Wizard 144

Chapter 144 Shizuku’s Melancholy and Running Wolves Went to Oeste

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 ”Hah~……It’s the worst……”

 After impregnate her three times, Shizuku finally released and is in the bathroom of Shinji’s house. “You can’t go home like that, right?” Shinji said, and then threw her into the bathroom.

 She was supposed to be training magic indoors, so it was too suspicious for her to return home in a sweaty state. Because of that, Shizuku needed to cleanse herself, so she decided to take a bath.

 In the bathroom, Shizuku was in a state of self-loathing.

 She was fine until the magic ritual, but then she allowed herself to be impregnated twice. Even though she was unable to resist the pleasure, there was no excuse for the cheating s*x.

 What was worse was that Shizuku’s disgust at being embraced by Shinji was decreasing.

 He was a pawn of the goddess who was trying to break up with Hayate, a man she hated.

 And yet when he touches her, her body reacts on its own. It’s the ultimate pleasure, the real s*x that she can’t feel when she’s having s*x with her beloved Hayate.

 The comfort of semen being poured into her. Also, a man’s well-trained body stimulates her woman’s instincts and seems to appeal to her to give in quickly.

 (I hate that guy…… And the one I like is Hayate-chan, but even though that……)

 Her vagina tingled just remembering the sensation of being inserted inside. She had to admit it. Because, Shinji said that likes and dislikes have nothing to do with how good it feels.

 (I still like Hayate-chan, so I won’t give him my…… heart. No matter what he says to me, we are just in a relationship until he teaches me as much magic as I need)

 No matter what Shinji says to her, she just has to endure it.

 Shizuku made up her mind and walked out of the bathroom. She continued to avert her eyes from the reality that her body was becoming a prisoner of pleasure……

* * *

 ”It’s just about time. Five more minutes and it will be exactly two hours, so let’s end this today”

 Shinji smiled thinly when he saw Shizuku getting out of the bathroom.

 Shizuku was annoyed by his attitude that everything was as he wanted it to be, but she just nodded silently, thinking that there was no point in saying anything.

 ”I’m going to another city tomorrow, so it depends on whether I can do the ritual tomorrow. I know you want to go to the dungeons now that you’ve learned <Water Ball>, but you need to train more.

 I’m sure you’re aware of the difference between the magic you’ve been using with Marie’s help and the magic you’re using on your own”

 When Shizuku was silent, Shinji continued to speak, and Shizuku could see that Shinji had made no mistake.

 The truth that Shinji had pointed this out to her made her feel even less disgusted with him as she could see no mistake in what he was saying.

 Shinji’s pointing out of things also taught Shizuku what she needed to do, while warning her not to be reckless. It can say that he is fulfilling his role as a guidance.

 (If he had a bad personality, was a bad instructor, and was a physiologically unacceptable jerk, I could hate him from the bottom of my heart…… But still, he really is a jerk)

 Shizuku knew that Shinji’s personality was not bad.

 The reason why she disliked Shinji was because of her perception of him as a companion of the goddess and his attempt to break up with Hayate. Also, it was because of his work, his instructions from the Goddess, so it’s not because of Shinji’s fault.

 ”I know. I’ll training my <Water Ball> tomorrow”

 ”Oh, you’re so honest”

 ”I don’t like you, but your points are perfectly valid. Although, I don’t like following people I don’t like, but I will do as you say”

 ”You don’t have to say it twice. you know……”

 Shinji just smiled bitterly at Shizuku, who kept calling her dislike about him.

 Shinji doesn’t want to be liked either. In fact, it would be more convenient for him to have a physical relationship with her while she hates him.

 With this in mind, Shinji had Shizuku teleported back to her original room on time.

* * *

 The next day, <Alvin and the Running Wolves> left the party house.

 They rode from the temple to <Oeste> with a Pegasus carriage.

 When Renka checked on Shinji, there was nothing strange about him. Renka was relieved to see that Shinji’s attitude was the same as usual, indicating that his concerns about his lack of good memories were unnecessary.

 Shinji, who was watching Alvin and Milis talking happily, noticed Renka’s gaze and smiled sideways at her.

 A peaceful time passed. Alvin was talking with Milis, and he asked Shinji about something he didn’t understand.

 ”Shinji, the Magic Guild is state-run, right?”

 ”Not exactly, but……. it’s similar. The operation itself is run by a group of high-ranking nobles. The nobles follow the instructions of the government, so it’s like the government decides the policy”

 The magic guild is run by four of the highest-ranking noble families. The staff members are also daughters of noblemen or have connections to noblemen, and are influenced by the four noble families in both good and bad ways.

 Nowadays, anyone can use magic, but there was a time when it was only used by the aristocrats, and this can be seen as a remnant of that time.

 Researching magic costs a lot of money, and wizards belong to magic guilds in search of connections with rich nobles.

 ”You should be careful, Alvin. You have a good face. Not only wizards, but also the daughters of the lower ranks of the aristocrats who are looking for a son-in-law. Because you will be held responsible if you accompany them”

 ”What’s that, too scary……”

 The fact that an upper-intermediate rank adventurer can become their son-in-law.

 Because for a low-ranking nobles who does not have that much money, having a strong adventurer in his family is more than enough of an advantage.

 Although, they will be treated as stallions and made to work like horses.

 ”So, I prepared something”

 Shinji hands Alvin a ring.

 Shinji smiles at Alvin’s puzzled face.

 ”What’s this?”

 ”It’s fake ring. Any sane person would give it up when they see the second lady’s ring on it”

 ”A matching ring with Milis is not enough”, Shinji said. But, Alvin thought, “Why would I need go that far?” Alvin wondered if it was worth it, but Shinji’s eyes weren’t smiling, so he took his advice and put on the fake ring.

 ”Milis, keep an eye on Alvin too”

 ”Please leave it to me!”

 ”Well, I’ll keep an eye on Shinji”

 Shinji reminded Milis.

 Milis and Renka were now wary of the Magic Guild since Shinji had said so much.

 ”If nothing happens, it’s all good. A nobles who can’t help himself is a bad thing. Let’s leave as soon as we’ve finished our business”

 ”No, really, what’s the point?……”

 ”If you underestimate the nobles, you will die”

 Shinji said with a straight face, Alvin nodded a little bit, although he was a little reluctant.


 Shizuku is in distress!

 Shinji is undoubtedly a bad person, but it’s also Shizuku who wanted the magic ritual, and his guidance is decent, so even though she hates him, she doesn’t seem to hate him.

 The example is like when bad people do good things…… it’s a trick the yakuza often use.

 The magic guild has a strong power from the aristocrats.

 Well, the aristocrats are tied to the government, so it is quasi-state owned. If they do what they want, they will be inspected by the government, so they can’t go too far.

 Still, it’s definitely the best place to learn about magic.

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