Wizard 173

Chapter 173 Shizuku’s Impatience

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 After returning from Heliotrope, Shinji finished his dinner and went back to his room.

 He had to go back to <Oeste> tomorrow morning.

 Last time, he was able to ride the Pegasus carriage because it was a request from the temple, but this time he would have to take a regular carriage.

 Since they were only going to receive a reward, they decided to take Emily and Akane with them and make it a trip as well.

 This meant that he would not be able to accompany Shizuku while on the carriage ride. So, he needed to talk to Shizuku this evening.

 [Flair, take me to my room]


 He sent a thought to Flair, who responded immediately and used teleportation magic to send him to his home more quickly than usual, showing how much Flair cared about Shinji.

 Shinji had been thinking about rewarding Flair for her hard work on the quest as well as punishing her because she left him in front of Miko Arian before, but now he decided that he would take care of Flair’s concerns tonight.

 [Marie, teleport Shizuku]

 [Well~, she’s pretty upset inside~, but is it okay~?]

 Shinji sent a thought to Marie to summon Shizuku, but Marie responded with concern for Shinji.

 It’s something Shinji expected. Shinji couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought that Hayate, being such an honest person, would have praised Alvin in front of Shizuku when they met during the day.

 [I don’t mind. Just bring her here]


 Soon after Marie’s reply, Shizuku appeared in front of Shinji.

 Shizuku’s expression was grimmer than ever. Shinji smiled at the look of hatred and even murderous intent on her face.

 ”What have you done?”

 Shizuku speaks in an extremely cold voice.

 ”If it’s about Alvin, it’s force majeure, because when I want to the jewelry store, Alvin asked me where I want to go, so after answered him, he also wanted to store together with me because he want to give his girlfriend a ring”

 ”Do you expect me to believe you?”

 ”That’s all I can say”

 Shinji shrugs his shoulders and Shizuku swings her arm over to slap him.

 But there was no reason for Shinji to be deliberately slapped. So, Shizuku’s slap was unsuccessful as her arm was grabbed.

 ”I’ve been thinking for a while that there’s a difference in temperament between Shizuku and Hayate. Hayate is not as dependent on her partner as Shizuku is”

 ”You don’t have to tell me that, I know!”

 Shizuku glares at Shinji who speaks while grabbing her arm.

 ”Well, you’re right. There is no way Shizuku doesn’t understand. It’s about the person you love”

 ”That’s right. I know Hayate-chan best of all! So, I understand that Hayate-chan has normal sensibilities and that she could fall in love with a man. That’s why I was trying not to let that happen!”

 Shizuku put a lot of strength into her arms in an attempt to distance herself from Shinji, but there was no way that Shizuku could match Shinji’s strength as an adventurer. As a result, they continue to look at each other.

 ”When I told Hayate about the second wife, she didn’t like it, so I think it’s unlikely she’ll make a move on Alvin”

 ”I can tell by the way she came back to the inn and talked about today’s events. She’s definitely interested in him as a member of the opposite s*x. But I won’t know if they’ll meet again in the future”

 Shinji’s reaction to Hayate’s seeming lack of progress was enough to give Shizuku a sense of urgency.

 Shinji couldn’t tell if it was just a misunderstanding caused by the impatience that only lovers can feel, or if there was a chance that things would really progress.

 ”If that’s the case, Shizuku needs to keep Hayate’s attention. I’m not going to interfere or help. All I want is for Shizuku to work as an apostle”

 ”……If I break up with Hayate-chan, then I’ll have no reason to work”

 Perhaps Shizuku has regained her composure while talking to him, and the strength in her arms has relaxed. Shinji finally let’s go of Shizuku’s arms.

 ”That’s not good. I hope you’ll do your best to keep sitting on your lover’s throne”

 ”Please cooperate. You are responsible for bringing them together!”

 It was a complete false accusation from Shinji’s point of view, but it showed that Shizuku was desperate not to let go of Hayate.

 But Shinji didn’t give a straightforward nod. Hayate’s love at first sight was really an unintended event.

 ”What exactly is it? I’m not sure what you mean by ‘cooperation’”

 ”……I don’t know either. But I’m sure you can do something to prevent them from getting together”

 ”I have a feeling it’s going to burn up…….”

 If someone tells with their eyes that Hayate is the type of person who would rather be passionate than depressed if there is an obstacle, Shizuku will be at a loss for words. Shizuku must admit that the point is valid.

 ”But you’ve already had s*x with me. Is it good for you if it’s about yourself but not with others?”

 ”……That’s…… because I need it……”

 ”Shizuku was the one who said we should do the ritual first”

 Shizuku could not argue with Shinji’s words.

 Even though it was necessary for her to learn magic as quickly as possible, it was she who chose to use magic rituals that involved s*xual intercourse. The fact that she had already betrayed Hayate weighed heavily on Shizuku.

 Shinji smiled at Shizuku, who had fallen silent, unable to refute him.

 ”But that’s okay. If Shizuku does not work as an apostle, Goddess-sama wouldn’t separate both of you”

 ”Eh…… really……?”

 Shizuku, who was in a perfect mood to refuse, looked up at Shinji’s positive words. However, the following words shook Shizuku violently.

 ”But Hayate must become my s*x friend along with Shizuku. If she falls in the same place with you, there is no way she can leave you, right?”

 ”That’s not gonna work……! She’s not going to be your s*x friend!”

 ”I think it’s a good idea. Because it’s a loveless relationship, you’ll still be number one to each other, and because you’re both apostles, you’ll be able to be flexible. If you want to give birth to a baby, you can do so at the same time. There’s no reason for you to keep them with me”

 It was an outrageous story.

 It’s not something she can agree to, considering Hayate’s situation. Even so, Shizuku couldn’t immediately deny what Shinji had said.

 If she and Hayate were to break up, there would be no way for them to get back together. It was a foregone conclusion that they would end up fighting.

 If she went along with Shinji’s plan, there would be no need to break up with Hayate. She had been made to understand the benefits of s*x with Shinji so well that she could make that decision.

 Despite the fact that she disliked him so much…… her body began to expect him just by being near him, and if Hayate did the same, she would never want to leave her again.

 Shizuku was faced with a devil’s choice.

 But then Shinji came with his rescue.

 ”Well, I wouldn’t say right now. You should think it over. But the longer time goes by, the worse the situation will become. If Shizuku’s concerns are correct, that is”


 Shizuku, who had been struggling to answer the question, was relieved.

 After that, the tense atmosphere changed and they started talking about what happened during the time they didn’t see each other and how they won’t see each other again for a few days because of the carriage ride.

 No one knows yet whether Shinji’s seed will sprout or not.


 Discussion with Shizuku.

 This is Shinji’s seed planting talk.

 Shinji has locked on to Hayate, and he’s trying to make sure that Shizuku won’t hold a grudge against him.

 It’s very dirty trick… As expected from a nasty wizard.

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