Wizard 146

Chapter 146 Waiting for the Analysis and Aristocrats Thing

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 After quickly left the magic guild, Alvin and the rest returned to the temple in <Oeste>. They took the shortest route from the entrance hall to the outside of the temple, avoiding any more curious glances than necessary.

 After returning to the temple, Alvin and the rest of the group decided to go out for an early dinner.

 Since they had only eaten a quick meal at lunch since they were out of town, they all agreed that they wanted something warm and filling for dinner.

 ”I wonder if there are any specialties?”

 ”I don’t think there are any specialties, but I’m sure there are some unusual dishes. It’s the most prosperous city for magic tools. For example, that”

 Shinji, who was walking next to Renka, pointed in the direction of a stall.

 A huge lump of meat is stuck on a spit and is slowly rotating sideways. The meat was being seared by the heat emitted from the magic stone of fire.

 The delicious smell of burning meat tickled his nostrils and stimulated his appetite.

 ”It’s a dish where the seared meat is sliced off the outside and wrapped in bread with vegetables. The magic equipment is too big to carry to other cities, so I think this is the only city that has it. Alvin!”

 ”I’ll get you one!”

 ”Al, wait! I’ll have one too!”

 While Shinji was explaining, Alvin and Milis ran off together, leaving Shinji and Renka to chase after them.

 ”Delicious! The meat’s good!”

 ” Yummy〜♪”

 Shinji laughed at the two who had bought and eaten in no time at all.

 ”We can eat in here too?”

 ”We can eat outside like this, or we can go inside since they have a lot more options. What do you think?”

 ”The meat is good, let’s go here”

 ”I agree~”

 Alvin and the others decided to sit in a group at one of the seats in the restaurant while listening to the waiter’s voice.

* * *

 After a toast with ale, they were sharing the various meat dishes they had ordered when Alvin looked at Shinji as if he had just remembered.

 ”That’s right! Thanks for the help at the guild. I didn’t know anything about the nobles”

 ”You’re welcome. That’s what I’m supposed to do”

 Shinji smiled at Alvin, who was laughing at him. Milis, who had swallowed the food in her mouth, joined in.

 ”It was a very important family, wasn’t it?”

 ”Yes. The Mazzola family is one of the four families that run the magic guild. They also have one of their people become member of <Tea Party>”

 ”Wow…… a person from such a family came. It’s just because a request from the temple…… It made us lucky that we’re not in a bad situation, Al”

 Alvin nodded silently at Renka’s words.

 The more famous the aristocrat, the stronger the connection among the two.

 If they’re in a bad situation, their bad reputation could be passed on to other noblemen and merchants. If that happens, there will be no hope for future nomination requests.

 So far, there have been no requests for <Running Wolves>

 It’s been a while since they were promoted to upper-intermediate rank, but nothing major has happened to make their name known.

 Even if they don’t get any nomination requests, they can still make enough money from regular requests. However, if they succeed in the nomination request, the evaluation is much higher than the normal request. For <Running Wolves> who aiming for a higher rank, the nomination requests are extremely valuable.

 Therefore, they want to avoid being disliked by the nobility as much as possible.

 ”I think I need to study more”

 ”It’s a good idea to learn more if we want to get nomination requests in the future. It’s also the leader’s job to talk to the other side. Of course, I’ll tell you what I know in advance”

 ”I’m counting on you……. More ale!”

 The waitress replied as Alvin raised his mug. Shinji and the others all asked for more ale as well.

 ”By the way, Shinji-san was asked at the end……Shinji-san, are you really a commoner?”

 Milis’s question was on everyone’s mind except Shinji’s. Renka was staring at Shinji’s face.

 If he really was a noble, then the chances of Renka, a commoner, becoming his wife would be very slim. Because nobles often have fiancées from an early age.

 ”I’m a commoner. If I were a noble, my name would be on the aristocracy list”

 Shinji dismissed Milis’s question bluntly.

 Unlike commoners, aristocrats are named on the list once they are born. If someone checks his or her name on the list, it is easy to see whether he or she is a noble or a commoner.

 Ordinary commoners are allowed to check their names against the list, because high-ranking adventurers are often involved with nobles.

 If they wanted to, Alvin and the others could verify the authenticity, and Shinji had no reason to lie.

 ”That’s right! I’m so relieved”

 ”What was that, the Valencia family?”

 Renka smiled happily and Alvin continued.

 ”Yes, Valencia family. It’s one of the four families that run the Magic Guild. That makes it even more unlikely”

 Shinji put his arm around Renka’s waist and closed the distance between them.

 It’s no longer a problem for them to act like lovers since their work as adventurers is over. Seeing the blush on Renka’s face, Alvin also closed the distance between him and Milis.

 They went from four friends to a pair of lovers.

 ”I wonder if their faces look so much alike?”

 ”Well? Well, I’ve heard that there are people who resemble me to a certain degree, so it’s not something you should worry about”

 Shinji shrugged his shoulders as Renka laughed in his face.

 ”Al-kun. How long does it take to analyze?”

 ”I don’t know. There’s nothing to do but wait and see”

 Alvin and Milis continued their conversation happily.

 Before they knew it, the conversation about the nobles was over.

 This is how Alvin and the others spent their evening. Drinking, eating, and having a good time.

 Alvin was satisfied with the right way to be an adventurer.


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