Wizard 14

Chapter 14 Shinji and Lenka, meeting for s*x

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 The next day, Renka was back in shape.

 Her movements were sharp, her concentration was better, and she was in great shape. Alvin and Milis were pleased with Renka’s recovery.

 ”If you’ve solved it, let me know what’s the problem!”, said Alvin, but Renka never told him. The only answer that came back was that she had talked to Shinji about it and it was resolved.

 ”There are things like privacy and delicacy even in close relationships, right?”

 Shinji gently rebuked Arvin, and Milis agreed with Shinji’s opinion, so the “Renka problem” was over.

* * *

 One month later.

 As the members of <Running Wolves> had finished their quests and finished eating, Alvin suddenly spoke.

 ”Let’s go to the wilderness area!”

 ”Really? Why so sudden!”

 Shinji chuckled as he looked at Milis and Renka in turn, both of them surprised which seemed to be their first hearing. Alvin crossed his arms in frustration.

 ”Shinji, you said that you had the strength of an upper ranks, right?”


 Shinji also folded his arms and pondered.

 There are a number of conditions that must be met in order to raise the rank from intermediate to upper rank.

 Among them, the minimum requirement for combat ability is that one must have defeated a monster equivalent to a lesser dragon.

 <Lesser Dragon> is a giant lizard creature that lives in the wilderness around the city.

 It is about three times the size of a human, crawls on four legs, has hard scales, a long tail, and the ability to breathe fire. Although it has the word <Dragon> in its name, its biology is that of a lizard, and it was called a <Lesser Dragon> meaning that if one could not hunt this dragon, one could not hunt a real <Dragon>.

 ”But you need to get a new weapon. Do you have the money to buy a great sword that can cut scales?”

 ”I’ve done some research, and I can get it on a good price!”

 ”Then, we’ll need special arrows for Renka too. There is also the cost of staying and etc…”

 Shinji went on to list as many problems as he could think of. In response, Alvin gave an answer that Shinji could understand.

 ”Hmm. I think this is a fine. I’m not opposed to it”

 ”Okay! What about Mil and Renka?”

 ”Well, I’m not sure I’m ready either”

 ”Please say it early… though, I’m not surprised”

 ”It’s just like Alvin to act on the spur of the moment”

 Alvin is happy, and the three of them look at him as if they can’t help it.

 ”Then I’ll be out of city for a while. I think each of us will have to contact someone we know, so let’s departed from three days from now. And at that time, we’ll have to prepare for our trip”

 Shinji got up from his seat and started preparing to leave.

 ”I’m going back to the inn for today”

 ”I’ll help you, so see you in the morning. Al and Mil can just make their personal arrangements. Shinji and I will take care of the party arrangements”

 ”All right, thanks! Renka! Shinji!”

 ”Thank you, Renka-chan, Shinji-san”

 These words were the signal for the breakup.

* * *

 The next morning. Renka was visiting Shinji’s room.

 Shinji spread out a piece of paper and a map on his desk. Renka and he reconfirmed their destination and the things they would need to bring, and wrote them down on the paper.

 ”The other thing we need to do is to arrange a carriage and a date and time… Renka, on your way back, make a request to the guild, because in three days we’ll have enough time to visit everyone and we won’t have any trouble finding a carriage”

 ”Okay. Is that all?”

 ”Yes. Thanks for your help, Renka”

 When he had finished what he needed to write, Shinji put his pen in the drawer and lay down on his back on the bed.

 ”I’m going to take a nap a little and then we’re going to visit everyone”

 He looked up at Renka and pulled the thin sheet over his head. When Renka got up, she sat down on the side of the bed where Shinji was lying. Renka’s face is red and she is looking down at Shinji with feverish eyes.

 ”…I’m going to be busy for a while, so…♡”

 Renka’s hands stripped off the sheets and pulled down Shinji’s pants and underwear. Despite the fact that Shinji’s cock was hanging down helplessly, Renka put her face between Shinji’s legs and took his cock into her mouth.

 ”Hmm…♡ *Lick* *Lick* Nmu…♡ *Kiss* *Kiss*”

 Renka’s tongue crawls over his cock and licks it carefully. And then, Shinji’s cock quickly erected and swelled to fill Renka’s mouth. Still, Renka continues to service his cock, making slow water sounds as she does so.

 After they had s*x on the second time, Renka had been embraced three times in a month.

 Each time, Renka had been trained to suck his cock, and now she had no resistance to sucking his cock. Rather, she was delighted to see Shinji’s face looking so good.

 The heat of the blowjob naturally increased, and Renka’s head moved up and down violently. Squelch! Squelch! She leads Shinji’s cock to ejaculation while making a nasty water sound.

 ”I’m going to cum. Drink it all”

 ”…♡ Nm…♡ *Gulp* *Gulp*”

 But unlike in the past, when Shinji was about to cum, he held Renka’s head in his hands and ejaculated a large amount of semen into her mouth. Renka was surprised by the rich and thick semen, but she did as she was told and swallowed it.

 ”Thank you. It felt so good”

 ”…It smells and tastes so good~♡ Already…♡”

 Renka had completely lost the will to resist Shinji during the s*x. She had already given in to Shinji, who could make her feel so good as long as she obeyed him.

 When she had sucked out every last drop of semen, Renka took off her outfit and underwear and straddled Shinji. She took his cock then put on the entrance of her secret area and lowered her hips.

 Renka’s body, which had been excited by the semen drinking, cumming lightly with just the insertion. Shinji, on the other hand, grabbed Renka’s hips, which were stopped, and thrust his hips up without mercy.

 ”Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Wait~♡ I’m cumming~♡ Cumming~♡ Nhiiii~♡♡”

 Shinji kept his eyes on Renka and kept thrusting his hips up. Renka, on the other hand, drooled from her mouth as he continued to pound the back of her vagina where she had just come. And because of this, Renka climaxes in succession, crying out from the intense pleasure. *Spurt! *Spurttt! Shinji ejaculates into her vagina. Shinji’s ejaculation is so vigorous that it leads her to a further climax.

 ”~~♡♡♡♡ …Faaaaa…♡ Ahh~♡”

 Renka, who had been slumped over, weakens as the shock of her climax subsides and she collapses on top of Shinji. A euphoric feeling instantly envelops Renka, and she soaks up the afterglow while catching her breath.

 And the mere act of pulling Shinji’s cock out of her makes her moan sweetly. Shinji’s semen dripped from Renka’s pussy.

* * *

 After the s*x was over, Renka got ready and hurried out of Shinji’s room. She felt a sense of shame as she knew that if she stayed in the same room for the rest of the night, she would want Shinji’s cock again.

 (I didn’t know I was such a naughty girl…)

 She thought she was having s*x with Shinji to calm the tingling in her body.

 But after having s*x with Shinji three or four times, she realized that just being with him was making her body ache for s*x.

 It sounded bad, but after four rounds of s*x, Renka’s body had lost all patience with pleasure.

 In the end, she couldn’t stand the tingling and had to have s*x with Shinji for the fifth time. It was the most lewd and lascivious thing she had ever done.


 Renka let out an involuntary sigh.

 Renka hated the fact that she was just using Shinji for her own purposes. She thinks that she is just using Shinji to relieve her uncontrolled s*xual desire.

 Shinji never asks for Renka, and she never asks him out. He tells her she’s pretty and beautiful, but he doesn’t say he likes her or loves her. Even now that they’ve had physical relationship, his attitude hasn’t changed and he’s still keeping her secret.

 Renka knows that her current situation is supported by Shinji’s devotion.

 In reality, Shinji is just trying to drag Renka into this situation and make her feel good about herself.

 ”Oh, Renka-chan!”

 Renka heard Milis’s voice from afar. When she looked in the direction of the voice, she saw that Alvin and Milis were waving their hands in the direction of Renka.

 ”Have you finished your discussion? Let’s go shopping together!”

 ”Okay, I’m going to buy some snacks and daily necessities”

 ”Yeah, I’m coming with you. Let’s stop by the guild on the way. I’m asked to arrange the carriage”

 Renka, who had regained her composure, tried to lead the way as usual and took a step forward.

 But then Renka stopped. Alvin and Milis passed Renka and looked at her curiously as she stopped.

 ”What’s wrong? Renka”


 ”It’s nothing. Let’s go”

 Shinji’s semen dripped from Renka’s crotch and soaked her panties, making her face hot.

 Renka smiled and fooled them and started walking again.

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