Wizard 143

Chapter 143 The second magic ritual・Sequel

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 ”I can’t believe you just ejaculated without telling me”

 Frowning at the sensation of thick semen tangling in her throat, Shizuku tried to pull away from Shinji. Shinji released Shizuku’s head and chuckled at her discomfort while looking at her attitude.

 ”I thought you wanted it because you sucked me so enthusiastically”

 ”No, of course not. I just want to learn magic and I don’t like you”

 ”Sexual intercourse and affection are two different things. Well, now that you’ve made me cum once, let’s do the magic ritual”

 Shinji smiled bitterly and sat down on the side of the bed.

 Shizuku got on the bed, looking away from Shinji’s erect p*nis. The distance between them is just out of reach.

 ”Please be as quick as you can”

 Shizuku took off her clothes and move them aside so that Hayate wouldn’t find out that she had been having s*x. The white underwear gave Shinji a simple and neat impression.

 Shinji noticed that the underwear was covered in stains.

 ”You’re getting wet by licking me, right? Does that mean you’re a slut?”

 ”No…..!? It’s not possible……”

 Shizuku quickly hid the stained underwear with one hand, but Shinji approached and grabbed her arm to pull her away. The index finger of the remaining hand touched the secret part of Shizuku.

 The caress of Shinji’s fingers, even on her underwear, felt better than when Shizuku masturbated. Of course, it was because of the magic that increased sensitivity, but Shizuku had no way of knowing that.

 (I’m not a slut…… ♡ This is absolutely ridiculous~ ♡)

 In no time at all, she pulled down her underwear, and when her fingers touched it directly, she heard a nasty wet sound. Shizuku’s face turned red with shame.

 ”You don’t like me, right? That means you’re a slut who feels good no matter who touches you”

 ”Nn……♡ No, it’s not……♡ This is……♡ Yes, that’s right……♡ This is just protect me…… ♡ It protect me from a pain ♡ Nhi~ ♡”

 Shizuku desperately tried to deny it with reasons, but her power to resist was getting weaker and weaker. Her hand that should have been restrained to stop his caressing hand is now only attached to it.

 His fingers slipped into her vagina without resistance ♡

 Shinji’s middle finger touched the weak point of Shizuku’s vagina, which he already knew from yesterday’s caress.

 ”As long as it doesn’t feel good, it’s fine, right?”

 ”Ah……♡ Oh~ ♡ Oh~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡”

 Shinji’s unrestrained fingering assaults Shizuku.

 He presses his fingers all the way down to the base of her pussy, making loud water sounds and caressing only the most pleasurable parts.

 Shizuku’s eyes flickered with too much pleasure.

 The look of disgust on her face turned into that of a horny bitch. She turned her head and fell back on the bed, screaming in frustration, but Shinji’s tormentors didn’t stop.

 After climax repeatedly, Shizuku immediately surrendered.

 ”It feels good~ ♡ It feels so good~ ♡ So stop it~ ♡♡”

 Shinji’s hand stopped at the sound of Shizuku’s screaming voice.

 Finally, Shizuku was released from her continuous climax. Shinji could tell from the tightness of her vagina that Shizuku was having one last big climax.

 ”So, do you know how good it feels without love?”

 ”Ah~ ♡ But…. ♡ I have Hayate-chan….. ♡ So, I shouldn’t be feeling so good…… ♡”

 Withdrawing his middle finger was enough to make Shizuku feel pleasure.

 During fingering, Shinji applied the estrus magic and sensitivity magic. It made the entrance of Shizuku’s secret part was twitching and twitching hungrily.

 Kuchu ♡

 He presses his glans against such a place.

 As he does that, she doesn’t feel like resisting the insertion, which should be unpleasant. Rather, her body, remembering the pleasure of yesterday, longed to be inserted as soon as possible.

 And Shizuku’s mind was beginning to be swept away by the pleasure. The sight of Shinji’s erect p*nis in front of his eyes was no longer disgusting.

 For Shizuku, the second penetration felt better than the first.

 The glans reached the back of her vagina as he inserted it to the base of his p*nis.

 The pleasure of the p*nis penetrating her and filling her vagina made Shizuku let out a breath of air that felt as good as when she soaked in the bath.

 ”Maintain your magic power. Until I cum, …… no, of course”

 Shinji laughs unpleasantly as he tries to attack her in the same missionary position as yesterday.

 Shinji sits back down, holding Shizuku up. She was sitting on top of Shinji, who was sitting on his knees, and Shizuku was straddling him.

 ”If you want to make this quick, why don’t you do your best, Shizuku? Just make me cum while you synchronize the magic power and you’re done”

 ”Kuh……♡ I… Know……♡”

 The two faces are closer together than in missionary position.

 Their genitals are very well connected too, and Shizuku leans back to get her face away from Shinji.

 Then she slowly raised her hips, putting all her strength into her legs. But just the act of pulling it out felt good because her vagina would tighten the p*nis on its own.

 Fuh~ ♡ Fuh~ ♡, she let her hips fall as she repeatedly breathe hard. The glans reaches deep into her vagina and pushes up against her womb. The numbing pleasure assaults Shizuku, making her legs shake and shake.

 There was no way she could make Shinji cum even if she moved like that. Instead, Shizuku who was moving by herself was about to climaxed.

 ”You’ll never be able to finish quickly if you do like this”

 ”Hii~ ♡ Ah ~♡ An~ ♡ No~ ♡ I’m~ ♡ Fuuh ♡”

 ”I’ll make this quick, so be grateful”

 Shinji grabbed Shizuku’s waist and moved her up and down on the bed, making it creak.

 Shizuku could only support herself with her hands behind her back, resting on the bed. The climax came quickly as the hard penetration was repeated.

 (It’s so intense……♡ I’m going to be forced to feel good~ ♡ Even though I shouldn’t~ ♡ Hayate~ ♡ Hayate-chan~ ♡ I’m cummmming~ ♡♡♡)

 Shizuku climaxes as she remembers her beloved lover.

 During the final thrust, Shizuku pushed her hips out to meet Shinji’s penetration for the first time. With the glans and cervix in close contact, Shinji ejaculates, and the womb swallows the hot semen.

 It was the second time she had felt the semen filling her vagina to the brim. Shizuku found the sensation comforting. The pleasure of being a woman and the euphoria of being a female in the arms of a male surrounded Shizuku.

 The only thing that remains in Shizuku’s mind is the thought that it is finally over. As she was basking in the afterglow of her succeeded with her magic, Shinji made her lie down on her back before she knew it.

 ”Wait…… ♡ Hii~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Why~ ♡ Ah~”

 ”Why? Because we still have time today”

 Shizuku scratched his face, but she couldn’t stop Shinji from covering her. On the contrary, Shizuku can’t help but moan in delight every time the ever-wilting p*nis pokes her vagina.

 ”Magic~ ♡ Ritual~ ♡ Should be finished~ ♡ Nuu~ ♡”

 ”So now it’s just s*x. Let’s make you feel good”

 ”No~ ♡ I don’t want it~ ♡ Don’t make me feel good~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Cumming~ ♡”

 Shizuku’s resistance was only on her mouth.

 The body that had become a prisoner of pleasure gleefully devoured the pleasure and her vagina tightened. The next two times, Shizuku was fucked endlessly until Shinji ejaculated inside her vagina.

 The look on her face was so lewd and distorted, and she looked so happy.


 This was the second time he had done this, so Shinji was starting to lose his inhibitions.

 She is at the mercy, even though she doesn’t like it.

 Her body had been fallen.

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