Wizard 137

Chapter 137 Shizuku and Magic Ritual

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 Shizuku takes off her glasses and clothes then she lies down on the bed.

 When Shinji, who is looking down at Shizuku in her simple beige underwear, he opens his mouth for confirmation.

 ”This time I’m going to teach you body strengthening magic. The magic ritual requires you to climax at the same time. And You’ll be impregnated, but you don’t have to worry about pregnancy because I’ve put a contraceptive spell. Is that okay?”

 ”I’m fine”

 Shizuku looked up from below and saw Shinji crouched on his knees. Naturally, she could see Shinji’s p*nis. It’s not even half erect, but it’s the first time she’s seen a real p*nis and the grotesqueness of it gives her chills.

 ”Are you a virgin, by the way?”

 ”No, I exchanged my virginity with Hayate-chan….. ♡ Otherwise I wouldn’t want to perform a magic ritual”

 ”I see. Then I can insert it”

 As they talked, Shinji cast a spell on Shizuku to increase her sensitivity.

 Shizuku squirmed in embarrassment while he stared at her in her underwear, even though she didn’t like him.

 ”I’ll touch you then. Just applying slime lotion will probably hurt, so we need to get it wet”

 ”I don’t want it to hurt, so I’ll leave it to you…… Nn~♡”

 Shinji’s hand gently touches her chest. Shizuku was inwardly surprised when she felt a little bit of that. Shizuku’s body is well-balanced, and her breasts are slightly smaller than the palm of her hand, but they are also very firm.

 (It’s a lie…… ♡ When he touches my breast, it feels good…… ♡)

 Shizuku was puzzled by how easily her body reacted.

 She knew she needed to get wet, but because she was doing it with someone she didn’t like, it was hard for her to feel it and she thought it would take a while to get wet. But, on the contrary, just a little touch would make her feel hot from deep inside …….

 ”Aren’t you feeling it easily?”

 ”~ ♡ Fuuh…… ♡ Fuuh…… ♡”

 Shizuku’s face is stained with shame at just one word. Her masks, which she had been trying to keep casual, were beginning to come off.

 Her breasts were carefully caressed with his pliant hands. Yet, her nipples, which were her weak points, were not touched. Shizuku twisted and writhed in frustrated pleasure, keeping her mouth shut to keep from screaming sweetly.

 As he does that, Shizuku’s body was starting to get wet. In addition to the magic that raises sensitivity, he also applies estrus magic to make it her even easier to get wet.

 ”Ah… Fuuh… ♡ It’s already enough… ♡ It’s wet so it’s time~ ♡”

 After Shizuku says so, Shinji pinched both of her nipples, causing Shizuku to lean back lightly.

 (I……. ♡ Cum……. lightly…… ♡)

 Shizuku’s mouth loosened sloppily as she easily climaxed. But when she came back to herself, she clenched her mouth again. Shinji was watching her with a smile on his face.

 ”It looks like mine is big one. So, I think Shizuku will have a hard time if I don’t do more”

 ”Lie…… It’s too big …….”

 Shinji’s words made Shizuku look at his p*nis and her eyes widened in surprise when she saw that Shinji’s cock was fully erect. She turned pale when she saw the p*nis, which was more vicious than the adult toys with which she had exchanged her virginity.

 As he squeezed her nipple again, the colour of her face returned from blue to red.

 ”It’s okay. Flair says it feels good. So, I’ll make sure to loosen it up before I insert it:

 ”Nii~ ♡ Fuuh~ ♡ Fuuh~…… ♡”

 Shinji’s fingers just played with her nipples and Shizuku couldn’t resist anymore. As Shizuku weakens, Shinji removes his hand from her breast and moves it to her secret area.

 Kuchu ♡

 He pushes his fingertips to the top of her underwear, and the wet underwear made a nasty sound. Then, he stroked her pussy, and a sweet, numbing sensation came over her.

 ”Hah……♡ Nn~ ♡ Wait……♡ One……Please wait~ ♡”

 Shizuku involuntarily tried to escape from Shinji’s hands by closing her legs and trying to hold his hands with her own. But it was too late now that she was already being touched, and Shinji’s fingers slid down her underwear and inserted themselves.

 The sensation of a man’s thick, hard fingers, different from the thin, delicate fingers of her lover, sends a shiver down her spine with pleasure.

 Shinji scrambled around inside her vagina, which was still wet from the caresses on her breasts, to find out how Shizuku was reacting. The vagina tightens up on its own as Shinji’s fingers move in and out.

 The vagina overflows with love juices from the inside of the vagina, which twists and turns in an unpleasant way. It stains Shinji’s fingers and the sheets.

 (No way, his fingers~ ♡ This guy~ ♡ He’s too good at caressing… ♡ My body … ♡ My body reacts on its own … ♡)

 Gutchu ♡ Gutchu ♡ Gutchu ♡ Gutchu ♡

 Shinji’s fingers mercilessly ravaged Shizuku’s vagina.

 Her hands, which had been trying to restrain him, remained weakly on top of her body. Her legs were also weak and half open so Shinji could caress her vagina as much as he wanted.

 ”Ah~ ♡ Don’t caress there~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Cumming~ ♡ I’m cumming~ ♡”

 Shinji’s fingers finally touch Shizuku’s weak point.

 It made her climaxed as her body bouncing with pleasure. The vagina tightens around Shinji’s finger as she jerks back and forth.

 ”Shizuku comes so easily. I’m worried about your ability to perform magic rituals at this rate”

 ”I can…… ♡ I can do it…… ♡ Ah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡”

 The idea of not raising her voice or trying to keep it casual had long since slipped her mind.

 And, all she could do is to maintain the idea that she had to make the magic ritual a success, which came to mind when she heard Shinji’s words.

 ”Well then, you can restore for a while. But I’ll keep caressing you after that and I’ll see if you can do it before the real thing”

 ”Un~ ♡ der……. stood~ ♡ Hah~ ♡ Hah~ ♡”

 Shizuku began to restore her magic power inside her body as Shinji told him to, so he didn’t move his fingers and waited for Shizuku.

 After Shizuku’s magic power is restored, Shinji’s finger touches a weak point in her vagina again.

 ”Nhi~ ♡ Dwon’t dwo thwat in thewre~ ♡”

 Shizuku climaxed again and the magic that she had restored dissipated.

 ”See, you dissipated your magic power when you came. Well, it’s a good thing you practiced before the real thing”

 ”No way…… ♡ It’s a lie……♡ Why I……. ♡”

 No matter what, it feels too good. Shizuku thought so, but when Shinji’s fingers resumed caressing her, her power of thought immediately melted away.

 ”Ah~~♡ Ah~~♡”

 ”See, it’s not going to be the real thing no matter”

 Shinji caresses the soggy vagina and Shizuku climaxes.

 Shizuku climaxes over and over again, her charming voice continues until the magic power does not dissipate while she comes.


 It started with a sticky caress.

 Shizuku-chan is made to cum over and over again by the caresses of someone she hates.

 I wondered if she could handle this kind of foreplay.

 Shinji is also in the mood to make her cum.

 It’s important to remember that if you climax, the magic ritual will not succeed.

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Edited by Kanaa-senpai.

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