Wizard 131

Chapter 131 A Clash! With Succubus of the Outside World

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 Flair, who had been summoned by Shinji, appeared.

 ”<Strengthening Mental Abnormality Resistance>! Charge!”

 ”Ask for backup!”

 The five temple soldiers and Alvin, who had finished strengthening themselves, cut through the men who had become their enemies.

 The movement of these men is very slow. The temple soldiers also experienced in fighting zombies, and they swing their swords while keeping their distance to avoid being attacked.

 In addition, Alvin’s attacks are the sharpest, and he is able to slay them all in the blink of an eye.

 ”Amazing~ ♡ Cool~ ♡ Kyaa~ ♡”

 ”Your opponent is me~noja!”

 As the succubus jumped up and down with a yellow voice, Flair leaps up and attacks her from the sky as she sways her big breast which are as big as Milis.

 As Flair’s fists are raised and about to struck her with sparks of fire, the succubus is able to avoid the attack while raises her voice in a mocking manner.

 ”Kyaa~ ♡ Scary~ ♡ No~ ♡”

 ”Fight seriously~noja!”

 The succubus jumped and avoiding the fire as she ran around with great speed. The more boldly the succubus moves, the more the men on the vanguard see her luscious body.

 It is not only the succubus that bewitches the men. It’s also the naked women who are not human, but they are beautiful enough to stimulate men’s desire.

 In addition, they are constantly casting charm spells, which is unseen by the men, and cutting off their reasoning.

 But they don’t seem to do that alone.

 Milis, who is repeatedly reapplied the <Mental Abnormality Resistance>, could feel her magic being drained at an unprecedented rate, and she was doing her best to keep the magic from strengthening her resistance uninterrupted.

 Renka, who also shoots an arrow at the naked woman, surprised.

 Because the arrow which is aimed precisely at the head, is blocked by the woman’s arm. Even though she is alive and the arrows pierce her, but it isn’t penetrated. It seems her arm strengthened by magic power that is not affected by several arrows.

 ”It’s great!”

 ”Their wounds are closing up. ……I’m going to need a big move <Rock Arm>”

 Shinji cast a spell and a huge rock arm shot up from the ground. He raised his fist and swung it down at the women.

 The women, who sees the attack, jumps on the ground and escapes from the fist. But Renka’s arrow shot one of the women’s legs through the gap.

 It made the woman’s movements slowed down, and the rock fist crushed her.

 It seems the woman could not withstand the blow of the overwhelming mass of the fist, and was able to take care of one of them.

 ”Good……Renka, let’s keep going like this”

 ”All right!”

 Shinji and Renka set their sights on the next woman.

 The temple’s soldiers also closed the distance to cut down the corpses of more than 20 men.

 ”They’re all so strong, I’m in trouble~ ♡ Help me~ ♡ Please~ ♡”

 ””Please~ ♡””

 The succubus that was running away from Flair made a sweet sound.

 Her voices are imbued with a powerful charm, also the women, though not as strong as the succubus, emit their own voices.

 Their sweet, choral-like voices echoed in the ears of Alvin and the Temple Guard. The charm of the succubus, which attracts both men and women, consumes everyone’s thoughts at once.

 ””Hiii ♡♡♡””

 ”Ah…. Kuh…. ♡”

 The five temple soldiers are the first to fall.

 They, who were aiming at the women earlier, recognized each other as enemies and began to fight each other with their swords.

 Renka also affected by this. Although she resisted being bewitched, she fell to her knees and shook her head violently from side to side.

 All she could do is resist the whispers of the succubus who wanted her to join them, and it made her in a condition that cannot shoot her bow.



 Milis, who has a lot of magic power, is highly resistant to the effects of the attack. But Alvin is different, so, in a hurry, she cast <Mental Abnormality Resistance> on him.

 Therefore, the effect of the charm that was unleashed on Alvin was minimal. Although he staggered a little, he succeeded in slashing them.

 ”<Magic Blade>!”

 Alvin directly cut down one of them, and then cut off the body of the other one a little further away by flying a magic blade. He continued to aim at the next enemy.

 On other side, Freri cancels out their charm on Shinji before it reaches him because she, who had succubus blood, understands their magic. Although Freri couldn’t completely cancel out the charm from a much higher-ranked succubus on her own, Shinji is able to resist the charm with the help of some of the succubus magic Freri had been taught to him.

 The two of them are able to resist the charm. But Shinji is worried about Renka who is crouched down. He also knows that the situation will not improve if he doesn’t take care of the succubus.

 Even though, the mere sight of the succubus stimulated his male s*xuality and almost made him lose his will to fight, but Shinji used his natural mental strength to keep his will to fight.

 ”Flair, don’t make her do anything she want!”

 ”I know! I will not let them get away~noja!!”

 ”No~ ♡”

 The succubus is so quick to escape that Flair could not catch her even if she attacked and chased her. Her fists and magic continue to be evaded and she is unable to be controlled, causing the succubus charm to spread throughout the battlefield.

 Shinji, who looking for the right moment, quickly cast a spell on the fast-moving succubus.

 ”I hate persistent women ♡ So, I want to play with you, handsome man ♡”

 The succubus changed the direction she had been running. She ran towards Alvin, who had just finished taking care of the remaining naked women, and closed the distance between them.

 ”<Ivy whip>!”

 ”<Earth Spear>!”

 ”There, swordsman! Get some distance!”

 Freri and Shinji unleashed their magic in an attempt to block the succubus to approach Alvin.

 A rain of ivy and hardened earthen spears rapidly sprouted from the ground, but the succubus was able to weave her way through the gaps and close in on Alvin.

 Alvin hears Flair’s cries, but he chooses to intercept her on the spot. He pointed his great sword at the succubus that was closing in on him and looked her straight in the eye.

 Her bouncing breasts, luscious body, and strong pheromones stimulated Alvin’s mind. However, Alvin’s will to fight did not waver in the slightest.

 The reason is.

 ”Al-kun! Give power to my hero! <Hero’s Song>!”

 It’s the second Milis special magic <Hero’s Song>, following the special magic <Holy Sword>.

 <Hero’s Song> is a super-strengthening spell that can only be cast on one person. It is a magic that strengthens all kinds of abilities, from physical to mental resistance, for a short time.

 Alvin’s enhanced senses alerted him to the presence of the temple captain approaching from the blind spot and the last remaining temple soldier at the battle.

 The timing allows the temple captain to attack Alvin slightly faster than the succubus. Alvin knows that the succubus is doing everything she can behind her playful demeanor.

 But Alvin never looks at anything but the succubus.

 The captain of the temple guard, who was the first to reach Alvin, shouted and thrust into Alvin’s side.

 The tip of the sword pierced through Alvin’s leather armor, but stopped when it touched his skin. The sword, which should have been thrust with the momentum, could not hurt Alvin.

 (<Steel Body>)

 It’s Alvin’s second special magic, after <Magic Blade>.

 Alvin’s second special magic, <Steel Body>, is making him immune to all attacks for one second, so the sword that should have pierced Alvin was blocked.

 It also blocked the sword of the temple soldier who slashed at him a few tenths of a second later. Taking advantage of the succubus’s precise coordination, Alvin did not make any defensive moves at all and swung his great sword at succubus to attack.

 Alvin’s slash was so fast that it knocked the succubus down with a single stroke. Then he spun on the spot and kicked the temple captain and the temple soldiers, sending them flying.

 It only took a second when <Steel Body> to take effect.

* * *

 After the concentrated battle, Freri is holding the unconscious Temple Captain and the Temple Guard with ivy, while Milis is checking everywhere Alvin’s injuries, who was slashed, and Alvin is smiling.

 Flair comforts Renka, who has finally escaped the effects of the charm.

 ”Ahhhhh~ I’ve been beaten up~ ♡”

 Shinji looks down at the succubus who has been cut in two from shoulder to waist. The succubus who was supposed to be dead, spat out a few words, perhaps having given up after being watched so closely.

 ”The corpse has some magic left in it, so be careful”

 ”I liked the handsome guy, but I also like the cool brother~ ♡ Next time I see you, I’ll make you melt~ ♡”

 ”Do you think there will be a next time?”

 Shinji pointed his staff at the smirking succubus. But she doesn’t lose any of her relaxed demeanor. It made Shinji is suspicious of this, and continues to watch to see if she has any way to reverse the situation.

 ”The evil priest is not here. So, there’s always the next time~ ♡ This body is a fake body too…… ♡ And my real body is on the outside world ♡ So, see you later~ ♡”

 ”……Oh, shit!”

 The succubus’ body shattered as soon as she had said what she wanted to say. Seeing that, Shinji couldn’t help but to swear.

 (The main body is on the outside world……. But what is the Evil Priest going to do with a succubus from the outside world? In the meantime, I have to report that…… Also, a lot of damage has been incurred)

 Eight temple soldiers are killed in the line of duty. The caused is friendly fire.

 Shinji sighs deeply and collects the crystal that was placed on top of the overturned symbol.

 The battle was against the succubus of the outside world.

 A continued chain of charms hits them.

 And the charm of the succubus has nothing to do with gender.

 Summoning a succubus is an outrageous form of heretics………

 Someone can’t resist the charms of the succubus of the outside world with their mental defenses.

 Unfortunately, the temple soldiers did not have enough defense.

 The second special magic, except for Renka’s, is appearing.

 Renka’s second one will appear on another time.

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