Wizard 148

Chapter 148 Running Wolves left from Beltz Mansion

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 Alvin and the others <Running Wolves> were taken into the parlor of the Beltz family.

 The room, which looked like an upgraded version of the house Alvin and his friends were renting, was furnished with furniture that gave a sense of elegance and luxury while maintaining a relaxed atmosphere.

 Alvin and the four of them sat side by side on one sofa.

 In addition to Alvin and the others, there were several maids and a butler in the room.

 Alvin sipped his tea nervously, seemingly uncomfortable with the stares, while Milis and Renka’s expressions were stiff due to the fact that they were in a noble’s house.

 In contrast to the three of them, Shinji was enjoying the taste of the high quality tea leaves as if he was in a normal state of mind.

 After a while, they heard several signs of people approaching from the hallway. They stopped in front of the door and the door opened.

 A blond man in gentleman’s clothing and Christina in a dress were standing side by side.

 ”Sorry to keep you waiting. Chris has been telling me about you”

 The man spoke in a low, commanding voice.

 ”D, don’t worry about it! The tea is delicious!”


 The noble man walked into the room without being offended. Christina also followed behind him.

 The two of them sat down together on the sofa facing Alvin and the others.

 ”My name is Noah Beltz. I am the head of the Beltz family. My daughter has been taken care of. I want to thank you for your help”

 ”Nice to meet you again. My name is Christina Beltz. I am the daughter of the Beltz family. Thank you for saving me”

 Smiling, Christina thanked him.

 ”I just happened to hear a scream……! And we’re <Running Wolves>. We are a party of upper-intermediate rank adventurers. We’d like to show you our adventurer’s cards”


 I’m not sure if this is a good idea or not, but it’s a good idea. This procedure was explained to Alvin by Shinji during the waiting period.

 Noah nodded once when he saw Alvin’s adventurer’s card.

 Leaving his adventurer’s card on the desk, Alvin continued to speak.

 I’m Alvin,” he said. I’m Alvin, and from next to me, Milis, Renka, and Shinji will be your party members.


 Noah, who had been watching Milis and Renka as if he were playing along, turned his gaze to Shinji and their gazes collided. He was looking at Shinji’s face without saying a word, but after a few seconds, Noah returned his gaze to Alvin.

 ”I’m sorry. To be honest, I’m full of surprises. It’s just that I never thought my daughter would be out of the house, almost kidnapped, and rescued by an adventurer”

 Noah’s air changes as he begins to talk with a troubled smile on his face. Even though he was a noble of the same four families as Pino, whom they had met during the day, they could no longer sense his aristocratic attitude.

 But Shinji was still as normal as ever.

 ”Well, first of all, the Beltz would like to thank you. Thank you for saving our daughter. It is thanks to you that our daughter is safely back home”

 Noah bowed deeply.

 Shinji was inwardly surprised. It’s not often that a noble bows to a commoner adventurer, even a high-ranking one.

 ”I was only doing what was natural! Please raise your head!”

 Alvin shouted in panic.

 Noah raised his head and was met with Christina’s dismay.

 ”Otou-sama, Alvin is in trouble”

 ”Well, then. Maybe not as a noble, but as a father, I wanted to bow and thank you”

 Christina’s eyebrows lowered as Noah spoke in a calm voice.

 ”I’m really sorry, Otou-sama”

 ”I’m the one who really need to be sorry there. If anything happens to Chris, I’ll be out of control”

 Noah gently patted Christina’s head as she apologized.

 While Alvin and the others thought that Noah was a good father, Shinji was beginning to be wary of Noah, who spoke in a language that was not typical of a noble.

 Usually, nobles don’t show their weakness to commoners.

 ”So I want to thank you for saving my daughter once again……”

 ”No, it’s really just a matter of chance, please”

 Noah’s offer was rejected by Alvin.

 ”Don’t say that. I want you to take it”

 ”It’s really just a thought……”

 ”Excuse me for interrupting, but Alvin, as the Beltz family, if you don’t accept my thanks, you will be perceived as unpolite”

 Alvin stubbornly refused to thank me, and Shinji apologized and interrupted him.

 The aristocracy is particularly fussy about lending and borrowing, courtesy and pride, and even if Alvin’s adamant refusal is sincere and well-meaning, the Beltz need to maintain their good name.

 ”I see……”

 ”Yes. The wizard is well aware of this. By the look of your face, I’d say you’re related to the Valencia family.”

 ”No, I’m just a commoner. Beltz-sama. I’m afraid I’m not related to the Valencia family”

 Shinji denied it, bowing his head.

 It was a bit disconcerting to hear the name of the Valencia family mentioned in Shinji’s face, as if the head of the family has a lot to do with other families.

 So Shinji quickly changed the subject.

 ”Alvin, if you don’t mind, why don’t you take the same amount of money as an upper-intermediate adventurer’s fee?”

 ”Oh, yes……. Beltz-sama, can you do that for us?”

 ”Okay. ……Sebastian, can you get it for me?”

 The butler bowed at Noah’s words and left the room.

 ”I’m going to ask you to keep your mouth shut about what happened today, so I’ll give you a little extra”

 ”Thank you very much”

 There was a break in the conversation. Noah looks at Christina and she starts talking.

 ”If don’t mind, why don’t everyone stay here for the night? I’d like to hear about the adventures and other things from Alvin-san”

 ”I appreciate the thought, but I have to get back to the…… temple”

 Christina was saddened by Alvin’s response, and as much as it pained Alvin, he could not compromise on this.

 ”We came to this city on a mission. The Mazzola’s are supposed to come to the temple”

 ”The Mazzola family……?”

 The Mazzola family and the Beltz family are equal.

 If Alvin’s story is true and the Mazzola’s are in trouble, it’s not good for the Beltz. Therefore, Christina immediately decided to withdraw from this situation.

 (Shall I make another opportunity? ……♡)

 She pretended to be convinced as she thought about it.

 ”Okay, if I have any requests, I’ll ask Alvin-san and the others through the adventurer’s guild”

 Christina’s words, which smacked of a request for a nomination, made Alvin honestly happy. Finally, he could get involved with a noble family.

 ”If you do, please don’t hesitate to ask!”

 ”Yes. I look forward to working with you ♡”

 Sebastian came back just as the conversation came to a halt.

 After receiving the reward from Sebastian, Alvin and the others decided to left from the mansion.

 And then, the connection between <Running Wolves> and the Beltz family was established.

 Whether this was a good thing or a bad thing, no one knew at the moment.


 Talking with Noah and Christina, the heads of the Beltz family.

 This is the third family that has been named.

 The head of the family, Noah, gives off a not-so-aristocratic vibe. Though they don’t know what’s going on in his mind, they’re sure he’s a good friend…….

 Christina has been pulled out for now.

 It seems that she has given up on pushing the power words “temple” and “Mazzola family” together.

 It seems like she’s given up trying to push her way in.

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