Wizard 149

Chapter 149 Unexpected Situasion

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 When Alvin and the others return to the temple after left from the Beltz residence, they are informed by the priest that the messenger from the Mazzola residence has already arrived.

 Normally, the priest would have sent the messenger first thing tomorrow morning, not after dark. However, the fact that they send the messenger out at this hour means that they have found out something that is not good.

 Mazzola’s messenger seemed to have returned home after giving word to the priests, who were in a room in the temple ready to greet Pino-Mazzola.

 ”I didn’t expect it to work so quickly……. Where have all the Running Wolves been?”

 ”Oh…… that’s…….”

 ”I’m sorry, I can’t tell you”

 Shinji replies to the priest’s question on behalf of Alvin, who was at a loss for words. The priest guessed the situation from the phrase “I can’t tell you”.

 It was the kind of reasoning that could only come from a priest in a city with a magic guild and a strong aristocratic presence.

 ”I see. I think Pino-Mazzola-sama should be here soon. Could you please wait in the meeting room?”

 ”I understand!”

 Alvin and the others went to the meeting room of the temple. They did not have long to wait in the meeting room.

 Pino Mazzola, his bodyguard, and the priest entered the meeting room.

 Pino’s expression was stiff. Everyone could tell that something was wrong.

 ”We’ve analyzed the crystal and found something outrageous, so we’ve asked you to come here as soon as possible. You did well to bring this crystal to the Magic Guild. As the four families that run the magic guild, I’d like to thank you”

 Pino then took out the crystal from the locked box, which he had requested to be analyzed.

 ”What do you mean, Mazzola-sama? This is a request from the Temple of <Suru>?”

 ”Umu. I have analyzed the destination of the life energy captured in this crystal and found that it is a building in this city”

 ”What! The headquarters of the heretics is in this city?”

 The priest was so surprised that he mentioned the situation. Pino, who heard the priest’s words, glared at the priest with a sharp look.

 ”Heretics, huh? It’s not just about the temple anymore, is it?”

 ”……Yes. Let’s exchange information, Mazzola-sama. It’s a problem that needs to be addressed immediately”

 Pino glared at him and the priest went pale. However, the situation was not so bad if he thought that he could ask for help from a powerful member of the magic guild.

 The priest briefly explained the situation.

 ”An evil cult that summons succubus? ……That’s extraordinarily bad”

 Pino frowned. At the same time, he seemed to be convinced.

 ”The destination of the energy is on the best brothel in the city…….

 The name of the brothel is Paradise. It’s a large building that divides the prostitutes into four floors rank: low, medium, high and luxury. It’s not run by us noblemen, but by a clever old bitch.

 Well, this if for example. If the prostitutes are mixed with succubus, then we don’t know where the potential victims of the charm are. Because some types of succubus charms are triggered when certain conditions are met”

 Shinji is well aware of the charms of succubus.

 The most common pattern is to have a man who has been charmed hiding in the city.

 And if an adventurer who has come to defeat a succubus asks him about the succubus, the charm will be activated. This is the kind of man who helps the succubus by cleverly luring the adventurer.

 ”We never know where the minions of the succubus might be lurking”

 ”Umu. I hope you don’t take offense to this, but you can’t talk this to an adventurer’s guild full of single men. If you’re not careful, the guild master might be suspicious. How about the Temple?”

 Pino nodded at Shinji’s words.

 The priest who was asked to talk about it also had a bitter look on his face.

 ”I’m ashamed to say that not all soldiers are completely innocent. We can’t bind them to their time off duty”

 ”That’s true. Our private army is also not allowed. The guards I’ve brought with me are fine, but I can’t entrust them to the old bitch because she knows my face”

 ”If we don’t use force, it’s likely that they’ll all rebel together”

 Pino and the priest are pondering.

 Shinji only interjected a few words, but Alvin and <Running Wolves> had accomplished their mission once the analysis was complete.

 He knew that the city was in danger, but he couldn’t get involved in the conversation without a concrete plan in mind.

 Alvin’s eyes turned to Shinji, and Milis and Renka’s eyes turned to him as well.

 The three of them looked at him with determination and Shinji nodded with a wry smile.

 ”Excuse me, I have a suggestion”

 ”I forgive you, just say it”

 Shinji stepped forward in front of the priest and Pino.

 ”I think you realize that the four of us are not under the influence of the succubus.

 So, my plan is that we will enter the brothel in advance, pretending to be guests.

 But, Mazzola-sama and the temple will have to create a commotion outside. In other words, a diversion.

 As we enter the innermost parts of the brothel, we will destroy or capture the evil priests and crystal that I suspect are hiding in there”

 Shinji’s words echoed through the meeting room.

 The infiltration was too risky. But the fact is that there are no more measures can be taken in the current situation where they are completely behind.

 ”Priest-dono. What do you think?”

 ”It’s too dangerous for them, but I think…… it’s a good move. It’s a useful way to reverse the insiders that lurk within us”


 Pino stared at Shinji.

 ”There’s no reason for you to risk your life”

 ”Yes. But our leader can’t seem to overlook it”

 Shinji smiled a resigned, but refreshing smile.

 Alvin stands next to Shinji.

 It’s the leader’s job to convince the other party that Shinji has a plan that works for them.

 ”We’re the ones who defeated the succubus. We are also the ones who brought this crystal. So……. we can’t overlook it after being involved to this extent. As an adventurer, we fight on behalf of the weak and powerless!”

 Alvin and Pino’s gazes collide.

 The tense atmosphere of staring at each other continued, but Pino’s smirk softened the mood.

 ”Well said. If that’s what you pride yourselves on, I’ll leave it to you. Of course, if you succeed, you will be paid accordingly”

 ”I promise you that the temple will talk to the guild after everything is done and give you your reward”

 ”We will definitely succeed!”

 Alvin’s strong voice made Milis, Renka and Shinji nod.

 ”Good. We’ll work on the plan. Priest-dono, may I have your permission?”

 ”Yes. Let’s increase the success rate as much as possible”

 Pino and the priest took control of the conversation, but Alvin and the others joined in.

 And so, the evening passed with meetings.

 <Running Wolves> was about to reach a major critical point.


 The crystal which they brought in was unexpectedly dangerous.

 This is the biggest moment of the upper-intermediate rank.

 Because if they save one city, they’ll be able to move up to a higher rank by special exception, so it’s like an emergency quest!

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