Wizard 174

Chapter 174 Greet Flare during foreplay with Marie

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 After meeting with Shizuku, Shinji sent her back early. He didn’t feel like hugging Shizuku after the conversation that had started in a bad mood.

 This was a disappointment to Shizuku as well. She was disappointed that he had sent her back, because her body had begun to want to be held. Although Shizuku herself would never admit it.

 From Shinji’s point of view, it was Flair rather than Shizuku that he had to worry about. To be honest, Shinji wasn’t sure what he should do.

 There was no doubt that she had fought hard in the quest. That was a completely positive assessment.

 Then there was the matter of leaving him in front of Miko Arian. This was a completely negative assessment, even though he understands the circumstances.

 On the other hand, doing nothing, would not be fun for Shinji, so he rejected it.

 While Shinji was thinking about such relatively unimportant things, he received a thought from Marie.

 [I have sent Shizuku back~. Why you didn’t hold her today~?]

 [Oh, I wasn’t in the mood……]

 When he had sent that much thought, Shinji suddenly remembered that Marie had been chased around by Flair when she tried to ask him out.

 [Marie, do you want to join us? I’ll do it with Flair now]

 [Eh…… I wonder if it’s okay~? I think Flair will be upset if I’m joined~]

 Shinji casually invited her to join him, but the response was unexpectedly positive.

 Marie seems to have taken the attitude that she would like to participate if it were not for the problem of Flair, although she was unsure.

 [I don’t mind. I owe you one for now]


 [Yes, let’s tease Flair a little]

 Shinji’s expression was very happy as he sent this thought.

* * *

 ”Why isn’t Shinji home yet?……”

 Flair muttered to herself for a while after dropping Shinji off at home.

 She knew that he had already sent back Shizuku, so there was no reason for Shinji to stay at home anymore.

 However, if he was still at home, she was wondering if he was working on something, but after the incident with Miko Arian, she felt it was hard to talk to him.

 ”Because I have my own schedule. I can’t just wait around forever~noja”

 Flair muttered to herself and sent a thought to Shinji.

 [Shinji, why aren’t you back yet~noja?]

 But there was no reply from Shinji.

 When Shinji doesn’t respond, it’s usually because he’s having s*x with someone else. But Flair hadn’t teleported anyone to Shinji’s home.

 Since Shizuku had also left, the only person he could think of was Freri.

 (Is she getting a reward first?……. It’s not a problem for me to join in~noja. I also worked, and reward and punishment are two different things~noja!)

 On top of that, she thought that once they got under each other’s skin, this awkwardness would be manageable. As soon as she thought of it, Flair decided to move to Shinji’s house.

 ”Shinji! can you take me with you tooooo……?!”

 ”Nnnn~…… ♡ Oh, you’re here too, Flair~?”


 Shinji was sitting on the bed and Marie was at crouched with her knees on the floor and her tongue crawling on Shinji’s p*nis.

 ”Flair, what’s wrong? ……Ugh……you’re good, Marie”

 ”Rero~ ♡ Nmu~ ♡ Fufu~ ♡ It feels good here, right~? ♡ Rero~ ♡ Chu~ ♡”

 Shinji treats Flair with the same attitude as usual, but soon his face breaks into a smile as he looks at Marie who is giving him a blowjob.

 Flair couldn’t hide her surprise at how easy it was for Marie to break Shinji’s expression, which she rarely did during s*x with Flair.

 Of course, Shinji had done it on purpose.

 ”Why are you playing with Marie~noja……?”

 ”Marie is also helping me with Shizuku’s case…… It’s just a little distraction”

 ”Nfu ~ ♡ Until now ~ I’ve always been your best friend~ ♡ Jyuru ♡ Jyuru …… ♡ Hah~ ♡ But, I want to fuck with a good man too~ ♡”

 Marie’s lustful smile is truly enchanting.

 Flair and Marie look so similar that they could be called sisters, but their atmospheres are completely different.

 Flair makes him want to take the lead and torment her, while Marie makes him want to watch her serve him.

 As he had felt the first time Flair had serviced him, there was something about Marie’s technique that made him shiver and shudder.

 ”Marie seems to be getting used to it too, do you have a lover?”

 ”Puha~ ♡ No~, my last contract was with a guy about fifty years ago~, so it’s been about fifty years since I’ve had a blowjob~ ♡”

 After stopping the blowjob, Marie removes her mouth from the p*nis.

 She wrapped her hands around the p*nis, which was glistening with saliva, and started rubbing it up and down with her smooth hands. Shinji moaned as she gave him a skilled hand job that also stimulated the glans at the same time.

 Flair’s hands, which had been somewhat chilly, were now moderately warm.

 Nutcha ♡ Nutcha ♡ Nutcha ♡ Nutcha ♡

 With a nasty sound of water, Marie puts a spurt to squeeze the precum out of Shinji’s p*nis. Shinji’s patience is quickly running out as he is wrapped in the warmth of a lukewarm hand.

 Flair wanted to stop Marie, but she couldn’t.

 It was easy to see from the way Shizuku and the others were acting that Marie had been through a lot. If so, the thought of a little bit of…… the desire to stop clashed violently.

 While Flair was lost, Shinji’s limit came and his semen stained the inside of Marie’s palm.

 ”Ah~ ♡ It’s coming~ ♡ It’s great amount ~ ♡ I saw it before~ But ​​Shinji’s dick is amazing ~ ♡ Chu~ ♡”

 ”That was a very good hand job …….”

 Shinji was very satisfied with the amount of semen he was able to produce thanks to the gentle handling of his ejaculation.

 Marie kissed the glans as she gazed at the erection of his p*nis, which was still erect and ready to continue. Her tongue crawled all over the p*nis, cleaning it from the semen.

 ”Hah~……♡ Shinji-san, I’ll be next~ ♡”

 ”Well then, I have to pay you back properly”

 The two of them, leaving Flair completely unattended, were about to move on to the next act when Flair finally interrupted them. But it was more of a flight than an interference.

 ”Shinji, don’t leave me alone~noja!”


 ”Ooooh~ ♡”

 Flair attacked from behind Marie.

 Shinji couldn’t help but laugh as Flair loosened Marie’s dress in a flash.


 This is the Marie and Flair episode.

 Shinji decides to make fun of Flair.

 Fortunately, he even makes a move on Marie.

 It’s been a long time since Marie appeared, it seems Shinji’s genital were a big hit with her.

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