Wizard 170

Chapter 170 Nanaka is not Satisfied with Haruto

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 At the back of Heliotrope, Shinji and the others had a meeting to discuss the ring.

 But they are still in the process of checking out catalogs to see what kind of ring designs are available, as well as getting a lecture from Haruto about the various types of gemstones, colors, shapes, and processing methods that can be used.

 ”Hmm, there are so many different types of rings……”

 ”To be honest, there’s no end to what you can choose and the important thing is to find a ring that you’re comfortable with”

 As soon as Alvin and Haruto started talking, they immediately got to know each other.

 Alvin and Haruto were both cheerful and friendly, and since they had a mutual friend named Shinji to help them, they were able to talk without hesitation.

 ”It doesn’t have to be expensive”

 ”But if it’s too cheap, you’ll get a lot of complaining in the future”

 ”I don’t think Renka is the type to say that……”

 Unlike Alvin, Shinji, who was looking at the catalog, was considering an average ring, so he barely looked at the pages of expensive rings.

 Haruto spoke to him teasingly, but Shinji paid no attention to him.

 As there was a possibility that he would need four rings, it was hard on his pocket to pay for such expensive rings.

 ”It’s a once-in-a-lifetime wedding ring. I think I’ll get a nice one”

 ”Wouldn’t it be better to spend it on something more practical like a house……?”

 ”Hah…… Shinji doesn’t understand women’s heart”

 Alvin and Haruto look at Shinji with pitiful eyes.

 Although Shinji is very caring, but his lack of understanding of the big gift of a wedding ring is hilarious and makes them laugh.

 As the three men were chatting happily, Nanaka came in carrying Hana on her back with a baby strap and brought in a cup of tea.

 ”Looks like you’re having fun, Haruto and Shinji, you’re finally showing your face, Hayate-chan is doing great”

 ”Oh, sorry. Thanks for the tea, Nanaka”

 Haruto took the cup from Nanaka, who was about to place it on the desk, and distributed the tea to Shinji and Alvin. In the meantime, Nanaka smiled at Alvin, whom she had never met before.

 ”I’m Haruto’s wife, Nanaka. This is my daughter, Hana”

 ”I’m Alvin, the leader of the same party as Shinji. Sorry to bother you”

 ”It’s okay. Please take your time”

 After saying that, Nanaka walked away so as not to disturb Haruto and the others.

 ”I’ll discuss it with Renka later. And…… Haruto, I’ll leave Alvin’s ring selection support to you. I’m going to ask Nanaka about Hayate”

 ”Is Hayate the clerk from earlier? Shinji, do you know her?”

 Alvin’s question made Haruto wonder, and Haruto continued the question.

 ”If Alvin doesn’t know her, does that mean she’s your friend?”

 ”Yes. It was a personal request that I couldn’t refuse, so I asked……Haruto and the rest to train her. Also, because of Nanaka being busy babysitting, she also become clerk in this store”

 ”I see. Well, then I guess I’ll be talking to Haruto”

 Alvin, who had heard Shinji’s story, looked down at the catalog again, and Haruto began to talk with Alvin about his ideal ring.

 Haruto, too, began to talk with Alvin about his ideal ring, while Shinji followed Nanaka into the Heliotrope’s living room, leaving the two behind.

* * *

 The Heliotrope’s living room was quiet.

 The layout of the building lined up store area, work room, and living room in that order, so there was no sound from the store area.

 He could only faintly hear the voices of Alvin and Haruto talking in the work room.

 In the room, Nanaka, who had already put Hana down, was standing next to Shinji.

 She doesn’t make any verbal demands, but she does lean closer to Shinji. Even without saying a word, Shinji knew immediately what Nanaka wanted.

 And then, Shinji was stroking Nanaka’s ass.

 And Hana was sleeping peacefully, even though it was late for her nap.

 ”I didn’t know she slept this late”

 ”It varies from day to day. Today she didn’t take a nap until now, so it’s this late. ……She usually naps much earlier”

 Despite being stroked around her ass, Nanaka looked natural.

 When her ass being stroked, Nanaka also shaking her ass.

 Her body also beginning to feel the pleasure.

 ”Are Hayate taking this seriously?”

 ”Nn……♡ Yes, Hayate-chan is a good girl. She’s serious about her training and her work. ……It helped me so I can concentrate on taking care of Hana ♡”

 While making sure there was no sign of anyone else in the hallway, Shinji pulled down Nanaka’s pants to touch her invitingly swaying ass.

 He squeezed the flesh of her ass over her black underwear and it made Nanaka’s mouth let out a pleasurable gasp.

 The reason Nanaka had invited Shinji over was because she was frustrated.

 Since Hana’s nighttime crying had calmed down, they had been talking about having another child.

 Though Hana was their unexpected result, when they started trying to make a baby again, she didn’t get pregnant.

 Haruto’s poor s*x skills, unlike Shinji’s, are not enough to satisfy her, and her vagina, trained by Shinji, quickly drains Haruto of his semen.

 Because of his low energy level and premature ejaculation, Haruto would get ready and go to bed as soon as he ejaculated.

 And just when she was having a hard time, Shinji conveniently appeared.

 Therefore, Nanaka decided to leave her body in Shinji’s hands.

 ”That’s good. Then you can take care of her for the time being, right?”

 ”Of course~ ♡ I will make her a full-fledged adventurer~ ♡ Nn~ ♡”

 Shinji, who was supposed to be standing beside her, stood behind Nanaka.

 His erect p*nis was pushing up his pants, and he pressed it against her soft ass.

 Shinji’s hands slip into her underwear as he wraps his arms around Nanaka’s body from behind.

 The two people held their breath as their actions gradually escalated.


 The men quickly became friends.

 Will the day ever come when Alvin and Haruto realize that Shinji is cuckolding their loved ones ……?

 It’s been a while since Nanaka and Shinji have been together.

 The reward for taking care of Hayate is Shinji’s big dick.

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