Wizard 169

Chapter 169 Shinji and Alvin to Heliotrope

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 Shinji, who had thoroughly enjoyed s*x with Miko Arian, adjusted his clothes and called Flair.

 Flair looked awkward, but Shinji knew that as a spirit, she couldn’t go against the Goddess Arian, so he knew she had no choice. But when Shinji gave her a reproachful look, Flair became very impatient.

 ”I didn’t mean do it~noja!”

 ”But you left me there. ……The result was good, though……”

 Shinji talks while looking sideways at Miko Arian, who is sleeping peacefully in her bed.

 ”I, I want go back to my room! Send me to my room right away!”

 ”It’s a blatant distraction…… but it’s okay~noja…….”

 Flair felt sorry for Shinji as she continued to act unfaithful, but she did as Shinji requested and sent him back to his room.

 Normally, Flair would be in the same room with him, but it was too awkward, so Flair decided to stay in the Miko room.

 ”Ahhhh, what should I do~?”

 Flair was alone with her hands in her head.

 She knew that her actions were reasonable as a spirit, but she also knew that Shinji would want to blame her for it.

 Flair, who wants to keep a harmonious relationship as a companion, thinks she may need to do something to apologize. However, Flair had never apologized to a human before.

 Flair continued to groan and groan.

* * *

 ”Ah, I’ve escaped……”

 [Welcome back, Shinji]

 When Shinji returned to his room, he was greeted by Freri, who thanked him for taking care of him. Thinking that there was still some time before dinner, Shinji left the room to visit <Heliotrope>.

 ”Alvin, I’m going out for a while. I’ll be back on dinner”


 ”Yes. I have to go to a friend’s store. It’s called <Heliotrope>. It’s a jewelry store”

 ”Eh. ……Jewelry. …….Hey, can I come too?”

 Shinji blinked at Alvin’s unexpected words.

 ”No problem. What do you want with the jewelry?”

 ”Even though, it’s still a long way. ……I think the success of this request is big. We should be promoted to a higher rank, right?”

 ”Well, yes. Saving a city is a big deal”

 Shinji agreed with Alvin, who looked down embarrassed at his own pairing.

 ”In that case, the next step is <Hateyama>. After that, I want to send a wedding ring to Mil. I thought it might be helpful”

 ”Wedding rings…….”

 ”Shinji is no stranger to this, right?”

 ”Well, yeah. I’ll have to think about it soon”

 Shinji has already confirmed that he will marry Renka and Miko Arian. He’s not sure about Iris, but she’s been approved by Renka as a potential second wife, so there’s a chance she’ll stay as a second wife. If that happens, he’ll need four rings.

 ”Then let’s go. We have to be back on dinner”

 ”Roger that. Let’s hurry up and get going”

 Thus, Shinji and Alvin went out together in a hurry.

* * *

 ”Welcome to……. Ah, it’s just Onii-san”

 ”Is Haruto here? I’m here as a guest today”

 When Shinji entered to Heliotrope store, he was greeted by Hayate, wearing an apron and working as a clerk.

 But as soon as she saw Shinji’s face, Hayate’s tone of voice changed dramatically, and Shinji smiled and went to the back of the store.

 ”He’s working in the back toda……”

 ”Wow, there’s a lot of stuff here, Shinji, can I look at the selection?”

 ”Yeah. I’ll call Haruto”

 Hayate’s voice stopped in mid-sentence as she answered Shinji’s question. It was after seeing Alvin’s face when they walked into the store.

 Alvin’s face was very attractive. The fact that he had black hair was also a factor that made Hayate like him. Hayate couldn’t help but stare at Alvin’s face.

 Alvin was completely oblivious to Hayate’s gaze and still he looking at the various products on display in the store.

 Alvin is the only customer in the store right now and even though Hayate was frozen in place, no one pointed it out to her.

 In the meantime, Shinji returned with Haruto.

 ”Alvin, I’ve brought him”

 ”Oh, thank you. I’m Shinji’s party leader, Alvin. Nice to meet you!”

 Alvin offered his hand and Haruto shook it.

 ”I’m Haruto, nice to meet you. I used to be in a party with Shinji. Even so, I didn’t expect Shinji to get married”

 ”Is that so surprising?”

 ”We used to be in the same party, but we never talked about it, did we? Maybe his wife is Emily?”

 The image that came to Haruto’s mind was Emily. He had always known that Emily was in love with Shinji.

 Shinji smiled and shook his head at Haruto’s question.

 ”No, it’s not. The other person is a current party member”

 ”He’s one of my childhood friends”

 ”I see. ……Anyway, congratulations, Shinji”

 Shinji replied, “Thank you”

 The expression on his face seems to be somewhat embarrassed. Haruto, who has known Shinji for a long time, has never seen him embarrassed before, which is unusual for him.

 Alvin was finally able to digest his late realization of the fact that Shinji and Renka were getting married and accept it.

 ”I’m getting married, just like Shinji and I was wondering if I could ask you about wedding rings……”

 ”Oh, of course you can. There are many different designs of rings available. ……Let’s talk in detail in the back. Hayate-chan, take care of the store”

 ”……Ah, yes! Leave it to me!”

 Hayate finally looked away from Alvin’s face when Haruto called out to her and replied. She replied in a flustered tone with her cheeks slightly red.

 But Haruto and Alvin head towards the back of the store without paying any attention to her, still Shinji notices the change in Hayate.

 Shinji stares at her, and Hayate stares back.

 Shinji knows that Hayate has a lover named Shizuku. She was afraid that if he found out that she was admiring Alvin, a stranger who was not her lover, he would tell on her.

 ”What?! Why don’t you just go?”

 Shinji followed Alvin and the others quietly, as Hayate wanted, taking a strong stance so that they would not notice anything unnecessary.

 (Hmm, maybe it’s love at first sight……?)

 But it was too late.

 Shinji realized that Hayate had fallen in love with Alvin.

 Shinji smiled happily as he realized that there was a small chance that Hayate would leave Shizuku, which Shizuku had feared.


 Flair-chan decided to think of an apology for Shinji.

 Even though it was work, she put Goddess-sama first! Flair-chan is being rolled around in the palms of Shinji’s hands…….

 Shinji and Alvin on the Heliotrope

 Shinji-kun’s heart is in good shape even though he’s surrounded by the boyfriend and husband of the woman he cuckolded.

 Hayate-chan seems to be struck by Alvin’s face. Alvin is getting married, but…… only his regular wife has been chosen yet, so there will be a chance.

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