Wizard 160

Chapter 160 The Decisive Battle of Squeezing Village

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 The first one to rush in was Flair.

 As a high-ranking spirit, Flair has a high level of magical power and is highly resistant to charm. In the past, Shinji had been able to directly carve a lewd mark on her because of her arrogance, but now she had learned her lesson and had lost her arrogance.

 In order to annihilate succubus, she uses flames to form a sword in her hand, and makes sure to avoid direct contact with them.

 ”Fuuh! Hah!!”

 ”Hyaa, Uu~ Help me~!”

 ”Damn it! It’s hard to do when charm doesn’t work!”

 Flair had the upper hand from start to finish.

 Flair’s target, the succubus, was too busy defending herself with her life force, and there was no way she could win a one-on-one fight.

 ”Mil, Freri, please!!”

 ”Al-kun! I’ll cover you!”

 Alvin is the next to rush in.

 Using his greatsword, he unleashes a sharp slash at the nearest succubus to cut her in two. The targeted succubus didn’t hesitate to use the <Life Barrier> magic to block the great sword.

 Alvin’s slash was indeed blocked. However, a series of strikes from a flowing movement that does not match the large weapon quickly cut down <Life Barrier> and cracked it.

 ”Onii-san~ ♡ Please stop~ ♡ Let’s do something good, okay? ♡”

 ”I’ll do lots of good things for you ♡ Let’s not fight, okay? ♡”

 After absorbing the semen to their bodies and cleaning their bodies, the succubus invited Alvin to join them by showing off their body.

 Some are rubbing their breasts while others are making blowjob gestures with their long tongues.

 As they do that, a powerful charm hits Alvin.

 However, Alvin didn’t let the charm stop him from wielding his greatsword.

 Because Alvin was protected by Milis’s <Mental Abnormality Resistance>.

 Not only that, but Freri was also helping Alvin by using her succubus magic to reduce the effects of the charm.

 In addition to this, Alvin is trying to make up for his mistake at the brothel, and with his mental, he is in a state where he is immune to ordinary charm.

 ”Wait~ ♡ Don’t ignore me~ ♡”

 ”Mo~ I can’t do it anymore~ Someone help me~ I’ll be ripped upp~”

 ”If this the case~ <Dark Spear>!”

 It took six succubi to hold Alvin back. They were all acting differently.

 Some of the uncoordinated succubi tried to charm Alvin, while others gave up trying to charm him and unleashed their dark magic.

 From one of the succubi’s hands, a spear made of solidified darkness shoots out. But instead of slashing the barrier, Alvin, wielding his greatsword, sends a flash at the oncoming spear of darkness, slashing the magic and nullifying it.

 The magic that was released could only stop Alvin’s slash once.

 The succubus continued to fire off spells, but she was unable to keep up with him as Alvin used his footwork to evade the poorly aimed spells and slash away the ones he couldn’t avoid.

 ”I’ll push through!”

 As he said so, Alvin’s great sword was covered with pale blue magic power. <Magic Blade> is a very powerful magic that can cut down the distance and increase the power of the blow, which is more than enough to cut through the depleted barrier.

 Like cutting butter, the blade tore through the barrier and cut down the succubus behind it.


 Flair’s attack had also succeeded in catching one of the succubus demons.

 Flair’s fire pierced through the succubus’s torso, causing her body to instantly burst into flames. Her body which was engulfed in flames, burned to dust.

 ”Hmph, that’s a dirty scream~noja!”

 ”This woman……!”

 ”You’re looking scary, aren’t you?”

 Flair smirks and wields the flames with a look of amusement on her face. The succubus could not do anything but run away from Flair’s attacks.

 ”Hah…… Calm down”

 The evil priest, who had been watching the battle for a long time, let out a sigh as the mood became one of just pushing through.

 Like before, a transparent barrier stands in front of the succubus that Alvin and Flair were aiming at, blocking the attack.

 Even with Alvin’s <Magic Blade>, he was unable to cut through the evil priest’s barrier with a single blow.

 ”It’s hard……!”

 ”Adventurers who take proper precautions are troublesome”

 The evil priest was unhappy that the succubus were having such a hard time.

 To the Evil Priest, men are insignificant, lifeless tanks. Men are animals who want to rape women, and they are objects of disgust.

 The Evil Priest was originally an ordinary village girl, born and raised in an ordinary family. She was a good-looking village girl who was often seduced by men, but she was not happy about it.

 However, that all changed when her parents died in an accident.

 After the death of her parents, she went to an orphanage to live.

 There, the village girl’s virginity was scattered by the head of the orphanage. She was forcibly attacked and was so terrified that she escaped from the orphanage.

 The place she escaped to was a further hell.

 In order to find a place to sleep, to eat, or any other excuse, various men preyed on the village girl, a homeless child.

 The village girl was in despair. Still, she did not want to die. Every day she was embraced by the men who preyed on her with hatred in her heart, thinking that one day she would take revenge on them.

 Suddenly, those days of despair were over.

 The village girl heard the voice of heaven.

 And she became an evil priest.

 She would rape men and squeeze the life out of them. It was wonderful to watch the man, who had been grinning at first, gradually weaken, plead not to die, and die in despair.

 The evil priest decided to follow the voice of heaven.

 And so, as guided by the voice, she spread the cult, turned women into succubus, and summoned pure succubus to gather life.

 Everything was as the voice wanted it to be. To come down to this world.

 ”But that is all. I have received permission from the God. I will defeat you with the life force I have saved. I can simply re-collect what I have used at a later date”

 As she says that, a large amount of raw energy was being sucked into the evil priest’s body from the crystal sitting on the prayer platform. Seeing that, Alvin and the others tried to block it, but the barrier put up by the Evil Priest was too hard to break through.

 In order to defeat Alvin and the others, the Evil Priest tried to use her life force too to strengthen herself, but then…


 With the sound of hard objects colliding, the large crystal sitting on the prayer platform shattered into pieces. At the same time, a single arrow pierced the prayer platform vertically.

 ”No…… noooo! The crystalllll!”

 With the scream of the evil priest, a large amount of raw energy that had been saved from the shattered crystal was released at once.

 It was impossible to maintain for the evil priest, who was distracted by the shattered crystal, to maintain the barrier.

 ”<Magic Blade>!”

 ”<Holy Sword>!”

 ”So many gaps~noja!”

 Once the barrier was down, there was nothing to stop Alvin and the others.

 Like the evil priest, the succubus who were admiring the raw energy that was being released were unable to resist and were wiped out.

 ”No way….The voice of heaven……, My God……Mugh”

 Freri’s ivy tied up the stunned evil priest. She carefully covered her mouth and used sleeping powder to render her unconscious.

 ”Yosh! We did it! Mil!”

 ”Yes! I’m glad the plan worked!”

 Alvin and Milis clasped hands and rejoiced.

 Alvin was relieved that he was finally able to fulfill his role as a leader, and Milis fell in love with Alvin all over again after seeing him wield the great sword in all directions.

* * *

 In the forest, quite far from the village.

 Renka, who was holding her bow, slowly lowered it. At her side, Shinji was still holding his staff.

 Shinji’s complexion was not good. Shinji, who looked pale from overuse of magic, finally lowered his staff after Renka.

 ”The plan worked, Shinji!”


 Shinji is pushed down by Renka who hugs him.

 He was unusually relieved that it worked.


 The evil priestess was captured.

 The succubus have been wiped out, and the village is now under control.

 The evil priest-chan had almost nothing to show for it.

 Mostly because of Shinji’s strategy. It’s pity.

 Flair and the other spirits are hard to charm, so they’re a good match.

 Alvin was able to redeem himself.

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