Wizard 135

Chapter 135 Shizuku and Hayate at that time

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 Just before Marie teleported into Shinji’s room.

 Hayate, who had gone to work at Heliotrope in the morning, finished the morning cleaning as usual and is practicing the body strengthening magic with Nanaka.

 She continued to practice by adjusting the magic circle many times, relying on her intuition, and finally, Hayate’s body successfully casted with <Body-Strengthening Magic>.

 ”Ah……! It’s working! It’s finally working, Nanaka-san!”

 ”……Well, it’s finally working. You did it”

 Nanaka took a closer look at Hayate’s jumping for joy. Even from Nanaka’s point of view, Hayate’s <Body-Strengthening Magic> is having an effect. However, the effect is low because it is really only activated. Because, on <Body-Strengthening Magic>, there is a huge difference between Hayate and Nanaka.

 ”Okay, first of all, you have to make sure you can activate it anytime. So, you must use it again and again until you remember how to use it”


 She’ll teach her the difference later. So, she decided to praise Hayate first and let her learn while she is still highly motivated to succeed.

 Fortunately, Hayate seemed to have good intuition and once she succeeded, she is able to activate the body strengthening magic without much difficulty.

 Hayate is mostly happy to be able to use the magic, but as it became more and more successful, she began to tilt her head. Naturally, Nanaka is also observing Hayate curiously.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 ”I’m not as strong as before……”

 ”Oh…… Hayate-chan just only learned to use magic. And this magic is so basic that its performance can be greatly changed by individual skill……”

 ”I see……”

 Hayate’s expression clouded when she heard Nanaka’s words.

 She thought she understood that the magic she is using as naturally as possible was made possible by Sylphy’s power.

 Although she is able to use magic through her own efforts once again, it is a far more degraded version.

 It is true that the magic has strengthened her body, but the increase in strength is completely different. Especially, the difference in agility in particular is tremendous.

 Furthermore, the magic power that is consumed is more than before. She felt as if she couldn’t keep it up while she will be in the dungeon later.

 Hayate realized once again how great Sylphy was when she started to use the same magic. She is ashamed of herself for thinking that it’s unreasonable for her to be angry at her for trying to involve her in such a self-indulgent life.

 (I need to be able to stand on my own while she teaches me!)

 Hayate thought about practicing magic again.

* * *

 (It doesn’t work at all……)

 On the other hand, Shizuku, who is practicing in her room at the inn, isn’t doing so well at all. She repeated the construction of the magic circle, remembering the magic circle she saw last night, but there is no sign of it working.

 ”Do you want to see the magic circles again?”

 Not only did she remember, but Marie, who is floating around Shizuku, also showed her the same magic circle of body strengthening magic. It is not become a problem since Shinji gave Marie permission to do this when he left last night.


 ”Yes, yes~”

 Shizuku has been practicing since Hayate left.

 She thinks that if she were to compare her own magic circle with Marie’s, it would look exactly the same.

 This is why she’s trying to focus on the magic area, but it’s still not working.

 (Even though I don’t have much time……)

 Shizuku didn’t feel like she could learn it in three days, even though Shinji had said three days. She felt like she is being rushed. However, Marie only smiled and watched over Shizuku.

 When Marie suddenly changed her expression, she seemed to be surprised by something, and Shizuku reacted in a remarkable way.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 ”Hayate-chan said she has learned a body strengthening magic”

 ”Eh!? So, so she has learned it……”

 ”That’s two days, you know~ That’s fast~♪!”

 In contrast to Marie’s cheerful voice, Shizuku’s voice is dark. If she had been asked about her girlfriend’s success, she would happy of course, but she couldn’t honestly be happy right now.

 Because, it took her so much time and effort but still didn’t learn it, so she couldn’t help but wonder why.

 (I have to learn it……. There is also attack magic…… and if I rely on Hayate-chan on the whole time, she will……)

 In Shizuku’s mind, she imagines Hayate giving up on the unreliable Shizuku and grabbing the arm of some handsome guy and leaving.

 ”No, Hayate-chan doesn’t do that”, she shakes her head and shakes off her unpleasant fantasy.

 However, she is not optimistic.

 The situation become like this because the result of her optimism about the Goddess’ response.



 Shizuku, who had been pondering in silence for a while, raised her head and looked at Marie.

 ”I’d like to know more about the magic ritual. Don’t tell anyone, please”

 ”Ufufu~ Okay~”

 Marie laughed and nodded at Shizuku’s request.

 ”The rituals are performed by a man and a woman in intercourse~. The master and the apprentice must be familiar with the magic they want to learn~.

 They must combine their magic power with each other and accept each other’s ejaculation when climaxing~. Also, as they climaxing, the body will have the most openings, so take advantage of those openings to memorize the magic in the body.

 And the more complicated the magic~, the more the magic power needs to be sent~, but with body strengthening magic~, it only needs to be done once~.

 It also takes time for it to settle in~, so one a day should be the limit~”

 While listening to Marie’s explanation, Shizuku’s cheeks began to blush.

 Shizuku and Hayate have a deep physical relationship. They used to take each other’s virginity with toys.

 That’s why they can imagine s*x to some extent.

 The thought of doing it with a man she hates gives her goosebumps of guilt and disgust for her lover. But she’ve decided that it’s necessary.

 (I’m sorry……Hayate-chan. It’s only for a few times, until I learn the minimum amount of magic that I need to make ……money)

 After becoming independent, she declares that she will work as an apostle and trains again with the help of Marie. She could guess that if she trained diligently every day with ambition, things like this would never happen again.

 She decided that now was the time to endure for the sake of her and Hayate’s future.

 ”Marie, please contact Shinji-san”

 ”Okay~ ……Ara? That’s weird, there’s no response~. I’m sure he has come back~ ……I’ll ask him directly~”

 Shizuku begged Marie to send out a thought, but there is no response from Shinji. She also tried to send a thought to Flare, who is supposed to be with her, but there is no response from her either.

 Thus, Marie is teleported to Shinji’s room.

 When she arrived, she saw the two of them engaged in a violent fight, so she couldn’t help but stare.

 Marie arrived, while <Running Wolves> was fighting. Well, it’s not fighting a monster but Shinji that having s*x with Renka, Milis and Flare in turn.

 Why did Marie come? That’s the part.

 Hayate-chan is a sensitive person. It took her two days to learned the magic.

 Shizuku is in a hurry because her girlfriend learned it so quickly. So, finally, she is ready to perform the magic ritual.

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