Wizard 166

Chapter 166 The Temptation of Miko Arian

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 ”Well then…”

 After hypnotizing the Evil Priest, Shinji pulled out his p*nis and manipulated the tentacle ivy to make her stand on the floor after she had become completely docile.

 Then, Shinji put his pants and moved the vaguely hypnotized Evil Priest to the front of Goddess Arian.

 ”Goddess-sama, is this okay?”

 ”Yes, thank you for your help. I’ll take care of the questions. Fufufu…… How shall I make you pay for your crime of meddling in my world?”

 Goddess Arian has a very black smile on her face as she ponders how to punish the mastermind who manipulated the Evil Priest.

 As the topic was becoming irrelevant to Shinji, he didn’t want to get mixed up in the conversation and didn’t want to get more involved.

 Therefore, it was only natural for him to return to his room as soon as he finished his task.

 ”Well, I’ll be going now”

 ”There’s no need to be in such a hurry to leave. Miko Arian also wants to talk to the Apostle Shinji”

 (That’s why I want to go home!)

 Knowing that his mind was being read, he replied in a heartfelt voice, but Goddess Arian only smiled and had no intention of letting Shinji leave.

 If she had to choose between Miko Arian and the Apostle Shinji, she would have to say Miko Arian.

 ”Flair, let’s go. Let’s leave the two youngsters alone ♪”


 ”Hey, Flair!”

 ”Shinji……I’m sorry~noja!”

 As Flair followed Goddess Arian’s instructions and disappeared with the Evil Priest, the remaining people in the room only two of them.

 ”Apostle Shinji-sama……”

 Miko Arian was looking at Shinji with a passionate gaze, swaying strangely because of the first time she saw a man and a woman engaging in s*xual intercourse.

 Without thinking, Shinji took a step backward.

 ”Why……are you stepping back……?”

 ”……I didn’t want to mess with you. And I simply kept my distance so that I could keep my cool”

 Miko Arian’s eyes are sadly lowered, which makes Shinji feel guilty, but he can’t be naive, because Miko Arian has enough s*x appeal to shatter his reason.

 ”I adore you so much……but Apostle Shinji-sama is so cold……. Even though you were having s*x with the Evil Priest…….”

 ”It’s a job that Goddess-sama told me to do”

 Still, Miko Arian is approaching Shinji step by step.

 If it was true, he would have to keep his distance, but his eyes were glued to Miko Arian’s breasts as she walked, and he still didn’t move.

 The p*nis that he had just inserted to hypnotize the Evil Priest was still erect.

 As the Evil Priest’s vagina was almost like a succubus. In other words, Shinji was under the influence of succubus.

 A normal man would have thrown away his reason and jumped, but Shinji was able to endure with his steel reason.

 ”Why you don’t want do it with me……?”

 ”I’m too afraid to do it with you, Miko-sama”

 Shinji grunted at the lonely, protective of her gaze.

 But his instincts were screaming at him to hug the woman in front of him right now.

 ”What’s the real truth……?”

 ”I really want to do it so badly, but I don’t want Goddess-sama telling me to take responsibility for it……~Eh!?”

 His true feelings came out of his mouth and Shinji thought that Miko Arian had cast a spell on him.

 And in fact, Miko Arian cast a magic on him and it’s called <Mouth of Truth>.

 It’s a magic that makes it impossible to lie about a question, and when a person tries to tell a lie, they end up telling the truth, which is the worst kind of magic for someone like Shinji who tries to deceive with words.

 Shinji, who had not expected Miko Arian to use such a forceful method, was caught off guard and fell for it easily.

 ”I’m so glad……♡ I want to do it too ……♡”

 ”But I can’t right now. I have a girlfriend and I’m planning to get married. If I have s*x with Miko-sama, my main wife will become Miko-sama. I don’t want to break my promise to my girlfriend”

 Miko Arian grabbed Shinji’s hand and smiled happily, her soft warm hand was slippery and comfortable.

 Shinji quickly changed his mind, deciding that he couldn’t lie. So, he decided to tell her why he couldn’t do anything about it.

 He thought that Miko Arian wouldn’t make any more advances towards a man who had a girlfriend, even if it was him.

 But reality is not as it seems.

 ”Apostle Shinji-sama…… ♡ Shall we? ~ ♡”

 ”Did you hear what I said? I have a girlfriend…….”

 Miko Arian pressed Shinji’s hand, which she had been holding, against her breast.

 Her breasts are bigger than Milis, but they are still firm and well-shaped, the ideal for a man.

 ”Don’t worry……♡ We’ll think about it together……♡ So, Let’s connect with me……♡ And fulfill Danna-sama wishes… I’m sure the two of us will come up with a great idea……♡ Ah~ ♡”

 ”If you don’t have a specific…… idea, ugh, you’ll never get one……”

 Before long, Shinji had grabbed Miko Arian’s rich breasts with both hands and was carefully rubbing them.

 Miko Arian’s arms were around Shinji’s neck, and the two were staring at each other at close range.

 She was the most beautiful woman who had ever favored him. Furthermore, the only person who can touch the body that doesn’t know a man is him. He is also the first man who hears the seductive voice of Miko Arian’s lips as she turns into a woman.

 ”There is a bedroom in the back……♡ Where we can discuss it……♡ A better future for me and Danna-sama……♡”

 ”Yeah, I guess we’ll have to sit down and think about that…….”

 In Miko Arian’s line of sight, there is a curtain separating the rooms.

 The back of the curtain seems to be Miko Arian’s bedroom, and then she slowly pulls Shinji towards it.

 Shinji didn’t have the energy to resist anymore.

 He was thinking not about how to get away from Miko Arian, but how to do it without any problem.

 So, the two of them went into the back room.

 They fell into a tangle on the luxurious bed that Miko Arian usually used.


 Goddess-sama went to hear the explanation from the Evil Priest.

 And Flair follows Goddess-sama.

 Shinji-kun in normal times is fine.

 But, Shinji-kun was caught by Miko Arian when he affected by charm from Evil Priest-chan’s vagina.

 Furthermore, Miko Arian is also a pushover. She calls him “Danna-sama”.

 Still, Shinji’s main wife is Renka!

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