Wizard 15

Chapter 15 Charlotte’s night crawling s*x

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 After having s*x with Renka, Shinji slept lightly as he had originally planned.

 When he woke up, it was past noon, so he had a late lunch and left the inn.

 He went to the weapon shop, the armor shop, the general store, and other stores that he knew of, and told them that he would be out of city for a while. He also stopped by the guild to confirm the date and time of the carriage he had requested through Renka, and he left the guild after confirming the time of their departure, which was on the morning three days later.

 While doing so, the time passed and it was evening.

 After returning to <Hidden Dragon Inn>, Shinji had dinner at the inn’s dining room. He told the innkeeper and his wife that he would be out of city for a while.

 ”It was a sudden decision. I’ll probably be back in about a month, so please spare me a room. I’ll pay for the accommodation”

 ”I see. Thank you very much. I’d like to clean the room, but…”

 ”I’ll take all my luggage with me, so please… And I like an alcohol and today’s recommendation”

 Shinji takes a seat and places his order. The couple went back to the kitchen to prepare the meal. While Shinji waited, reading for a while, Charlotte came to his table with a bottle of alcohol.

 ”Shinji-san, you’re going away for a month?”

 ”Yes, to get promoted. If you’re good girl, I’ll buy you some souvenirs”

 ”I’ll look forward to it!”

 ”Charl! Don’t slack off, bring it over!”

 Charlotte returned to the kitchen as her mother’s voice rang out from the kitchen. She brought Shinji’s dinner in a tray, placed it in front of him, and went back to the kitchen.

 Shinji finished his dinner quickly and walked toward the kitchen with the tray. Charlotte noticed this and ran up to Shinji and put out her hand to take the tray. When Shinji handed her the tray, Charlotte put her face close to his.

 ”I want to practice tonight…♡”

 She whispered so that only Shinji could hear her, and Charlotte went to attend to the other guests.

 Shinji went back to his room as if nothing had happened.

* * *

 Midnight. Shinji had fallen asleep before he knew it, but he woke up when he felt the door to his room open.

 There was no sign of danger from the intruder. For a while, Shinji decided to pretend to be asleep.

 ”…Shinji-san…did you fall asleep…?”

 The presence of an intruder approaches the bed. He could hear Charlotte’s voice, but Shinji continued to pretend to be asleep.

 ”I told you I will come… Geez~♡”

 Charlotte, in a lusty voice, removes the sheet that was covering Shinji. Slowly and deliberately, Charlotte pulls off Shinji’s pants and underwear without waking him up, as he lies on his back pretending to sleep.

 In her view, Shinji’s cock was half erect.

 ”…I wonder if you’re having a naughty dream~♡”

 Charlotte’s hand loosely stroked Shinji’s cock. Shinji finally decided to open his eyes.

 Charlotte’s figure, wearing a black baby dress with lace, appeared in Shinji’s eyes.

 ”Ah, Shinji-san~♡ I’m sorry to keep you waiting…♡”

 Charlotte smiles at Shinji as she straddles his body. Then, Charlotte sits down and presses her clit against Shinji’s cock.

 After that, she took a breather as she slowly rubbed her clit against Shinji’s cock.

 ”Hmm…♡ I wanted to show it before you go…♡ Morse asked me to wear it…♡ Does it look good on me….♡”

 Charlotte put her hands on Shinji’s well-trained body for support, and her abundant breasts were brought up. She swung her hips back and forth, and her soft breasts swayed.

 Shinji grabbed her breasts with both hands and squeezed them, enjoying the feel of her slippery panties and the wetness of her love juices.

 ”It looks good on you. I’m so excited to see you in such a s*xy outfit”

 ”I’m glad~♡ Ah…♡ My boobs feel so good…♡”

 Charlotte was in ecstasy as Shinji played with her breasts, which he had developed until they were sensitive. Shinji smiles thinly as he watches Charlotte shake her hips, engrossed in his cock.

 ”… Hyaa~♡ Shinji-san…♡”

 Shinji raised his body and hugged Charlotte without saying a word, then dexterously switched their position to cover Charlotte.

 For the note, Shinji has been trying to maintain his appearance as Charlotte’s “practice” until now. At first, Charlotte takes the initiative and serves Shinji. But when she got tired, Shinji would fuck Charlotte.

 However, Shinji broke that routine tonight.

 Because he had convinced that he has completely subdued Charlotte’s body and made her a prisoner of his cock, so, Shinji decides to put the finishing touches on her before he leaves the city.

 On the other side, after seeing Shinji’s forcefulness, Charlotte was excited because it was something that she had never experienced before. And the mere fact that Shinji was putting her down made Charlotte’s vagina squirm with anticipation, and she was flooded with love juice.

 After a while, Shinji sat between Charlotte’s legs and tried to take off her panties, but Charlotte’s panties had a slit in it, and when it opened to the left and right, the entrance to her secret area twitched for Shinji’s cock and dripped with love juice.

 Seeing this, he put his cock to the secret part and inserted it at once.

 ”Fyaaah~♡ I’m cumming~♡”

 Charlotte came lightly just from the penetration. But Shinji pushes up to the back of Charlotte’s vagina and shakes his hips forcefully.

 Her vagina was tortured and Charlotte could only moan as her back slumped.

 ”Ahh~♡ No way~♡ No~♡ It’s felt so good~♡ My inside~♡ feels so good~♡”

 ”Oh, that’s good. Does it feel good to have a cheating cock inside you?”

 ”No, it’s wrong~♡ It’s practice~♡ It’s for practice~♡”

 Shinji looked at Charlotte with a nasty grin, not the gentle smile he had shown before.

 ”It’s no different. Because now Charlotte is just feeling good to be held by me, right?”

 ”That’s~♡ Uh~♡ Ah~♡ Shinji-san’s…~♡ It’s because of Shinji-san’s cock…♡ It’s bad~♡”

 Shinji switch from a strong vaginal torture to pulling out his big cock when he reaches the last minute and slowly inserting it.

 From the entrance of the vagina, through the vaginal passage, to the back of the vagina, he slowly swings his hips as if to teach her that his cock is the most comfortable.

 ”Really? Is it my cheating cock who is wrong?”

 ”Yes…♡ So…♡ Please make me cum like you always do…♡ Please make me cum…♡”

 Unsatisfied with the frustrating pleasure, Charlotte’s hips lifted to meet Shinji’s and her vagina tightened flirtatiously.

 ”So, you admit it was cheating?”

 Shinji says in affirmation, and Shinji’s hips begin to swing with renewed vigor. Charlotte is in a state of agony and ecstasy as he pushes into her vagina.

 The word “cheating” was thrust upon her once again.

 In that moment, Charlotte shuddered at the pleasure of s*x with Shinji, spiced with a sense of immorality rather than guilt over Morse.

 ”Yes…♡ Ah~♡ It feels so good…♡ Your cheating cock feels so good…♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡”

 Finally, Charlotte threw away the pretense that she was practicing and admitted to having an affair.

 She admitted to having an affair with a male who could fill her up, throwing away her reason and having s*x only for pleasure.

 ”I’ll keep it a secret from him. I’ll make you feel as good as you want”

 ”Yes~♡ Ah~♡ It’s deep~♡ Cummmmming~♡♡♡♡”

 Charlotte’s back slumped and she climaxed as Shinji’s cock plunged her harder than ever before. She tucked her legs around Shinji’s waist tightly so that her hips were perfectly together.

 Shinji’s semen pours into her vagina, which tightens up with Kyun~♡ Kyun~♡. That made Charlotte unbearably happy.

 After a while, Shinji, who poured out plenty of semen, pulled out his cock.

 He lifted Charlotte’s hips when she lay on her back, ecstatic with her climax. Then, his unshrinking cock was inserted into her vagina again.


 Shinji slammed his hips into her hips violently from the start, driving Charlotte over the edge again with his grinding penetration. Charlotte climaxed several times before Shinji ejaculated.

 ”It’s still so big…♡♡”

 Then, Charlotte rubs her cock up and down between her ample cleavage and looks up at Shinji’s face with a look of ecstasy.

 Charlotte’s breasts are stained with a thick stain of semen, even after his third time ejaculation.

 ”Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡”

 Then, Shinji grabbed Charlotte’s thighs and bent her over so that he could insert his cock from above so that he could penetrate her vagina without mercy.

 The shock and pleasure of the seed press made Charlotte’s mouth pant inexplicably.


 Charlotte climaxes with a massive convulsion. The semen shoots into her womb and fills her vagina with more and more thick semen.

 When the cock is pulled out, the semen that cannot be contained in the vagina drips down and stains the sheets.

 Charlotte, who has been tortured to the limit of her physical strength, is unable to move. She is wrapped up in a pleasant sense of weakness and an overwhelming sense of euphoria, looking up at the sky.

 Shinji, on the other hand, brings his cock close to Charlotte’s mouth. And Charlotte, whose eyes are vacant, caught his cock.

 ”Let’s have cheating s*x again when I get back”


 After that, Charlotte kissed Shinji’s cock lovingly.

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