Wizard 163

Chapter 163 Report to the Miko and Return to the Party House

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 The next morning, Alvin and the others had breakfast before leaving <Oeste> by Pegasus carriage.

 When they gathered for breakfast, Shinji and Renka almost laughed at the sight of Milis with her glowing skin and Alvin with his slightly thinner appearance, but held back.

 Milis had squeezed Alvin so hard that he had missed the chance to ask her if she was okay to have s*x with him, even though she had told him she couldn’t because she was on her period. As Alvin also afraid to ask her, and Milis didn’t say anything, he concluded that there was nothing wrong with her body, and then they had s*x because they couldn’t hold back their s*xual desire.

 Renka, too, was truly fulfilled by making love to Shinji.

 Thus, with mentally refreshed, <Running Wolves> returned to Medio in high spirits, having successfully completed their quest.

* * *

 When Alvin and the others arrived at the backyard of the temple, they were greeted by the priests.

 Before they know it, the priests have brought Alvin and the others to Miko room.

 The priest reminded them not to be rude, and so Alvin and the others stepped into Miko room.

 In the room, Miko Arian was standing in the same mysterious atmosphere as before.

 However, there was something different. Miko Arian greeted Alvin and the others with a smile on her face that showed her sincere joy at Shinji’s safe return.

 ”Welcome back……. I want to thank you…… for completing this difficult request…… Thank you for all your hard work……”

 Alvin couldn’t help but admire the smile on Miko Arian’s face. When Shinji whispered to Alvin, Alvin panicked and fell to his knees, Milis, Renka also Shinji followed him and bowed.

 ”No! I’m glad I could be of help!”

 ”I’ve heard the story from Flair……. From defeating the heretics to capturing the evil priests…… I believe it was only because of you that you were able to accomplish this……”

 As Miko Arian finishes her sentence, a priest appears from the side of the room.

 The priest holds a scroll and respectfully offers it to Miko Arian, who receives it with a gentle but beautiful gesture.

 Miko Arian who had received the scroll, walked forward.

 She holds out the scroll as she stands in front of Alvin, who bows his head.

 ”This is a special reward from the temple……. This scroll is a one-time use of the miracle of <Resurrection>……. This is for you…….”

 ”T, thank you very much……!”

 Alvin receives the scroll with trembling hands. It’s no wonder his hands were shaking.

 Miracles are said to be something that only the Miko of the Goddess can use.

 It is not recognized as magic. Because there is no magic circle, and the logic behind the phenomenon has not been clarified. That’s why it’s called a miracle.

 The miracle of <Resurrection> is the most famous miracle.

 It is a miracle that can bring a person from any dying state back to full health in an instant.

 It doesn’t matter if person arm is torn off or half of their body is missing, as long as they aren’t dead at the moment the miracle is performed, they will be recovered.

 This miracle is so rare that the temple rarely offers it to the world.

 That’s how special it was that Miko Arian offered it to <Running Wolves>

 ”You have saved the city…… and protected many people from the heretics……. So, we thought that you are worthy to have this miracle……. Miko Arian hopes that you will continue to…… work hard for the sake of the world…… and for Goddess-sama…….”

 Alvin shivered with joy as Miko Arian told him once again that he had saved the city. It was not only Alvin who felt the joy.

 Milis and Renka could finally realize the magnitude of what they had accomplished.

 ”Yes! We’ll keep working hard!”

 ”I’m looking forward to it……”

 Miko Arian muttered and returned to her original position.

 Afterwards, Alvin and the others were then led out of the room by the priest who was carrying the scroll. Shinji, who was walking at the end of the line, turned around so as not to be noticed by Alvin and the others walking ahead of him, because he felt their eyes on his back.

 As Shinji turned around, his gaze met Miko Arian’s.

 (Welcome back, Apostle Shinji-sama……♡)

 No one but Shinji was looking at Miko Arian.

 So, Shinji was the only one who saw Miko Arian bowing gracefully with her mouth full and giving a big smile to the man she loved.

 (Hasn’t her love gotten heavier in the time we haven’t seen each other?)

 Shinji felt that the amount of heat in Miko Arian’s eyes had increased since he had received the request.

 In fact, he’s not mistaken because she thinks Shinji is a dependable man who has completed the Goddess’ request as an apostle without any problems, but Shinji’s perception that he was just doing his job was at odds with that.

 (See you later……♡)

 When Shinji saw Miko Arian’s mouth moving like that, the door closed behind him.

* * *

 ”Welcome back, everyone~”

 After leaving the temple, Alvin and the others were finally able to return to the party house. When they returned, they were greeted by Emily.

 As Alvin and the others responded to her, Emily quickly jumped into Shinji’s arms and he decided to offer her his arm.

 ”I’m back, Emily, is everything alright?”

 ”E~verything is al~right. It’s so peaceful that I get bored”


 Alvin and Milis chuckled at Emily’s words.

 Normally, Renka would try to get Emily out of her arms, but today Renka was different.

 She didn’t get jealous of Emily, and she did the same with the free arm that Emily hadn’t taken from her.

 ”Emily, peace is the best”

 Renka smiles calmly at Emily, giving her the air of a true wife who believes without a doubt that Shinji loves her.

 Seeing that, Emily’s eyes blinked.

 She wondered what kind of a change of heart it would take to make her like this after just a few days of not seeing each other, but she was convinced that Shinji had done a good job.

 ”I know, I know. It’s almost snack time, let’s have tea together for the first time in a while!”

 ”Sounds good. Let’s go, Shinji”

 ”All right, don’t pull me……”

 Shinji was being dragged into the party house by the two women who were pulling his arm. As he watched, Alvin was reminded of how popular Shinji was…….

 Suddenly, Milis grabbed Alvin’s hand.

 ”Al-kun, should I come with you?”

 ”Oh…… Yes!”

 Alvin also smiled back at Milis, who smiled adorably.

 (Yes. I have Mil. It doesn’t matter if Shinji is popular or not. I have the love of my life)

 Alvin grabbed Milis’ hand and followed after Shinji and the others.


 Back to the home base.

 Al-kun was squeezed so hard by Milis that he missed the timing to ask her about her period.

 Thanks to that, he’s not even sure if she bled during the act.

 He seems to have demonstrated his usual roughness, saying that he was fine because Milis seemed to be fine.

 After reported to Miko.

 They got a very nice extra reward. As long as someone don’t die, he or she okay with just one serious injury! (Flag)

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 It’s been a while since we’ve seen Emily.

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