Wizard 171

Chapter 171 Seeding Nanaka

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 In the Heliotrope’s living room, Nanaka was being groped from behind by Shinji. She was holding her mouth with one hand to prevent her voice from escaping while pressing her plump and attractive ass against Shinji’s p*nis.

 Shinji also presses his cock against her ass. Although Shinji still has his pants on, his big cock is firmly asserting itself, and Nanaka can clearly see its hardness and size.

 ”Well…… it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, and you’re still the same even though you married Haruto and had a baby”

 ”Nn…… ♡ Nuu~ ♡ Who make this body like this…… ♡”

 Nanaka was dressed lightly because they are in the room.

 She had her arms wrapped around Shinji from behind and was resting her back against his chest. Shinji’s hand had already slipped into her underwear, though she was tickled when he spoke in her ear.

 When he traced her secret part with his middle finger, it was slightly moist.

 It was a sign that she was starting to get wet just from having her ass stroked and his p*nis pressed against her, and it was also a sign that she was still under the influence of the training Shinji had given her.

 ”It’s me. But Nanaka was also happy that you felt good too”

 ”Nn……♡ Because Shinji is better at s*x……♡ This one’s bigger too……♡ Oh~ ♡ Your finger… ♡ …Good ♡ Shinji’s fingers feels so good ……♡”

 They talking with small voice.

 Since childhood, Nanaka and Haruto had known each and had been in love for a long time.

 But One day, Nanaka finds Haruto on his day off, meeting a woman in the city. They seem to be on good terms and Nanaka thinks that Haruto is dating her.

 Heartbroken, Nanaka drinks herself to death and has a one-night stand with Shinji, a member of the party at the time.

 Nanaka’s first experience with Shinji was incredibly pleasurable. They have a vague relationship, but they continue to have a physical relationship.

 She liked Shinji as a friend and trusted him, and she was able to spend her days with him without changing her relationship with Haruto or the atmosphere at the party.

 So, for a while, Nanaka enjoyed her s*x life with Shinji.

 The s*x with Shinji developed Nanaka’s body. But after Nanaka’s body was completely stained with Shinji’s colors, Haruto confessed his feelings for her.

 Naturally, Nanaka asks him about the woman he met in the city.

 Haruto’s answer was that she was a friend who had given him advice on a gift to give to Nanaka.

 While her relationship with Shinji is still unclear, Nanaka still has feelings for Haruto. So, despite her doubts, Nanaka decides to settle her physical relationship with Shinji and take Haruto’s hand.

 Shinji told her that he would keep their relationship private and that they would not have s*xual intercourse in the future.

 Thus, Nanaka begins to date Haruto.

 However, her body, which had been developed by Shinji, was not satisfied with s*xual intercourse with Haruto. It was here that Nanaka finally learned that Shinji was very good at what he did.

 ”Although, you were able to have a relationship with Haruto, you still having s*x with me behind his back. It seems he can’t satisfy yourself unless it’s mine!”

 ”Nuu…… ♡ It’s big…… ♡ It’s hard……. ♡”

 Shinji dexterously pulled his p*nis out of his pants with one hand, slipped off Nanaka’s underwear, and inserted it from the back.

 The secret part of her body, which had been soaked by Shinji’s caressing fingers, easily took his big cock into her vagina.

 At the end, Nanaka kept doing the same thing over and over again.

 No matter if she went out with Haruto, got married and had a baby, her body would always come back to Shinji.

 Nanaka had fallen to the point of no return.

 ”You even asked me out. Have you started your s*x life again?”

 ”Ah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Yes…… ♡ Haruto, he wants a second child…… ♡ but he always ends up being satisfied with just…… ♡ one climax…… ♡ Ah……♡”

 The slow movement of Shinji’s hips reminded Nanaka of the sensation of welcoming Shinji’s p*nis into her vagina.

 The vagina shuddered with joy at finally being able to accept the p*nis she wanted, and tightened up on it. The cock which was inserted into the narrow and sucking vaginal passage, and pry open her vaginal passage made Nanaka leaned back and cried out in pleasure.

 Pan……♡ Pan……♡ Pan……♡ Pan……♡

 Shinji poked and prodded Nanaka’s vagina over and over again, being very careful not to let the rest of the room hear the sound. On the same time, Nanaka’s womb had come down perfectly and was ready to be fertilized at any moment.

 ”I’ll make you carry my baby, Nanaka…….”

 ”Eh ♡ Shinji …… ♡ How’s the contraceptive magic …… ♡?”

 ”Isn’t it okay if I conceive you? Because you’re making a baby with Haruto…… So, will you have my baby?”

 Nanaka, who was immersed in pleasure, was surprised because Shinji had never shown any signs of wanting to impregnate her before.

 Her mind knew that a child was not a good idea, but her body, which was being melted by Shinji, was happy. Her vagina began to wriggle and squirm on its own, wanting to give birth to the child of a superior male who could make her feel the best.

 While Nanaka was struggling to answer, she was being penetrated again and again, and her climax was approaching. Her body had already accepted Shinji.

 Shinji’s hips began to swing faster and faster. “He’ll cumming……” When she realized that, she lowered her center of gravity and pressed her ass against Shinji’s with all her might.

 Shinji mercilessly ejaculated into the vagina as Nanaka took the best position for fertilization.

 ”Nnnnnn~~ ♡♡♡”

 Nanaka came as she felt the semen filling her womb. She tried her best to keep her voice down and let her body rest against Shinji’s as she basked in the afterglow of her climax.

 From the look on her face, it was obvious that she had never had any negative thoughts about his baby.

 After that, Shinji slowly pulls his cock out of her. Nanaka’s vagina squeezed and tightened to keep Shinji’s semen from spilling out.

 Nanaka’s body would not let a drop of Shinji’s semen escape. Shinji nodded his head in satisfaction.

 ”Do your best to raise your second child, Nanaka”

 ”Yes…… ♡ I’ll do my best…… ♡”

 Shinji is the man with the best physical chemistry.

 It’s not surprising that Nanaka, who has the face of a woman steeped in pleasure, affirms the wishes of the excellent male Shinji.


 Blood Parasite s*x with Nanaka.

 The first one is Haruto’s child, and the second one is……. Shinji’s child.

 Nanaka is being taught by Shinji how good s*x feels. It seems that she thought she was safe because he was using contraceptive magic, but it was up to Shinji.

 But If there’s no problem with impregnation, Shinji will impregnate her.

 This is the second person after Charlotte who conceived his child.

 If she’s married, she can’t break up the relationship with him. …… That’s like the future of Milis-chan …….

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