Wizard 147

Chapter 147 Shinji wants to Avoid Trouble (wishful thinking)

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 After a delightful meal, Alvin and his friends left the restaurant and walked along the road to the temple.

 <Oeste> is a very bright city even after dark, thanks to the many magical devices called outdoor lights that illuminate the outside. Of course, there are lights in other cities as well, but they are only installed on the main streets and not on the rest of the main streets.

 ”It’s very bright even though it’s night. Also, there are so many people”

 ”It’s true. I guess people haven’t left yet”

 There seemed to be more people leaving than going to the residential area. The temple is located on the border between the residential area and the commercial district, so it is natural to feel that way when there are many people walking from the opposite direction.

 ”After all, a lot of people go out after dinner. There are all kinds of nightlife, from bars to brothels. And then there’s the largest casino in the country”

 ”Casino, huh? I’ve never been to one”

 ”I don’t think you should go there. Al-kun”

 Alvin made a face of interest, but gave up after Milis’ rejection.

 ”Have you ever been there, Shinji?”

 ”I haven’t either. ……Alvin?”

 They were walking along, talking, when Alvin suddenly stopped. Shinji had a bad feeling when he saw Alvin using his strengthening magic while looking around, so he tried to talk to him, but he was too late.

 ”There is scream! Over here!”




 Alvin runs off. He ran into a dark alley without hesitation. He was followed hurriedly by Renka, then Shinji and Milis.

 (Please spare me from the aristocrat involvement!)

 Alvin’s personality made him realize that there was no way he was going to abandon them. Shinji hoped that they were headed for a commoner and not a troublesome noble.

 As he ran down the alleyway, he heard Alvin’s shout.

 ”What the hell are you doing? Get your hands off that girl!”

 (We’re in troubleeeeee!)

 Shinji frowned.

 ”Milis, I’ll go upstairs and support Alvin and the others”


 Shinji called out to Milis, who was running with him, and jumped.

 He kicked the wall of a building in a narrow alleyway and leapt upwards, alternating between the two walls and climbing to the roof. With the physical abilities of an upper rank adventurer using strengthening magic, it was easy for him to kick the walls and climb up to the roof.

 There was no one on the roof except Shinji, and relieved that Alvin and the others were safe, so he hurried to them.

 When Shinji looked up from the roof, he saw men confronting Alvin, Renka and Milis. One of the men is holding a girl hostage with a dagger to her throat.

 A number of men had collapsed around Alvin, who did not draw his weapon. It seems they had beaten down by his fists.

 ”D, don’t move. If you get too close, she’s dead!”

 ”You too, if you want to live, surrender!”

 Renka is holding her bow and making the men hesitate to flee. The situation was completely stalemated.

 The men were in a hurry, but Alvin and the others were in no hurry.

 Shinji didn’t expect the men having any backup, but Alvin and the others have friends who haven’t shown up yet.


 Shinji, who had positioned himself above the men’s heads, dropped a number of plant seeds.

 The ivy, which grows rapidly as it falls, restrains the men holding the hostages and those around them from moving.

 In particular, the arm that holds the knife and the knife itself are tightly bound, with no gaps between them to ensure that nothing happens to them.

 ”What the hell is this?!”


 ”Let’s go!”

 Alvin and Renka jumped on the men who were unable to react to the sudden event. It only took a moment for them to knock down the men who were unable to move.

 In the meantime, Shinji was on the lookout, but the men didn’t seem have a backup and no reinforcements appeared. After tying up all the men with ivy, Shinji jumped off the roof and joined Alvin and the others.

 ”Shinji, nice work. You’re the best!”

 ”Hah…. How did you hear me? I didn’t notice you at all”

 Shinji’s expression is wry as he lightly clenches his fist against Alvin’s fist with a nice smile.

 He glanced sideways at the girl who had been freed.

 The girl with the long blonde hair had a very beautiful face.

 The simple dress seemed to be of good quality, and the moonlight illuminated her skin without a trace of dirt. From her unblemished hands, one could guess that she was not involved in any kind of work.

 The girl being protected by Milis was teary-eyed, but she showed an elegance that could not be hidden.

 (It seems that she is a noble who sneaks around……)

 Alvin, who was talking to Shinji, approached the protected girl.

 ”Are you okay?”

 ”Y, yes……. Thank you……”

 The girl, who was shaking, thanked Alvin. And when his eyes met hers, a blush came to her cheeks.

 ”I’m glad I could help. Are your homes close?”

 ”It’s still a bit far away. ……Ano, I’d really like to thank you, so could you come with me to my house?”

 The girl smiled prettily as she stared at Alvin.

 It was smile that would have made any normal man flush, but it had no effect on Alvin.

 ”You don’t have to thank me. I’ll take you home. Is that okay with you?”

 Shinji and the others affirmed Alvin’s question. The humble way he refrained from thanking her increased the girl’s passion for Alvin.


 For the girl, she felt that this encounter was destiny.

 An encounter with a handsome adventurer who saved her from a dangerous situation. It was like something out of a story, and the dangerous and scary moments had already left her mind.

 It was completely love at first sight.

 Shinji was able to read the girl’s state of mind.

 Not only Shinji, but also Milis and Renka could see it. No matter how they looked at her, this girl had the face of a maiden in love.

 (((This is going to be troublesome)))

 This was the moment when the three of them agreed.

 ”This way, then. Please take me home”


 The girl and Alvin started walking side by side. Shinji and the other three followed behind them. The men captured by them were put to sleep with sleeping powder and left behind. they were going to call the military police later.

 The girl, who was walking side by side, seemed to have regained her energy and was talking to Alvin, and Alvin went along with her.

 Milis looked at Alvin and the girl with an amused expression.

 At the end of the residential area, they came to a street lined with luxurious houses. Finally, Alvin, Milis and Renka realized that the girl might be a noble.

 Then the girl stopped in front of a particularly large mansion.

 ”Here it is”

 ”Ojou-sama!? Why are you out here!?”

 ”Call the head of the family!!”

 The gatekeeper shouted with a look of deep surprise on his face. Naturally, the mansion became noisy. Butlers and maids came running out of the mansion one after another.

 The gate opened and the girl entered the mansion.

 ”I’m sorry for sneaking out. These people helped me. Would you please prepare to welcome them?”

 ”I understand…… But we need to get to the head of the family first.

 ”I know, I know. I’m going to visit my father”

 The girl replied with a scowl at the reluctant butler.

 As she was about to walk back to the villa, she stopped and looked back at Alvin and the others.

 ”I’m sorry for the delay. My name is Christina Beltz. I’m the daughter of the Beltz family. It’s nice to meet you, adventurer”

 Christina plucked the hem of her dress and bowed gracefully.

 (Of all people, the Beltz are related to the……4 family)

 Shinji had a faraway look in his eyes.

 Lead by the maid, <Running Wolves> entered the house.


 Alvin is a protagonist in here.

 It was a very typical encounter.

 If it was Shinji-kun, he wouldn’t have gone through with it. Or even if he helps her, he’ll run away without showing his face. Because he doesn’t want to have anything to do with noble!

 It seems the young lady has fallen in love with Alvin at first sight.

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