Wizard 141

Chapter 141 Shizuku Wants to Talk to Shinji

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 After finishing his lunch and filling his stomach, Shinji decided to watch Iris practice her magic at her request. Of course, Renka was with him.

 Iris knew that Shinji and the others must be tired after coming back from the mission, so she thought of a way to spend the time without tiring them.

 Although Iris likes Shinji as a person of the opposite s*x, but she also respects him as a superior wizard.

 By spending a lot of time with him outside of the sweet moments of s*x and dating, she was trying to show him that she was not annoying to be around by letting him get to know her better in normal times.

 In fact, Shinji prefers a wife or lover who is calm and comfortable to be around rather than a woman who is pushy. But if it is a s*x friend, it doesn’t matter if she is pushy……

 ”Iris-chan is amazing”

 She cast a magic in order while maintaining the magic of the four attributes: <Water Ball>, <Fire Ball>, <Wind Ball>, and <Rock Ball>.

 Normally, if someone used a <Fire Ball> after <Water Ball>, <Water Ball> would disappear, but if someone used <Fire Ball> while using magic power to maintain <Water Ball>, <Water Ball> would not disappear.

 Iris is doing parallel training, using different spells in her left and right hands.

 ”Shinji doesn’t use more than one magic at a time, does he?”

 ”Well, my original output of magic power is average…… but <Swamp> magic that I use a lot is a combination of earth and water magic, so it is treated as using more than one…….”

 If someone wants to use two spells at the same time, he or she will need a total of two spells to release magic power. So, Shinji without Freri’s support can only release as much magic power as he can, and the spells he can use at the same time are weak.

 Furthermore, without Freri’s support, Shinji’s ability to mix earth and water magic is limited.

 The technique of using multiple spells at the same time is called combining magic.

 There are various combinations of magic, such as a <Fire Tornado> by combining <Fire> and <Tornado> magic.

 Basically, it’s for two wizards who work together, but wizards with superior magic power can also use it individually.

 If someone makes a contract with a spirit, it is difficult for them to use it individually because they are specialized in one attribute. Combined magic was the trump card technique for wizards like Iris who had a large amount of raw power.

 At the moment, Iris can only use magic in order, but as her training progresses, she will be able to use magic at the same time. By doing so, she will be able to expand her magic range and greatly increase her war potential.

 ”……What’s wrong, desu?”

 Iris’s overflowing talent was dazzling for Shinji.

 Iris, who tilted her head curiously, laughed at the thought that she might be overtaken in no time once she had learned her skills.

 ”I think Iris-chan will be able to join <Tea Party>”

 ”It’s nice to hear that from……Senpai, desu”

 She smiled like a flower at Shinji’s praise.

* * *

 (While there are girls like Iris who are talented and hardworking, there are also girls who take the easy way out. Well, that’s not for me to say)

 After Iris came home and Shinji finished dinner, he returned to his house. The sun was down and it was a good time to call Shizuku.

 Thinking of Shizuku’s magical ritual yesterday, Shinji sent a thought to Marie.

 [Marie, how is Shizuku?]

 [She’s been practicing strengthening magic from yesterday until today~. After all, a sense of urgency is important~. So, she’s practicing so diligently~]

 Shinji chuckled at Marie’s leisurely thoughts.

 Shinji was aware that he was doing something bad to Shizuku.

 It’s like saying that if she doesn’t want to break up with her lover, she must work as an apostle, which is an admirable threat.

 However, he has no intention of stopping because the cause is Shizuku’s fault for violating the conditions of reincarnation in another world. As a result, this is the most likely way for Shizuku and Hayate to avoid breaking up.

 (The price is making their bodies fall and they become s*x friends)

 Shinji can have s*x with both of them, and they don’t have to break up. It was a win-win situation, Shinji thought.

 [It’s good that she’s serious, Marie, could you make sure Shizuku wants to learn magic again today?]

 [Yes, yes~♪. ……She wants to learn magic today too with a magic ritual~]

 [She’s very eager……well, it’s convenient. If so, can you transfer her when Shizuku is ready?]

 [I understand~♪]

 Shinji, who cut his thoughts, waited for Shizuku to arrive.

* * *

 [Shizuku~. What are you going to do today? ♡]

 After the sun went down, Marie sent a thought to Shizuku, who had finished eating with Hayate after returning from her part-time job and was talking about what had happened today. Shizuku’s mood which is joyful suddenly sank.

 Naturally, Hayate noticed the cloudy expression on Shizuku’s face and became concerned.

 ”What’s wrong?”

 ”Ah, etto…… It suddenly occurred to me that I was relying too much on you, Hayate-chan…….”

 ”Don’t worry! I’m going to take care Shizuku”

 Hayate hugged Shizuku without any doubt as soon as she was able to fool around with it. Shizuku hugged back Hayate cheek to cheek while Shizuku returned a reminder with Marie.

 [I’m going to go. I need to learn attack magic as soon as possible]

 [Okay~ I’ll let him know~. I’ll transfer you as soon as you’re ready~]

 While in Hayate’s arms, Shizuku recalled the events of yesterday.

 A magic ritual in which Shinji was able to make her cum a lot.

 Her body was caressed by a person she didn’t like, and she was made climaxed.

 While she was being caressed, she couldn’t think about anything, but now she realizes that her body has become unnaturally sensitive.

 Something must have been done to her. She thought that if she hadn’t, there was no way it would feel better than the caresses of her beloved Hayate.

 It was the same with the p*nis she had accepted for the first time.

 It should have just been a matter of matching her climax with the increase in magic power, but she was poked hard in the back of her vagina again and again. It was completely just s*x.

 It was a ritual, so it should have been done more matter-of-factly.

 She was going to meet Shinji now, but she had to say something.

 Shizuku thought to herself.

 At the same time, Shizuku’s vagina tingled with the memory of yesterday’s pleasure. It was because of the remnants of pleasure that she could not forget even after a night.

 ”Hayate-chan, I’m going to go do some training now……”

 ”Okay. I’ll be waiting for you, so let’s sleep together again today”


 Chu ♡

 The lips of the two touched each other.

 Shizuku took a step backward and left the embrace, reluctantly releasing her arms.

 [Okay, Marie]

 [I’m here to help~ ♡]

 Shizuku’s figure disappears.

 Hayate looked over at Shizuku with a worried look in her eyes.


 Iris-chan’s training was observed and instructed.

 Then Shizuku heads to Shinji’s room again.

 The second magic ritual is about to begin.

 Shizuku still hates it.

 But her body knows what pleasure is. She tries to think of a reason why she feels the way she does, and pretends to be convinced.

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