant* *Pant* *Pant*”

 ”Good work, Renka”

 Shinji muttered as he hugged Renka, who had climaxed and was weakening completely.

* * *

 When the s*x was over, Shinji and Renka put their clothes back on. It was only then that Renka realized that Shinji had made her cum inside him and her face turned pale.

 ”Shinji, the contraceptive…!”

 Shinji was unfazed and smiled at Renka.

 ”Don’t worry. I’m using contraceptives spell. If you have s*x with me, you’ll never get pregnant even if I cum inside you”


 She remembered how good it felt to cum while being penetrated, and her body and vagina, which should have been calm, began to throb with excitement.

 Still, Renka’s body tingling had completely dissipated not like before. And it made her body light and she was even able to exert a remarkable amount of concentration now.

 ”Well then, let’s go home”

 Shinji stood up and began to prepare to leave.

 As promised, Shinji didn’t say what he was going to do next. Renka knew that if they left this room, Shinji would never ask her again.


 That thought made Renka’s voice come out of her mouth as she asked for another. It was the sound of a flirtatious female voice that surprised even Renka herself.

 Shinji turned around when he heard Renka’s voice. His face was as kind and smiling as usual. However, his eyes were not smiling, but rather had the eyes of a glaring male.

 The look in his eyes made Renka feel the joy of a female being blamed by a male.

 (I may never forget this…)

 Renka’s body trembled with a certain premonition.

 It was a shiver of joy.

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