Wizard 159

Chapter 159 Beyond the Gate is Squeezing Village

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 The place where Alvin and the others went through the gate was a corner of a forest that could have been anywhere. It was getting past dusk, so the surroundings were quite dim.

 As the trees were not so dense, they could see the sky.

 ”Renka, please”

 ”All right. <Eagle Eye>”

 This was Renka’s second special magic, following <Tracking>. This is a magic that Lila used when she was a member of <Fire-Breathing Dragon>, a magic that allows the user to check on their surroundings by looking down from above.

 As she cast her special magic, Renka’s viewpoint change to the sky and look down on her surroundings.

 Because not being particularly knowledgeable about geography, Renka had no idea where she was. However, she can see that there is a village a little further away.

 And that the village has a strange atmosphere.

 The village was surrounded by a large fence, probably to protect it from monsters.

 On the center of the village was a plaza, and in the center of the plaza was a prayer platform. The prayer platform held a large crystal that looked like the crystal which Alvin and the others had collected from earlier accident.

 On the prayer platform, there was a single person standing.

 All around the person, many villagers, both men and women, were completely naked, and a huge orgy was going on.

 To Renka, it was a scene that made no sense.

 As she felt a chill run through her body, she stopped her <Eagle Eyes>.

 ”What’s…… that ……?”

 ”Renka, are you okay?”

 Shinji rubbed the pale face of Renka’s back. But she manages to open her mouth.

 ”There’s a village near here. But the ……residents are having an ……orgy on the plaza. There was a prayer platform in the plaza that has a larger version of the crystal that we had in our hands. On the prayer table, there was one person…… probably the evil priest”

 When Alvin and Milis heard that the villagers were having an orgy in the plaza, they were flabbergasted. Shinji, on the other hand, uses what Renka has told him to sort out the situation.

 ”It’s probably true.

 The big crystal is the source of the smaller ones that send life. The standard one is supposed to be saving the life energy that is sent to it. It’s not only the life energy that is sent to it, but it also collects life energy from the villages it controls”

 ”I suppose so. The evil priest must be using the raw energy stored up to summon the succubus~noja”

 Flair affirmed Shinji’s thought.

 [If someone converts their life energy into magical power, they can call out even bigger entities. Theoretically, even the gods of the other world require a significant amount of raw energy to summon them. ……Still, that crystal is quite full of life energy. If it’s the main body of the otherworldly succubus, the evil priest might be able to call it up already]

 Freri’s words affirmed Flair’s speculation.

 The otherworldly succubus was strong enough in its own right. It was hard to imagine how strong the main body would be.

 ”Renka, how many villagers were there?”

 ”As far as I can see, there were about thirty. Ten women and twenty men”

 ”That’s a lot when considering there are 10 succubi……”

 The number of enemies is too large to charge in unprovoked.

 Thinking back to the battle in Suru, the strategy is essential.

 ”The crystal must have a lot of vitality in it. If we corner them too much, they may use the raw energy to summon a higher-ranking succubus”

 ”But the village is surrounded by a high fence. It would be best to be able to sneak in and destroy it, but…… that’s not realistic. I think it’s better to launch a surprise attack than to search around the village and risk being discovered”

 ”In the end, we have to go clash on……”

 If there are any members who can act stealthy, it’s a different story, but there are no thief member in <Running Wolves>.

 Because there was no point in using for what was not there, Alvin decided. The strategy wasn’t much, but as a leader, he needs to set a course of action.

 ”In order to be able to resist <Charm> as much as possible, we should put on <Mental Abnormality Resistance> and run in a straight line to the plaza. Also, our first priority is to destroy the crystal. If we are outnumbered and they summon high-ranking succubus, we won’t be able to win”

 ”It’s the only way. ……Shinji-san?”

 Milis nodded to Alvin’s opinion, but tilted her head when she saw Shinji’s thoughtful face.

 Milis could not think of anything better than Alvin’s plan. Although it was a risky idea, Milis agreed with it because she thought it was the best move they could make at the moment.

 ”I have an idea. It’s a difficult one, but will you listen to me?”

 Shinji smiled and said something that Alvin and Milis would never have thought of.

 However, Alvin decided to follow Shinji’s plan and invade the village, hoping to catch them off guard.

* * *

 As they approached the village, the entrance was blocked by a wooden gate.

 A normal monster would have given up on this massive door, but since it was made of wood, it would burn, and for Flair, there was no such thing as a wooden gate.

 ”It’s burning~noja!!”

 ”Let’s go!”

 Alvin, Milis, Freri and Flair jumped out of the trees.

 The gate burned down with a single blow as Flair shot out a heat ray while running. The man standing guard in front of the gate was burned along with the door.

 With the momentum of their leap, Alvin and the others entered the village.

 ”Let’s keep going to the central plaza!”


 ”I know!”

 Alvin announced.

 Despite the fact that they blew up the gate with a bang, there was no sign of reinforcements from the guards.

 Alvin wasn’t sure if they should keep going. He wondered if they were being lured into a trap, but Alvin and the others had a role to play in attracting the enemy’s attention. Therefore, they must move forward.

 As Alvin and the others arrive at the village plaza.

 The scene in Alvin’s vision was just as Renka had told him. It was even worse than he had imagined.

 There was no hint of sanity in the men’s eyes.

 Their eyes were glazed over like beasts as they continued to serve the succubus in front of them with their enlarged p*nises.

 There were men shaking their hips as they inserted it into their vaginas, men moaning as they inserted it into their mouths, and men moaning as their tails squeezed their p*nises.

 All the men were panting for breath.

 The succubus who was squeezing the cum out of them had a look of pleasure on their face.

 They were holding each man in their hands, and the men’s semen which still fresh and disgusting were sprayed all over their bodies.

 Normally, they would have sucked them to death immediately, but since they intended to squeeze as much as possible and enjoy it during the ritual, the men were still able to stay alive.

 They were only barely alive, though.

 ”Move ahead!”

 ”Must win~noja!”

 Alvin and Flair ignore the succubus and the men and attack the large crystal that rests on the prayer platform.

 Alvin attacks using his <Magic Blade> that flew through the air, and Flair attack using <Heat Ray> to turn the crystal into charcoal.

 However, the attack never reaches the crystal.

 ”<Life Barrier>”

 The evil priest standing at the altar raised the staff and consumed the life energy stored in the crystal, creating a transparent wall that perfectly blocked the two’s attack.

 ”Damn, it’s not that easy”

 ”You’re sure barbaric. ……That’s why I hate adventurers……”

 The sound of a pleasant voice echoed in Alvin’s ears as he readied his great sword once again.

 It was the voice of an evil priest standing at the altar.

 The evil priest’s appearance was different from the priest’s uniform worn by Milis because it’s exposed a great deal of skin.

 Her breasts were large, her hips and thighs were firm, her skin looked soft and white, and her face was beautiful. She’s beautiful, just like the luxury prostitutes in <Paradise> that were there a while ago, but she’s the mastermind behind this mess, the Evil Priest.

 ”Are you the mastermind? I’m going to destroy that crystal!”

 ”Prepare yourself~noja, enemy of the goddess!”

 Alvin declares in a strong voice so as not to be misled by the evil priest who looks like a prostitute. Flair, who stepped up next to Alvin, was also ready for battle.

 ”There are good-looking adventurers……you guys, squeeze them”


 The Evil Priest’s eyes were completely staring Alvin like a food.

 She recognized Alvin, Milis, Flair and Freri as a party of four adventurers.

 Comparing their strength, the evil priest thought that her side had the advantage with 10 succubi, so she though that she had the advantage.

 Since she had some life energy that she had used earlier to prevent the attack, she planned to absorb it from the barking Alvin in front of her.

 As Alvin and the succubus clashed with each other.

 The evil priest had no idea that there were adventurers working behind the scenes.


 Renka’s second special magic was <Eagle Eyes>

 It’s a magic that is especially useful outdoors.

 The birds-eye view reconnaissance is really useful.

 Alvin, Milis, Flair, and Freri went in.

 Shinji and Renka seem to be hiding out.

 If it’s a heretics cult that summons succubus, it’s only natural that the priests would be dressed in erotic attire.

 At last, the mastermind behind the commotion could be seen.

 The emergency quests are finally coming to a close.

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