Wizard 172

Chapter 172 Hayate is Confused by the Difference in Common Sense

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 While Shinji was conceiving Nanaka.

 Alvin and Haruto had moved to Heliotrope store to have a look at the actual products instead of just the catalog.

 Haruto had no idea that Shinji and Nanaka were having intercourse right now.

 For Haruto, who only knew Shinji’s outward appearance, Shinji was the one who had helped them when they disbanded the party, and he had a calm personality and wasn’t the kind of person who would do anything strange.

 Even Alvin, who Shinji had brought along, was such a nice young man that he was able to get to know him in no time at all. So, there was no room for doubt.

 ”There are so many things to choose, it’s hard to know where to start……”

 The expression on Alvin’s face is very serious. Haruto is watching over Alvin as he continues to wander, and Hayate approaches him.

 ”Haruto-san, have you finished talking?”

 ”Ou, we are looking at the actual product now. It’s hard to imagine with just a catalog. Although we don’t have the highest quality products, we do have some high-end products on display”

 In the back of the Heliotrope sales area, there is a display of rings made of high-quality gemstones. No one buys them often, but sometimes they come in handy.

 Although retired, Haruto is still a former upper rank adventurer. He was confident that he would be able to defeat any robber who tried to rob him, which is why he still kept the high-quality items in his store.

 ”Hey, Haruto, can you change the combination of the gemstone and the base ring……?”

 As he was looking at the jewelry, Alvin didn’t notice that Haruto and Hayate were talking and interrupted their conversation.

 ”Oh, I’m sorry…….”

 ”I’m sorry, Alvin, but of course you can order any combination you want”

 ”I see. ……It’s even more troubling”

 Alvin’s head is full of thoughts about the ring and he looks at Hayate, but he doesn’t care at all and looks at the ring again.

 In addition, Haruto also talks with Alvin to keep him away from Hayate to prevent the same thing from happening. Hayate glances sideways at the two of them as they discuss this and that, and is forced to go back to work at the store quietly.

 (He is very serious…… about wedding ring……)

 Alvin was quite desirable from Hayate’s point of view.

 Although she has a lover named Shizuku, Hayate doesn’t only accept women. It’s just that the men she’s hit on in this world so far haven’t been her type, and she’s envious of normal lovers and couples who get along well.

 Especially since she had recently seen Nanaka’s daughter, a cute baby girl named Hana, she was thinking that children are nice.

 Unfortunately, there were not many customers today and Hayate was a little bored.

 Therefore, Hayate couldn’t help but look at Alvin. In the meantime, Shinji, who had finished conceiving Nanaka, came from the back of the store to the store area.

 As Alvin and Haruto were having a good time, Shinji stood next to Hayate instead of joining their conversation.

 ”What’s wrong with you? You are looking at Alvin all the time”

 ”……No, nothing? I was just thinking that there was a handsome man here, unlike Onii-san. I heard he’s Onii-san party leader”

 Hayate glared at Shinji unhappily, but Shinji was unaffected.

 Shinji himself was aware that Alvin was better looking than him, so this was nothing new.

 ”Alvin is cool, isn’t he? He’s getting married to a girl he grew up with”

 ”Hmm…… that’s why he’s so serious……”

 ”Alvin is a very straightforward guy. He has a strong core and he’s a reliable leader”

 It was a compliment.

 Even though Shinji didn’t want to praise him, but the girl’s heart will be more concerned when the person she is interested in is praised.

 However, Hayate, who is a sensible person, doesn’t want to take away the love of his life from his girlfriend. So, it’s a pity even though she is his type.

 But Shinji’s words solidified her thoughts.

 ”But he hasn’t decided on a second wife yet”

 ”……Second wife? What? What’s that? There’s polygamy here?”

 Hayate unintentionally shouted loudly, and Alvin and Haruto turned around to see what was going on.

 ”It, it’s nothing……”

 ”I’m sorry. Don’t worry about it”

 Alvin and Haruto went back to discussing the ring, though Shinji and Hayate laughed to cover it up.

 As Shinji and Hayate were talking in hushed tones, their faces naturally close together.

 ”Isn’t your world have the same marriage system? The last time I dealt with an apostle, he had multiple women in his service, and I thought harem was acceptable”

 ”What’s that? My world is monogamy. He must be just trying to make a harem by using a cheat ability like classic story of an alternate universe reincarnation story in my world”

 As She is an apostle from the same world, she knows exactly what Minato was thinking at the time.

 The expression on Hayate’s face was a mixture of dismay and disgust, and although Shinji could only understand half of what was said, he knew it was not in a good way.

 ”As this world man can marry a second wife, lately Alvin seems to have been lured by a woman who wants to be his second wife “

 ”I, I see……. That’s the norm over here. It’s unthinkable in the world I was in…….”

 Hayate then became thoughtful.

 Shinji was also disappointed by this. If it was love at first sight, he would have thought that she would be proactive when she found out that the position of second wife was available.

 Realizing that he couldn’t force her to do anything, Shinji decided to end the conversation.

 ”Alvin, we’d better get back soon or we’ll miss dinner”

 ”Oh, right, Haruto, can I come back?”

 ”Of course. you can come back any time, and so can Shinji”

 Shinji’s words finally reminded Alvin of the existence of dinner, and he checked the time in a hurry. He had stayed longer than he thought.

 ”I think I’ll talk to my girlfriend before I come”

 ”If you do that, it’s not going to be a surprise……”

 ”Hahaha, no regrets there!”

 Haruto laughed at Shinji and Alvin, who could not seem to agree on the ring until the end.


 It seems that Hayate-chan has a hard time accepting that common sense is different.

 It’s hard for her to accept the idea of polygamy.

 Especially since marriage is usually about loving and being loved.

 Alvin and Shinji don’t have the same attitude toward rings.

 Alvin likes surprises, but Shinji likes to have a meeting beforehand, so it’s not surprising.

 It’s not always possible to get what you want, so we need to find another way.

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