Wizard 161

Chapter 161 Triumphant Return

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 The plan that Shinji had proposed.

 It was a long-distance shooting strategy using Renka’s special magic, <Tracking> and <Eagle Eyes>.

 The idea was to put a lot of magic into the <Tracking> magic and shoot arrows diagonally upward, aiming at the crystal sitting in the plaza beyond the wall from outside the village.

 In addition, by using <Eagle Eyes>, she can see the trajectory of the arrow from Renka’s position to the crystal. In theory, this is possible if she has enough magic power, but Renka doesn’t have that much magic power.

 But, Shinji’s <Mana Link> can make up for the lack of magic power.

 When the two of them poured in their magic power to unleash the shoot from distance.

 Alvin and his team’s role were to surprise the enemy from the front and draw their attention. Of course, it would be no problem if Alvin and the others could push through on their own, but Shinji thought that the enemy would not be that weak.

 However, when Alvin heard about this plan, he decided to go with Shinji’s plan.

 Still, in the end, the strategy was successful in catching the Evil Priests by surprise.

 ”Oi! Shinji, Renka!”

 ”Alvin…… We did it!”

 Alvin, Milis, Freri, and Flair, who was carrying the evil priest, joined Shinji and Renka.

 Alvin ran up to Shinji, who was leaning against a tree, and waved his hand over his head, and Shinji stuck his hand out in front of him.

 ”Oh! Renka did it too!”

 ”Fufu, just like the plan! Al!”

 ”Renka-chan, thank you for your hard work!”

 Alvin high-fived Shinji, who in turn high-fived Renka, while Milis, who arrived late, high-fived Renka.

 ”Freri, Flair, thank you. Both of you did a great job”

 ”Fufu, of course. And this guy must be taken to Goddess-sama~noja. Maybe the crystal breakage was the reason I was finally able to reach her~noja”

 [I’m tired……I’m expecting a reward]

 Freri and Flair came to Shinji’s side.

 The contrast between Flair, who looked pleased, and Freri, who looked grim, was profound.

 Shinji took one look at the evil priest on her shoulder and nodded at Flair’s words.

 ”All right, let’s go back! You’re creating a diversion in front of the store!”

 ”Ou…… We need to go back and report it”

 Alvin was the first to start walking.

 Thus, Alvin and the others returned to the brothel through the gate.

* * *

 ”Oh, they’re back!”

 Alvin and the others walked down the stairs and stepped out of the main entrance, where they were greeted by the Temple’s soldiers, who looked relieved to see them.

 There was quite a commotion outside.

 The boys, who were lying on the ground, were carried out in turn. They had no obvious injuries and did not appear to have been knocked unconscious by the fight.

 With a puzzled look on his face, Alvin decided to ask the temple soldier.

 ”What is the situation here?”

 ”We and they were having a glaring exchange. The situation was in a stalemate until a short while ago when they suddenly lost consciousness and collapsed. We’ve been instructed to bring them back in order”

 ”Oh…… I see”

 Shinji’s muttering drew the attention of Alvin and the Temple soldiers.

 ”I think it’s a rebound from a long period of deep charm. I believe they spent a lot of time with the succubus in this store. But once we defeated the main succubus, they were freed and lost consciousness”

 ”I see……”

 The temple soldiers nodded at Shinji’s explanation. As they continued to talk, the other soldiers reported back, and the priest, Pino, and a short old woman came toward Alvin and the others.

 ”You’re back, good job”

 ”Thank you for your hard work. To all <Running Wolves>”

 Alvin bowed his head lightly and smiled radiantly as Pino and the priest thanked him.

 ”We’ve defeated the succubus in the back. The evil priest who led them has also been captured”

 ”Umu. I’m glad you could live up to my expectations”

 ”May I take the evil priest back to the temple, Spirit-sama?”

 Pino smiles with satisfaction, but the priest’s eyes change color when Alvin mention the evil priest.

 The priest glared at the bound evil priest, but Flair, who was holding her, shook her head.

 ”No need~noja. I have been instructed by Goddess-sama to carry her to Miko Arian in <Medio>~noja”

 ”Oh! So that’s it! If Spirits-sama say so, it must be true! I will arrange the Pegasus”

 When a spirit mentions the name of a goddess, he or she is never lying.

 As a representative of the temple, he could not leave the evil priest unattended. Even for a priest who had said he would take care of her, but had no way of dealing with her except to kill it, so what Flair said was convenient.

 ”Hah…… I didn’t know there was a succubus in my shop…….”

 The old woman’s face is not good as she talks to herself with a frown on her face.

 From the perspective of the old woman who ran the brothel, this was a terrible scandal.

 ”I’ll confirm if every girl is a succubus”

 ”I know, I know. I’m sorry, but I need you to take care of my girls”

 The old woman nodded her head in response to the priest’s words.

 At least all the luxury prostitutes have been turned into succubus. But there was no telling how many of the higher-, middle-, and lower-class prostitutes had been turned into succubus.

 In addition, it would be necessary to find and disarm any potential captives who had relations with the prostitutes. The temple is going to be very busy.

 It was a good thing that the case was solved, but the promise of a hard day’s work made the priest feel dizzy.

 ”It’s late today. So, you’re going to report to Medio tomorrow, right? After that, you can come back to the city. I want to talk about the reward and all that”


 Alvin nodded to Pino’s words.

 And then <Running Wolves> decided to return to the temple, leaving Pino to deal with the aftermath of this situation. The fatigue from the battle was too much, and Alvin and the others wanted to rest quickly.

 When they arrived at the temple, Alvin and the others went back to their assigned private rooms.

 In this way, <Running Wolves> succeeded in saving <Oeste>.


 Shinji and Renka’s combined technique were the true nature of long-range sniping.

 Combination moves are great, aren’t they?

 The author love Rampage Ghost. (スパ○ボ)

 The temple is sure to be busy from now on. Good luck.

 While Alvin and the others are away, the city’ s noble, Pino, will also be busy. It’s no exaggeration to say that he’s done a great job saving the city.

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Edited by Kanaa-senpai.

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