Wizard 136

Chapter 136 Shizuku’s Negotiation

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 ”Magic Ritual? Even though, it’s only the second day……”

 ”Hayate-chan seems quickly to learn magic”

 ”You guys…… why you can talk normally?”

 Shinji, who had been having s*x with Flair, is still wearing nothing on his lower body, and his magnificent p*nis is still erected.

 Marie’s gaze flickers to his p*nis, but Shinji has no shame at all, and Marie is concerned because Shinji’s p*nis is by far the biggest she’s ever seen, but she tries to calm herself by telling him what she wants first.

 Flair, who has been exposed to the full extent of her lasciviousness, looks away…….

 ”Don’t bring it up again~. I’m trying to forget~”

 ”……Please ……do it as soon as possible~noja……”

 Flair is wrapped up in Shinji’s quilt, and Shinji continues to talk.

 ”I understand why. As expected, she has a talent for learning magic, she had learned it in two days in a good environment.

 ”Right~, she’s a fast learner~”

 Hayate’s training environment is one of the best in the world.

 The environment in which a retired adventurer, a former upper ranking adventurer, can teach her for several hours is not possible without good connections.

 The average person who becomes an adventurer without any connections starts out as a lower rank adventurer.

 While earning their daily living through quests, they attend free training sessions held by the guild to learn body strengthening magic.

 The training takes place over a few hours, and since there are several people in a group, there is not much individual instruction. In those few hours of practice, the participants would go through a trial-and-error process, recalling the magic they had memorized. The average time to learn the magic is about one month.

 ”So, the reason she got impatient. She seems to think that if she keeps doing the same thing, the gap will get bigger and bigger”

 ”It’s not a surprise, is it~? Hayate-chan has a better environment~, so Shizuku-chan will be left behind~. Even though, I can show her the magic circle~, but I can’t teach her with human senses because I don’t know human sense~”

 ”Well, I wonder…….”

 Shinji does not know how spirits learn magic. Immature spirits never appear in public, and spirits that interact with people are better at magic than humans.

 Even when a human learns magic from a spirit, it is through watching and practicing, so it is expected that a spirit will learn magic through watching and practicing as well.

 ”Still, the environment in which she can practice with a spirit is blessed enough…… but it’s okay. I’ll call Shizuku”

 ”Before that, I should prepare myself~noja ♡”

 Flair, who was wrapped in a quilt, emerged and tried to stand up and get off the bed, but Shinji pulled her hand and she sat down beside him again.

 Shinji thrusts his arms into the futon and rubs Flair’s breasts while holding her body, and a sweet voice escapes from Flair’s mouth.

 ”Shinji, I need to change my clothes…….”

 ”Flair must stays next to me. You’ll be dressed like that”

 As the quilt is stripped away, Flair is revealed in a loose dress, a sweaty body, disheveled hair.

 ”But this is not a good time to call Shizuku~noja!”

 ”I have an idea. Okay?”

 ”Nn…. ♡ I, I understand~noja……♡”

 (Flair-chan is completely obedient~…….♡)

 Although Flair didn’t want to, Shinji put all his strength into her arms and didn’t let go. In addition, Flair is easily obedient when Shinji squeezed her breasts while pinching them.

 Marie didn’t feel that Flair had any intention of defying Shinji at all. Also, her heart started to pound as she looked at Flair, who seemed to be completely tamed.

 (I guess that big dick got her~ ♡)

 Her eyes met with Shinji’s, who had covered his lower body with the quilt he had stripped from Flair.

 Immediately, Marie looked away. She felt that if she didn’t, he would be able to see inside her breasts. Even thought, she feels reluctant to take an interest in the magnificent erection of the p*nis.

 Karan Karan ♪, Shinji rang the silver bell. Shizuku emerged within the silver magic circle and looked at Shinji and the others.

 Shinji gazes at Flair with a calm expression on his face, in contrast to the tense expression on Shizuku’s. Shizuku looks at Flair next to Shinji with a bitter feeling, as Flair can only be seen after the fact.

 (It seems the negotiation schedule has gone astray…….)

 Shizuku was planning to use her body to negotiate the magic ritual.

 She is thinking of paying a price for the fact that she can do whatever she wants after the magic ritual is complete.

 Shizuku was aware of her good looks. Because she was popular in the world before she was reincarnated, and she was often approached by people in this world as well.

 However, Flair, the woman who was serving him, was as beautiful as Shizuku. She had a good figure, and her healthy brown skin looked very attractive, even if she was a woman herself.

 ”Marie told me about you. You don’t need to panic, okay? Shizuku has his own pace, Hayate has his own pace too. So, why don’t you give it one more day?”

 Shinji was clearly not keen on the idea.

 It was as if he was mocking Shizuku’s decision to give up her body to someone she didn’t like.

 ”But I want to get rid of my dependence on Hayate as soon as possible. I’ll even perform the ……magic ritual if that’s what it takes”

 ”I don’t want Hayate to hate me”

 Shinji asks for agreement by daring to mention Hayate’s existence.

 ”I’m going to…… hide this until dead”

 ”There’s no benefit to me. As you can see, I have Flair, so I’m not starving for a woman. And I don’t want to go to the trouble of dealing with a girl who hates me a lot. Let’s learn by watching, okay?”

 Shinji still didn’t shake his head.

 Flair was still leaning on Shinji like she didn’t care, and Marie was watching him without saying a word.

 Shinji’s words were so plausible that Shizuku couldn’t say another word.

 A magic ritual would have been an option for a trusted teacher and disciple, but there was no such thing between Shinji and Shizuku. In fact, there are too many negative feelings between them.

 Shizuku has never had a friendly attitude towards Shinji. She finally realized that there is no way he could accept a favor of someone who didn’t like him.

 But Shizuku was not one to give up easily at this point.

 The most important thing for Shizuku is to be able to spend time with Hayate. For that reason, Shizuku threw away her pride.

 ”I’m sorry for what I’ve done. From now on, I will change my attitude and follow your instructions closely. Please teach me magic”

 Shizuku could only admit that she was wrong and put his trust in Shinji’s compassion.

 So, she lowered her head to let him hold her.

 ”Please, Shinji-san”

 The humiliation of bowing for the sake of offering her body hit Shizuku. She knew that it would be a shame to show it, but she endured it.

 Silence enveloped Shinji’s room.

 ”Hah~……”, Shinji sighed heavily.

 ”Okay okay, I’ll do it. Let’s do the magic ritual”

 ”Thank you”

 Shinji agreed with a dumbfounded voice that gave up on persuasion. Shizuku thanked him with her head down and finally raised her head.

 Shizuku’s expression was hard. She was able to get her request through, but she didn’t know how to move forward.

 ”Flair, Marie, give us a moment, please”

 ”Okay~noja, Shinji, see you later”


 When Flair and Marie heard Shinji’s voice, they disappeared, leaving an empty space on the bed.

 ”Shizuku, come here”


 Shinji patted the bed lightly. Shizuku nodded obediently and climbed onto Shinji’s bed.

 He wanted to teach her magic and discipline her cheeky daughter.

 Shinji reaches for Shizuku’s hand.


 Flair is well disciplined with pleasure.

 Shinji-kun makes Shizuku understand her position and willingly offers her body to him.

 She wants to learn magic as soon as possible, so she decides to sacrifice her pride. It’s humiliating her!

 Will Shizuku really be able to just learn magic?

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