Wizard 145

Chapter 145 Request for Analysis at The Magic Guild

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 After arriving at <Oeste> quite a bit past noon, <Running Wolves> get off from their carriage at the temple and headed to the magic guild.

 Shinji’s threats on the carriage had made Alvin’s expression hard. So, when Alvin and the others opened the door of the magic guild, they surrounded by a mysterious tension.

 The inside of the building was not much different from the adventurer’s guild. The building was old enough to give it a historical and calm atmosphere.

 Alvin and the others dressed as adventurers attracted the attention of the people wearing robes and hats.

 Furthermore, Alvin and the others who made their way to the reception counter, attracting the curious gazes of the wizards/witches.

 ”Welcome to the Magic Guild. What can I do for you?”

 The receptionist at the desk smiled elegantly at Alvin and the others. She was a lovely woman, with a calm, well-bred atmosphere and a white blazer with frills sewn into it.

 As the reception area is not very crowded, and Alvin feels uncomfortable when he feels curious eyes on him from the staff space behind the counter.

 It was the same for Shinji, but Alvin’s face was objectively better, so the eyes were on him.

 ”I’m here for the request. Here’s the letter of introduction”

 Alvin placed the letter from the temple on the counter. The receptionist who saw the temple’s crest checked the envelope’s crest and left the seat. When she left the counter, she bowed politely and indicated with her hand the direction of the passage leading to the back of the building.

 ”This way, please. My boss will be happy to help you”

 ”Thank you very much. Let’s all go”

 The receptionist led Alvin and the others away from the counter.

 The fact that it was bringing in a case to be dealt with by her boss meant he was an upper ranked adventurer. So, the receptionists’ eyes were drawn to Alvin’s back, but she was disappointed to see that he had rings on each finger of his hands.

 (Shinji was right……)

 Milis also noticed that Alvin was under a lot of hot stares. Milis could hear the receptionist disappointment that he was married and had two wives when she left the counter.

 Milis was relieved to hear that the fake ring operation had worked.

* * *

 The room they were taken to was a meeting room.

 The room was filled with books on neatly arranged shelves, a desk and a sofa with a luxurious feel.

 ”Please wait here”

 ”I got it”

 The receptionist bowed and left the room. Alvin and the others, who were left in the quiet room, were finally able to open their mouths in peace.

 ”They were watching us so much…….”

 ”I told you so”

 Shinji laughed at Alvin’s disappointment.

 ”I’m glad I wore the ring”

 ”Shinji’s been watched, too. But not as much as Al, though”

 ”The ladies of the aristocracy put a lot of importance on good looks, so if Alvin and I were side by side, they’d go for Alvin”

 Alvin looked at Shinji, who shrugged his shoulders.

 ”You know a lot about that, Shinji”

 ”Well. Otto, here he is”

 When Shinji heard the footsteps, he shut up and Alvin and the others quieted down.

 The door of the room opens and a man enters the room.

 The man, elegantly dressed in neat men’s clothing, looked at Alvin and the others in turn, Alvin, Milis, and Renka, and when he saw Shinji’s face, he raised an eyebrow as if he had something on his mind, but then he looked away and sat down on the sofa.

 ”Sorry to keep you wait. My name is Pino-Mazzola. I’m an officer of the Magic Guild. Thank you for sending it from the temple”

 ”Don’t worry. We’re called <Running Wolves>. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mazzola-sama”

 The majority of adventurers are commoners. So, unless someone is intentionally rude or insulting, they won’t be accused of being impolite.

 The Adventurer’s Guild teaches them the minimum courtesy of addressing people by their family names.

 ”I confirmed the situation in the letter. It’s troubling that it cannot be analyzed by ordinary analyzers. Let’s analyze it with the highest priority. Where is the crystal?”

 ”This one here”

 Pino took the crystal that Alvin presented to him.

 Pino, who is looking at the crystal with great interest, narrowed his eyes. Alvin and the others could see that magic power was gathering in Pino’s eyes.

 ”I see. It seems true that the crystal can’t be analyzed by the ordinary analysis tool”

 ”Did you understand that?”

 Alvin was surprised to see Pino’s convinced face.

 It seems that Alvin’s reaction did not sit well with Pinoy, who turned his gaze to Shinji. Shinji opened his mouth in response to this gaze.

 ”It is a magical device developed by the Mazzola family. The magic of analysis is a field that the Mazzola family has been researching for a long time”

 ”Um. Therefore, the Mazzola family is in charge of this matter. Please be aware that you are on a big ship”

 ”I’m sorry for not knowing. Thank you very much”

 Pino nodded his head in satisfaction at Shinji’s statement, and Shinji, along with Alvin, bowed their heads, reminding themselves of the troublesome nature of aristocracy.

 It was information that ordinary adventurers would never have known.

 There was no way a commoner could know the name of a noble family he had never met. Furthermore, there was no way for them to know what the family was doing.

 However, the Mazzola family and the analysis machine are well known, and advanced adventurers can get the information they need on noble families through the adventurer’s guild, but adventurers who gather that much information are rare.

 If there is a wizard in their party and they are registered with the magic guild, they will hear about the famous Mazzola family. That was why Pino had seen Shinji.

 Shinji knew that it was the aristocracy that was uncomfortable with not knowing the family name because they were proud of it.

 ”I’ll send someone from the house to contact you. Where is your inn?”

 ”I’ve rented a room at the temple”

 ”Then, I’ll send a messenger to the temple. Let’s start the analysis right away. Please wait”

 With that, Pino left his seat.

 He walked to the door and grasped the knob, then turned around as if he remembered. The one in front of him was Shinji.

 ”Is the wizard there is related to the Valencia family?”

 ”No, I’m just a commoner”

 ”Well, good. Okay then”

 After a short conversation, Pino left the room this time.

 As he left the room, Pino once again remembered the face of Shinji, the supposed wizard of the adventuring party. He looked somewhat similar to the man who was the head of the Valencia family, with whom he had a relationship.

 However, the head of the family did not have a son. His successor had also been adopted from their relatives, so he thought that he had been thinking too much.

 Instead, he decided that he had to bet on his family’s pride and succeed in his analysis. And then, he quickly left from the magic guild.


 This and That at the Magic Guild

 They were able to request the analysis of the crystal.

 Now they just have to wait for the results!

 They’ve become an advanced adventurer, and they’ve begun to deal with nobles.

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