Wizard 158

Chapter 158 To the Back of Paradise

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 As Alvin and the others are equipped.

 Renka, a scout from <Running Wolves>, opens the door that separates the playroom from the hallway and proceeds to lead the way. The only information they had was the location of this building, so they had to investigate in order.

 The playroom that Alvin was brought into was a very ordinary room.

 Fortunately, Alvin and the others were at the far end of the fourth floor. So, they concluded that they could go back and check the rest.

 Renka looked through the door of the room in front of her and searched the room for signs of life.

 Sensing that there was no one inside, Renka opened the door and entered the room, followed by Alvin and the others.

 They entered a room with almost the same decor as the playroom they had just been in, but there was nothing unusual.

 They repeated the same actions one, two, three times, but found nothing unusual.

 In the meantime, they came back to the room where Clara was sleeping.

 Just to be sure, they checked this room one more time, but the result was the same.

 ”Maybe it’s not on this floor”

 ”Normally, if you want to hide something, you have to hide it in the back…”

 Shinji replied to Renka’s muttering. The only room left on this floor was the one opposite the one they were in.

 Renka, who was about to head for the last room, stopped everyone and turned back inside.

 ”Someone’s coming up”

 ”! ……Okay”

 After hearing the sound of shoes on the floor, Renka hid her breath.

 As she did so, she could clearly hear the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs. The sound changed to the sound of walking in the lobby, and then the sound of opening the door separating the lobby from the hallway.

 They heard the door of the room opposite Alvin’s room open.

 ”There was a call from the owner”

 The man’s voice was the same as that of the boy who had shown Alvin and the others around.

 ”The temple and the noble’s soldiers are gathering. They’re planning on doing a raid on our place. They’ve found evidence of a monster…… and it’s really annoying”


 ”I’ve never seen anything like it”

 ”If that’s true, it’s scary……”

 The remaining room seemed to be a waiting room for prostitutes.

 Alvin and the others could hear the boy and the prostitutes talking.

 ”The girl will wait in the waiting room. We boys will meet you on the first floor. See you there”

 ”Good night~”

 ”Hah~ That’s too much trouble”

 When he had finished speaking, the boy closed the door and went down the stairs.

 Alvin and the others nodded to each other and sneaked out of the room, while Renka put her ear to the door to listen to the conversation inside.

 ”What do we do now~? Eve and the others are fine~, they’re already eating, right?”

 ”Why don’t we go outside? I’m hungry”

 ”Shouldn’t we contact them first? We have to charm the soldiers”

 The conversation in the room was definitive that the girls were all succubus.

 ”They’re all succubus in the room. At least three of them”

 ”All high-class prostitutes are succubus……”

 Alvin let out a grunt at Renka’s report.

 Shinji called Freri over to his side and whispered in her ear. After seeing Freri nod, Shinji whispered to Alvin and the others that he was going to put all the succubus in the room to sleep.

 Alvin nodded and gave a thumbs up, and Renka stepped back from the door to be replaced by Freri.

 [Sleeping flower, bloom wildly]

 ”Let the wind blow”

 Freri’s flowers bloomed through the crack under the door, one after another, heading into the room. The flowers, which contained a strong sleeping powder and suddenly bloomed on the floor should be noticed, but because they bloomed near their feet, the succubus in the room were slow to notice.

 And with the wind that Shinji had created entered the room from under the door.

 A large amount of sleeping powder was quickly swept up into the air from the blooming flowers. It made the succubus in the room was unable to resist, and ended up following the same path as Eve and Clara.

 ”……Okay, that’s it”

 ”Let’s check inside”

 Alvin and Renka stepped into the room after Shinji muttered to himself and using the wind to gather the pollen in one place and let it enter the room.

 As expected, all the succubus in the room were asleep.

 Shinji dexterously filled the empty vial with the pollen that he had gathered with the wind, and put the lid back on the vial so that it could be used again.

 ”It works really well, that sleeping powder”

 ”Right? It’s very useful in these suppression battles”

 ”Shinji, here!”

 Shinji replies as he looks at Freri’s face. As Fleri looked pleased with Shinji’s praise, she heard Renka calling out for Shinji.

 When Shinji walked up next to Renka, he immediately understood why he was being called.

 In a corner of the waiting room, there was a place that unnaturally empty. The place was a pool of magic power, and he could tell it was the same as the gate he had encountered in the southern city <Suru>.

 ”It’s a gate. It’s the same as in <Suru>”

 ”As I suspected…… their base located behind it”

 Renka nodded seriously at Shinji’s words.

 Alvin and Milis naturally gather around Renka and Shinji.

 ”Okay…… let’s go, guys!”

 ”Yes, Al-kun”

 ”We’ll see what’s waiting for us behind it……”

 Alvin and the others were ready to step into the gate.

 This is how <Running Wolves> succeeded in breaking into the heretic headquarters.

* * *

 When Alvin and the others entered, a private army led by the Mazzola family and temple soldiers were gathering in front of <Paradise>.

 On the other side of the Paradise, the boys were gathered in front of the store, blocking the way so that they could not easily enter the store.

 ”Therefore, the Temple would like to conduct an on-site inspection”

 ”Please ask the owner’s permission first. Otherwise, we will not accept it”

 The priest who represented the temple and the manager of the brothel stood at the head of their respective groups and discussed. As neither side was willing to compromise, there was no sign that the discussion would end well.

 However, from the temple’s point of view, that was fine.

 Because if they continued to complain like this, they would be able to keep the store’s attention on the outside.

 ”But it’s an emergency. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of involving the Mazzola family in this mess”

 ”I’ve sent someone to the owner. Please wait for the owner’s arrival”

 The manager of the brothel could only keep saying the same thing like a parrot while breaking out in a cold sweat.

 He’s afraid to go against the temple and the nobles. But he was even more afraid of his employer, the head boss who controlled the downtown area.

 The tense atmosphere in <Paradise>, the brothel in the center of the downtown area, continued to grow.

 Running Wolves had found the headquarters!

 The luxury prostitutes were all succubus.

 Most of the high-ranking male adventurers in the city were under their care, so they were in a state of potential charmed.

 It was a good thing they didn’t ask for help from the Adventurer’s Guild.

 After the war, the priests will probably have to work themselves to death to break the charm.

 Renka-chan’s scouting is simple, but very important.

 Finally, they will meet the evil priest.

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