Wizard 132

Chapter 132 Renka’s Lewdness

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 Alvin, Shinji, Milis, and Renka, the four of <Running Wolves>, returned to the temple as quickly as possible with the unconscious temple captain and the temple soldiers on their backs.

 After dropping them off at the medical room, Alvin and the others immediately reported what had happened at the heretics meeting place to the priest.

 When the priests heard the report, they began to give orders and many of them left the room in a hurry.

 The adventurers were told to rest in their rooms, and Alvin and the others were told to stay. Once there, they all decided to gather in Alvin’s room.

 ”What do you think will happen next?”

 Once they had settled down, Alvin spoke to Shinji.

 ”I don’t know. We’ll have to wait for the results of the tests on the crystals we gave them, as well as the reports of the soldiers who went to different heretics bases or meeting places”

 ”But I don’t know if they’ll be okay. They’ve lost eight people. If we weren’t there, they would have been wiped out”

 Renka’s expression clouded as she remembered the temple soldiers fighting each other in a fierce battle, and Milis regretted not being able to help, as she had her hands full with Alvin’s support.

 ”Well, then, I guess we’ll just have to stand by and be prepared”

 ”That’s right. We should rest up for now……”

 Shinji made a face that is difficult to describe. This is a rare expression for Shinji, who speaks theoretically about what is necessary.

 ”It’s very likely that the succubus will appear again. So, I think we should vent our s*xual desires. Her charm stimulates our s*xual desire, so it’s better to remove the effects of the…… charm that affected us in the battle earlier”

 Everyone’s face except Shinji turns red when they hear his words. It’s easy to see what he means when he says this at a party with two sets of lovers.

 It was only natural that Shinji would find it difficult to say. However, Alvin and the others understood that it was a necessary action.

 ”Well, I guess we’ll take a break. Let’s not leave from the temple”

 After each of them replied to Alvin’s words, Shinji and Renka left Alvin’s room, leaving Milis alone in Alvin’s room.

 ”Mil, can I?”

 ”Yes, Al-kun……♡”

 Once they are alone, Alvin approaches Milis and pushes her. Alvin is very horny and Milis was feeling horny as well.

 As they embrace each other, they fall into bed.

* * *

 ”Nn…. ♡ Nn…. ♡ Chuu…… ♡”

 After leave from Alvin’s room, Shinji and Renka immediately went to Renka’s room together. When they were walking down on the corridor, Shinji noticed that Renka was rubbing her hands on his, and he knew that she couldn’t wait to see him.

 As soon as they entered the room, Renka hugged Shinji and kissed his lips, which Shinji accepted by wrapping his arms around Renka’s back.

 ”Renka, wait a minute”

 ”Nn……Why? ♡”

 Renka looks at Shinji with lustful eyes, feeling as if she has been left to her own devices. She’s dissatisfied when she follows Shinji’s lead as she rubs her body against his.

 ”We are still at the entrance. Let’s go to bed”

 ”All right, hurry up~ ♡”

 Renka’s expression of desire is more honest than usual, probably due to the effect of being bewitched by the succubus. While thinking about how cute she is, he approaches the bed with Renka, who clings to him.

 She is not only honest, but also very aggressive in her actions. Because as they get on the bed, she pushes Shinji down quickly and pulls down his pants and underwear without touching his upper garment.

 After that, she grabbed Shinji’s huge cock with one hand and sucked it into her mouth without hesitation.

 Juruuu ♡ Jup ♡ Jup ♡ Buju ♡ Buju ♡

 ”Nn…. ♡ Ah…. ♡ Nn~ ♡ Nn~ ♡ Nn~ ♡”

 As Renka sucks on his cock, Shinji sweeps her red hair out of his ears. While doing so, she also licking and swallowing the pre-cum that oozes out of his glans with her tongue, feeling the pleasure of giving him the blowjob that Shinji had taught her.

 As he strokes Renka’s head, Shinji decides to let Renka take the lead this time.

 ”Ohhh…… Your blowjobs feel so good…….”

 The sight of Shinji enjoying the pleasure of being sucked makes Renka even more eager to serve him. Shinji continues to hold back his ejaculation as he is stimulated by Renka’s blowjob, sucking on the glans first and foremost.

 ”I can’t hold back any longer~ ♡ Can I insert it……? ♡”

 After Renka pulled her mouth away, she says so and straddled his p*nis, which had been enlarged by the blowjob. He can see that Renka’s vagina is already prepared, as her underwear is already soaked.

 Her love juices are dripping from the entrance of her vagina, making the p*nis she is straddling even wetter.

 ”Renka’s vagina is a lot tighter than usual…….”

 ”Ah…. ♡ Ah~ ♡ Shinji~ ♡ It feels so good…… ♡”

 Renka who is now sitting on top of Shinji’s cock is completely swallowed his entire big cock. As he lay there, Shinji skillfully took off Renka’s clothes and stripped her naked.

 Looking up at Renka’s sweaty body, Shinji rubbed Renka’s breasts with both hands, enjoying the elasticity as he waited for Renka to move.

 ”Nn~ ♡ I’m moving…. ♡ Ah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Hah~ ♡ It’s good ♡ It feels so good~ ♡”

 Renka swallowed his cock down to the root and started to move back and forth, pressing her hips against his.

 As for Shinji, the pressure of Renka’s vagina tightening around his entire p*nis was the most pleasurable, and it seemed to fit him better than usual and it was impossible for him not to feel good.

 Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡

 Renka lifted her hips and then lowered them all at once repeatly.

 As Shinji put his hands on her thin hips, he watched Renka shaking her hips violently while making nasty water sounds. The sight of her breasts swaying up and down, the look of pleasure on her face, and her sweet breath were driving Shinji to climax.

 ”Shinji, I like you~ ♡ I like you so much~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Cumming~ ♡ I’m cumming~ ♡ Please cum together~ ♡ Please cum inside meeeeeee~ ♡”

 Renka climaxed wildly from the physical pleasure and the happiness of having s*x with the man she loved.

 The inside of her vagina wriggles in search of Shinji’s semen. When Renka climaxes, Shinji ejaculates into her vagina a moment later.

 Doppu ♡ doppu ♡ doppu ♡ doppu ♡ …… dopyu ♡

 Shinji ejaculates into her vagina with all the cum he has stored up. Although he resisted the charms of the succubus, Shinji was also affected. So, it made his semen thicker than usual, filled her womb to the brim.

 Even though Renka knows that Shinji uses contraceptive magic, but even so, it was a violent ejaculation that made her think she was pregnant.

 ”Ah~~~……♡ Ahh…….♡♡♡”

 It seems that Renka’s head is not working because she is too intoxicated, and her body is twitching and she leaks a meaningless word. And Shinji, who had a firm grip on her hips, also lost his mind at the feeling of releasing the semen he had stored up.

 The sound of their ragged breathing was the only sound in the quiet room.

 ”If it weren’t for magic, I’d definitely be pregnant……♡ Chu~ ♡”

 ”I think I would have…… definitely impregnated you too. It felt too good …….”

 Renka and Shinji laugh and kiss each other as they lean over.

 After many kisses, Renka noticed that the p*nis that was still inserted had not wilted at all. As usual, Renka was not fully satisfied with one climax.

 He was aware that her strong s*xual desire was now fully ignited, and he began to kiss her deeply with his tongue.

 ”Rero~ ♡ Nn~ ♡ Chu~ ♡ Rero~ ♡ Hah…… ♡ Shinji move this time? ♡”

 ”Yes. Now it’s my turn”

 ”Hyan~ ♡”

 Shinji and Renka switch places as if they were rolling over each other.

 Shinji bent Renka over and started to pump his hips hard, repeatedly penetrating her with a pistoning movement. The vagina which is full of semen made Renka can only moan and scream.

 But Renka is happy to be so passionately desired by the man she loves.

 (Shinji, I love you ……♡)

 As she felt the heat of the semen pouring into her again, Renka flew into unconsciousness.

 It was a necessary act to remove the succubus’s charm!

 Renka was so affected that she couldn’t fight, especially since her reasoning was easily debauched and aggressive.

 I think it’s good for a lover to be proactive.

 If that’s the case, there’s one more person that must be eliminated!

 If they know they’re going to be fighting a succubus, they can make it a little better by nudging her.

 It’s only a feeling, but …… they should avoid relative to the situation when they are about to explode with s*xual desire.

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