Wizard 142

Chapter 142 The second magic ritual

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 When Shizuku appeared in front of Shinji, who was waiting for her at home, Shinji closed the book he was reading and looked at Shizuku, and their eyes met.

 ”Good evening, Shizuku”

 ”……Good evening, Shinji-san”

 Shizuku confronted Shinji, who was staring at her with a blank stare behind his glasses, as if nothing had happened yesterday. Shinji kept his relaxed attitude.

 ”What’s wrong with you?”

 ”What did you do to my body yesterday?”

 Shizuku, with a sharp glare, closed the distance to question Shinji.

 ”What do you mean? I was just caressing you”

 ”That can’t be true……. Because it was so…….”

 Shizuku’s face reddened as she remembered how Shinji’s hands had made her cum.

 ”You think it’s strange that you feel that way? So, you’re going to tell me that it shouldn’t be feel good without love, right?”

 ”Yes! It’s strange!”

 Shinji’s snickering attitude made Shizuku scream, as if he knew what she was thinking.

 Of course, Shizuku has masturbated before. And there is a huge difference in the pleasure of masturbating to the same spot and having Hayate touch her.

 That’s how she knows that it feels good to have s*x with someone she loves.

 So, in Shizuku’s mind, being touched by someone she didn’t love must be unpleasant. She’d thought it would be a bland act, just a way to learn magic.

 But in reality, she experienced a pleasure that she had never experienced before.

 It made her feel guilty about Hayate.

 ”So, you think I did something to you? That’s a hell of an accusation”

 Shinji sniffed unhappily. In fact, he has increased her sensitivity and cast an estrus spell, so he is tampering with her, but there is no proof.

 It was impossible for Shizuku to press him further.

 ”I think we should stop the magic rituals then”

 ”It’s…… that…… I’d like to ask it…….”

 ”Originally, magic rituals weren’t supposed to be done out of the blue, you know? I’m doing it specially because Goddess-sama asked me to”

 From the point of view of the person giving the magic, the only advantage is that he can have s*x.

 A spell book is expensive, costing tens of gold coins or more, and if one has that much, they can get a high-class prostitute to do it for them in city. The high-class prostitutes were more beautiful than Shizuku and had better technique than her.

 So, it’s unlikely that someone would be so covetous as to continue to give her the magic that they’ve worked so hard to learn and earn, without giving them something in return.

 ”I’m sorry…… it was my fault”

 ”Huh…… So, don’t blame me for making you feel better, okay?”

 In the end, Shizuku has no choice but to give in. Shizuku, who is in a weak position, cannot force Shinji to do anything. At least until she learns a few attack magic.

 Shinji who declared that it was only her body constitution, looked at Shizuku with a sullen look.

 ”So? What do you want to learn?”

 ”I want to learn <Water Ball>, because it’s the most basic water magic”

 ”Well, that’s true. If you can’t learn <Water Ball>, you can’t learn anything else”

 The more powerful the magic, the more prerequisites it has. So, it’s not just that spell books are expensive. And if someone want to learn higher magic, they must know the base of all water magic. That is <Water Ball>.

 Shinji thought about going to bed to perform the magic ritual, but then he thought of something nasty.

 Shinji deliberately grabbed his pants and underwear and let out a loud sigh as he looked at his p*nis.

 ”I wish I could do that for you, but I can’t. Because I can’t get it up because of your boring accusations. ……It’s delicate, isn’t it, the male genitals?”

 Shizuku could tell from Shinji’s demeanor that he wanted to be serviced. She thought that he was trying to make a fool out of her by doubting her without proof.

 Still, Shizuku had no choice but to do what Shinji wanted, and she crouched down in front of him, looking up at him.

 ”Then I’ll make it bigger……”

 ”That’s right. Take care of it”

 She smiles and pulls down Shinji’s pants and underwear.

 As she does that, Shinji’s p*nis appears in front of Shizuku’s eyes. It’s big, even though it’s deflated. Shizuku touched it gently with his slippery hand, feeling disgusted.

 She touched it with both hands, but her hands were unfamiliar, and her face was warped in such a way that it was obvious she didn’t like it.

 It didn’t feel so good for Shinji, but the pleasure of voluntarily giving service to a person who didn’t want to be touched aroused his p*nis.

 Shizuku’s face contorted as she watched his p*nis slowly grow. But she felt no more disgust than she had yesterday.

 ”Do it with your mouth. Don’t let your teeth hit it”

 ”I, I understand……”

 She touched the male genitals of the man she hated with the lips that she had kissed so happily before coming over here.

 She started to lick the tip with her tongue, as if she was licking a candy bar.

 Shizuku’s body was beginning to seek out the man, thanks to Shinji’s estrus magic. The pleasure of having s*x with Shinji, which he had learned about yesterday, lessened his disgust. Soon, Shizuku became accustomed to the act of licking.

 ”Suck it…… yeah, that’s good…….”

 ”Nbu, Nmu…… Nn, Nn, Nmu”

 Shinji big man’s hand grabs Shizuku’s head as she sucks on his p*nis.

 He grinds her head, holding it in place so that he can enjoy the sight of Shizuku’s blowjob. The pre-cum that flow from the glans spread the taste of the male in her mouth.

 (But…… It’s so big and thick…….)

 Naturally, Shinji’s eyes met Shizuku’s, who was looking up at him.

 Shinji smiles thinly at the sight of Shizuku’s pathetic face as she squeezes her mouth shut and sucks on it. Shizuku feels humiliated, but she can’t stop sucking.

 She can’t stop until Shinji says it’s enough.

 ”Juru, Jupu, Nbu, Nun, Ngu, Jupo ♡”

 Shizuku sucked Shinji’s cock, hoping that she could finish soon.

 Finally, Shinji was about to cum. His cock quivered and swelled up.

 Shizuku instinctively knew that he was about to cum. So, she hurriedly tried to remove his p*nis from her mouth, but Shinji’s hand gripped his head tightly and wouldn’t allow it.


 ”Nn~~~~ ♡”

 Shinji cum in Shizuku’s mouth without mercy. She had no choice but to accept the semen into her mouth.

 Dobu~ ♡ Dopu~ ♡, there is no way she can swallow the large amount of semen poured into her mouth, so the semen overflowed from the edge of her mouth.

 It was a terrible treatment.

 If they were going to perform a magic ritual, she should only have to make it big, but he made her suck his cock until he climaxes.

 Shizuku didn’t realize that the look of resentment in her eyes as she stared at the big cock that had been pulled out of her mouth was beginning to contain a hint of heat and anticipation.


 Forcing a cocky JK to serve him.

 What a terrible protagonist!

 Shizuku is starting to be trained little by little.

 It also touched on a bit of this and that about magic.

 The more powerful the magic, the more prerequisites it has.

 For example, prerequisites for <Water arrow> is <Water ball>.

 So, to learn <Water Blade> someone needs to learn <Water Arrow> then before someone learn <Water Arrow> they must learn <Water Ball>. This is the same when reading a spell book.

 In the case of spell books, for some reason it is understood that someone can’t memorize them, but since apprenticeships just keep failing endlessly, the stronger the magic, the more likely they are to learn themself with a spell book.

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