Wizard 164

Chapter 164 Goddess Interrogation of Evil Priest

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 ”Shinji, Goddess-sama wants to see you~noja”

 ”You’re here already……”

 When Shinji returned to his room after finished his tea time, Flair appeared in his room. He was prepared to be summoned by the end of the day based on Miko Arian’s speech, but it was much earlier than he had expected.

 ”Uh…… It’s gonna hard”

 ”Wait, something’s wrong with the pronunciation”

 Shinji quickly tried to distance himself from Flair, but Flair’s hand was quicker to grab Shinji’s arm.

 The scene around Shinji instantly switches from his room to the Miko’s room.

 ”You’re very pushy…… I’ll ask Freri to look after my room”

 ”Um…… I’m so sorry~noja”

 With a sigh, Shinji sends Freri a reminder to stay in his room. In the meantime, Flair was restless and uncomfortable and refused to leave Shinji’s side.

 Shinji wondered why Flair was so restless.

 But when Shinji saw the scene unfolding in front of him, he had a hunch.

 First of all, lying on the ground was a captured Evil Priest.

 The evil priest was not tied up or pinned down. However, she is being forced to crawl on the ground by an invisible force.

 Her expression was very pained, but her gaze was still glaring powerfully at the front.

 On the other side of the Evil Priest’s gaze.

 Miko Arian was standing there. To be precise, it was Goddess Arian who was borrowing Miko Arian’s body.

 The motherly atmosphere of Miko Arian has disappeared and she is looking down at the evil goddess with a cold stare. This is the reason why Flair is uncomfortable, because she is obviously in a bad mood.

 ”It’s been a while since I’ve seen you, Apostle Shinji”

 ”……! …..!”

 Goddess Arian softened the atmosphere and smiled as Shinji pondered what to say to her. The Evil Priest also reacted to Goddess Arian’s words and her mouth twitched when she noticed Shinji.

 It seems that Goddess Arian is the reason why the evil priest is unable to speak.

 ”Long time no see, Goddess-sama”

 ”You’ve done really well this time. The only reason why the damage was so light was because you took care of the situation as soon as possible. So, I’d reward you with <Resurrection>”

 Goddess Arian, who had just lied about her previous sullenness, put on a big smile and praised Shinji with open arms. She also looked at Flair and said a few words of encouragement, and Flair fell to her knees and hung her head.

 ”I heard you wanted to see me…….”

 Shinji looked sideways at the evil priest as he spoke, and Goddess Arian nodded.

 ”Yes. I was hoping to get some information out of this girl, the mastermind behind all of this, and I was wondering if you could help me……?”

 ”I don’t mind, but can’t you just read her mind……?”

 ”Of course, I tried, but…… she’s all grumbling and not responding to my questions at all. But if I try to use the power of the goddess to pull out her memories, her mind will collapse first”

 Goddess Arian raises an eyebrow and said, “Too much power is also a problem”. The mind-reading magic is only able to read the surface of the consciousness, not the memories that lie deep within.

 ”I see. So how do you want to do it?”

 ”Pleasure torture will be fine. You can do whatever you want as long as you can get the information out of her”

 ”……! ……!”

 The evil priest desperately tried to rampage, but she could not escape from the invisible power, and she could not even resist as far as she could. The only thing that the evil priest can do is to curse Goddess Arian in her heart.

 ”Goddess Arian is a goddess-sama, right……? I have a duty to protect the world, I will do everything in my power to do so. If the other party is someone who harms the world, there is no need to hold back”

 Goddess Arian coldly looked down at the Evil Priest and urged Shinji to move forward.

 It’s not a bad idea, even if it is a bit of a hassle, because Shinji can use the function-granting magic that he developed to counter Freri without hesitation.

 As Shinji wouldn’t give his woman a pleasure that could destroy her, this magic couldn’t be used on them. So, when Goddess Arian said he can do anything on her, it’s a good opportunity for him.

 ”Grow and bind”

 ”If you want me to stop him, you must tell me everything. Tell me everything and I will make the Apostle Shinji stop what he is doing”

 Countless thin tentacle ivy sprouted from the ground where the evil priest lay.

 Each Ivy which was thin but tough and secreting a slimy mucus from its skin, rushed to the evil priest.

 The ivy invades beneath the evil priest clothes through the gaps that expose a lot of skin.

 ”No, don’t do that……!?”

 ”I’ll make sure you can speak up ♪”

 Ivy tied up the evil priest and lifted her into the air.

 The evil priest who was entangled in the slimy ivy, felt nothing but discomfort. The ivy, which can move as it pleases, has torn the clothes of the evil goddess, making her look miserable.

 ”If the goddess is a goddess, then the apostle is an apostle……”

 The evil priest is half-naked in front of Shinji’s eyes.

 Her eyes still strong, though it is unclear whether she is being stubborn or pretentious. She must have understood that there was no way to help her, but she did not despair, which was strange to Shinji.

 ”It would be easier if you were honest with him, wouldn’t it?”

 ”It’s foolish. I would never disobey the voice of heaven. You can rape me all you want. I won’t tell you anything……♡”

 The Evil Priest’s body, which had been keeping a clear face, trembled.

 The evil priest’s voice choked as she suddenly felt a weak sense of pleasure from the unpleasant ivy crawling around her.

 Because Shinji added a function-granting magic to the ivy’s mucus that made the woman’s skin more sensitive.

 ”What…… ♡ What did you do…… ♡ Ggh… Nn~ ♡”

 ”What’s wrong with you? I’m just manipulating ivy”

 (This guy…… ♡ He’s so shameless…… ♡)

 The evil priest stubbornly glared at Shinji’s grinning face, but it did not last long. Because the tentacle ivy suddenly exposed her nearly exposed breasts and wrapped itself around her nipples, which were beginning to erect from the weak pleasure.

 ”Aaahh~ ♡ Fuh~ ♡”

 ”You have weak nipples. I’ll make you feel good”

 ”Stop it~ ♡ Nn~ ♡ Nn~ ♡ ……~ ♡”

 As she grumbling, the ivy tightened her nipples intermittently like a milking cow. The evil priest tried to be on her guard against the constant caresses, but there was no way the human could endure them for any length of time.

 In no time at all, her nipples erected perfectly, and the evil priest began to feel more and more pleasure.

 ”Let’s make you learn how to cum with your nipples easily”

 ”No~ ♡ I don’t want it~ ♡ Cum easily~ ♡ Ahh~ ♡♡”

 The Evil Priest climaxes lightly with just her nipples.

 For her who has only been violently raped and squeezed to death one way or another, only cum with her nipple feels like a tremendous humiliation.

 But Shinji’s gaze never changes as he stares at the evil priest, breathing hard from the climax.

 ”What shall I try next?”, Shinji said.

 Still, the cold gaze that made him feel that way was still there.


 Shinji-kun going to pleasure-torture the Evil Priest in front of the Goddess.

 Let’s start with the tentacle play!

 Shinji-kun is doing it nonchalantly in work mode since it is a request from the goddess.

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